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In this video, I discuss which pages you should add to your blog, especially if they’re currently missing from your navigational system.

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Let’s dig deeper into your site navigation. Previously, I did a blog post about when they visit your blog.

Naturally, this is easily accomplished by using a site navigation menu that makes sense to people. Though, there are certain pages you need to include on your site’s navigation that I notice many overlook.

Sure, I understand that blogs are different simply because they are run by distinct personalities. Still, there are certain pages every blogger should include.

So let’s discuss which pages should be added to your blog, especially if they’re currently missing from your navigational system.

The About Me Page

This is the very first page every blog or website should add. It’s the doorway into who operates the site. On this page you’ll want to talk a little about your personal life and your business mission.

On the personal side, share how you were first introduced to the Internet, why you feel it’s important that you’re here, and tidbits about who you are and what you stand for.

Even in high school you made connections and eventually you told friends more about you and in turn they revealed more about themselves, too. It’s no different on the Internet. Open up a window to your personal life so people can get to know, like, and trust you!

Obviously you had a motive for starting a blog. Reveal what that reason is to your readers and how you help people with their online endeavors.

Your Contact Form

You need a way for people to reach you if they should have questions or concerns about your blog and/or products, services, and programs. You can make this a possibility by offering a contact form from your blog.

You can settle for offering a web form, which allows people to send you a message through email, but you may also want to give an audience several ways to engage with you whether that’s by telephone or through the U.S. postal service.

If you’re inclined to offer multiple avenues of contact, place your physical mailing address and telephone number on your contact page to provide options for people needing to contact you.

Your Legal Pages

Legal PagesLegal pages protect you as well as your visitors. Create a parent page and name it Legal; produce other pages under the main legal page, such as your privacy policy, terms of use, and earnings disclaimer.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy explains to visitors what kind of information you collect from them and what you intend to do with it. It also offers them instructions on how they can opt-out from receiving further communication with you.

Terms of Use

The terms of use explains how you expect people to use your website. If you’re running a membership site, obviously you explain to people that they shouldn’t share their login information with others.

You explain whether they can or cannot use your images, videos, or written content. What measures will you take if they do? Your terms of use will explain the consequences for breaking the site rules.

Earnings Disclaimer

If it’s possible that people will get the impression that you’re going to help them earn money online, you need an earnings disclaimer. I say it’s better to play it safe now than to be sorry later.

The earnings disclaimer is a statement that basically tells people that there are risks involved with any online venture and that they need to do due diligence in checking out online opportunities – including yours.

This statement will go on to tell them that you are not responsible for the failure, success, decisions, or actions made by any person using your products, services, and/or website.

Amazon Disclosure

If you’re an Amazon associate, this online shopping giant requires you to place a disclosure stating that you participate in their affiliate program and are compensated for advertising and linking to Amazon’s products.

FTC Disclosure

Additionally, as of December 2009, the government requires you to include an FTC disclosure, which tells people to assume you’ll earn a commission when they click a link from your website and buy something.

Products and Services

Products and Services

If you joined the Internet to make money and offer any kind of product or service, you’ll need a products and services page. The information placed on this page is largely dependent on what you offer to the public.

Obviously, if you’re a ghostwriter, you can include samples of your writing, time schedule, contact form, and/or price list. If you’re a web designer, you share your portfolio.

If you’re a speaker and available for hire, add a page that explains what procedures people need to take to book you for speaking engagements. Must they fill out a questionnaire? If so, include it under the services heading.

Perhaps you’re a Kindle author? If so, you could add an individual page for each of your Kindle books with descriptions. Add an Amazon link to each of your book products and allow people to buy directly from your blog.

Optional Pages

The following pages aren’t necessary, but are a nice addition to any blog or website. I’ve seen blogs use them or not – the decision is entirely up to you since it’s your blog.


As time goes by, and you pick up a few valuable resources, you might want to add a resource page to your blog. Under this heading you could include PDF product reviews, other free downloads, community tools, and videos.

Social Media Connections

If you are part of the social networking scene and want more people to join your communities, consider adding a “connect with me” or social media page to your menu.

This page will help point people to other areas on the web where they can follow you and engage in conversations. Add links with descriptions to your Facebook fan pages and invite people to join in on the fun!

It would be advantageous to include a longer description of your newsletter if you offer one through a mailing list service, such as Aweber. A single page describing the benefits of your newsletter will help boost opt-ins.

Bottom line is…

If there’s a way for visitors to connect OFF of your blog, this information would work nicely on your social connections page. You never know… blog wall flowers could turn into full blooming engagers on a social platform!

Above all, remember that…

Your site’s navigation should be compiled in such a way that it’s easy for people to find what they’re looking for. Keep the menu to no more than 2 clicks to reach the good stuff and you’re golden!

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. Another clear simple easy to follow ‘Bonnie’ tutorial
    Thank you


  2. Hi Bonnie,
    Enjoyed your video explaining what we need to show on our blog to meet requirements especially from the FTC. This is information I needed at this time so very happy you demonstrated this so well in your video.
    Thank you,
    Tonya Stephens recently posted…MLM Tips | Overcoming The First Obstacles To Your SuccessMy Profile

  3. Great checklist Bonnie, it’s surprising how many people forget some of this stuff.

  4. Just wanted to stop back by and say “Thanks for the inspiration and tips today”.

    I ended up putting the legal stuff on both my blogs…and also put up a Products tab for my Kindle books on my IM blog.

    Appreciate it!

    Mary Kathan
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  5. This is a great resource, Bonnie. Thanks for sharing!
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  6. Wonderful blog post! I love informative blogs and yours was just that, very informative. Thank you for those helpful tips! :)
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  7. Great information Bonnie….and right on time.

    I am working on getting this kind of thing put together on my two blogs – so this is very helpful to me.

    Love the idea of the products page because I did not even think of that one.

    I was also thinking about adding a “Wish List” page….about more expensive tools I really like and am going to get in the future. For example, Camtasia. What do you think about that idea?

    Mary Kathan
    Mary Kathan recently posted…Vlog Update… The Experts from the Know, Like and Trust InterviewsMy Profile

  8. OK, so I need to add the other bits and pieces to my privacy policy. I have the Amazon disclosure and other adverts diclosure but not the earnings disclaimer or FTC thing.

    My navigation keeps changing as I try to work out what people would want to look for on my site. That’s the great thing about WordPress – you can keep amending and editing until you feel you have got the right mix.

    Thanks for the video.

    I want to get to the Gimp tutorial but haven’t had the time. As soon as I have done it, I will let you know.

    Happy Saturday :)
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  9. Debra Moser

    Wow, super info again! Very helpful! Thanks Bonnie.
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  10. Brilliant and clearly explained :) I need to sort out my services and resources section. In fact I don’t even think the resources is visible at the mo!
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    • Thanks Jan, I’m glad it was easy to understand!

      I’ve been adding to my own menu as of late… so this spurred the need for a video after someone asked what he should include.

      I’d be glad to do more vids – as long as people ask or tell me what they need to see. :)

  11. Nice tutorial Bonnie! Thank you :)
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