Three Things I Completed Today

The June Variety Article Writing Challenge on Facebook requires me to post the three things I completed today as my blog post. Following the rules for the challenge, you will find that most of the day escaped me, but I did manage to get three things done!

Project #1: Infographic

In May, I hired a girl to do my proofreading for the Infographics KickStart package. Since then, I’ve been slowly sending more work her way because I realized I am one person and can no longer do this Internet marketing thing alone.

Not if I expect my online business to grow!

I sent her my 10 Ways to Recycle Infographics graphic to her last night to proof for me. Well, this morning I woke up to an email from her telling me she did not receive the attachment. I sent it again.

I also realized if I wanted to add it to my blog today I needed it proofed fast! That’s not giving her much time so I sat down today and scanned it. Well, the day isn’t turning out too good for me because I spent way too much time going over it.

Ironically, Minna had finished the proofreading and sent the changed copy back to me. I should learn to let things alone so people I hire can do the work I am paying them to do! :)

Three Things I Completed Today

Project #2: Embed Code

I never posted an infographic to my blog with an embed code. I searched Google to learn how. This became project #2 for the afternoon.

I’m pretty well rehearsed with HTML code, but I have to admit that this coding took longer than I originally anticipated and I spent a good hour or so just getting a tiny bit of code programmed into the text box. How sad that I am such a perfectionist and refused to give up!

This cost me half of the afternoon between searching on Google and actually getting the code programmed into the WordPress box! The outcome is that I have the embed code working and now you can share it on your blog too!

Project #3: New Facebook Group

I started a new Facebook group for accountability and support as it relates to my health. Then, I invited people from my community to the group. These gals are interested in reclaiming their health.

Of course, I’m not sensible enough to write out the syllabus for this group before creating it, but I went ahead and did it anyway! Then, I went over to Name Cheap and secured the domain name too! LOL

If you want to join the group and gain support to get healthy and get exercise, click this link to join us!

These three projects sum up my entire day. It’s a good thing that the requirement today wasn’t for five things to complete because I only managed to get this little bit done! I can already hear the partner walking in the door.

Luckily for me, tomorrow’s post is already finished! It’s a step by step tutorial; I worked on it at the beginning of the week so I’m golden for Saturday!

What did you manage to get done today? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for listening,
– Bonnie

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  1. Nice post Bonnie!

    The main thing is, perfectionist tendencies or not! You kept moving forward and if nothing else!

    You completed three more incredibly productive and future money making tasks!

    Where’s (unfortunately) today, far too many other entrepreneurs, talked themselves out of doing something positive! That they definitely should have done and completed today!

    Great job! And keep moving forward! BTW,I’m really enjoying the content on your blog!

    • I agree, Mark. Doing three things (and being able to cross them off my to-do list) is both a blessing and a goal to strive for every day!

      As long as I’m doing “something” I am not staying idle! I just wish more people would follow my lead!

      How does YOUR to-do list look these days? Getting anything crossed off of it? :)

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    Being a perfectionist is something I KNOW holds me back, but I just can’t resist that final tweak :-(

    I can’t claim to have done three things TODAY, but I have got three very big things off my “to-do” list over the last few days. I have been having problems with my PC, specifically getting 3 pieces of software working that I really wanted to use.

    I’ll be blogging about it soon, but in short my PC was in a mess, my son sorted that out for me, then I managed to get the 3 pieces of software installed and working. Phew!

    Joy Healey recently posted…How To Reuse InfographicsMy Profile

  3. Good thing now is that you now know how to embed code, so next time it will be a breeze! Looking forward to the group too. I think it will be a fun group to get healthy with!
    Misty Spears recently posted…Kindle Book Publishing Project Update #2 – Creating the Outline and Importing into ScrivenerMy Profile

    • That code, oh my gosh girlfriend, don’t even let me go there! I had a few choice words for my PC THAT day! ROFL

      Me too, Misty. I think the Reclaiming My Health group is going to a gift to us all!

  4. It’s funny, cause I am subscribed to Melissa Ingold’s Time Freedom course where she talks about hiring VAs to lighten the load. I’m learning as I get more into graphics, it’s harder to do the written content, especially when you’re involved in creating info products too.

    If I can ever help, please let me know. You’re more skilled and advanced than I am, but we’re all here to help each other and I don’t mind helping if I can.

    You take it easy and relax girlfriend. Let your VA do it. LOL

  5. I guess you had a great experience with infographics today. Infographic is the best way to keep your views in front of your audience.
    Cheenu Lott recently posted…Best WordPress Price Comparison Themes 2014My Profile

    • I totally agree Cheenu. May was my month for infographics, to be honest. I released my very first Infographic KickStart package to the public… and did very well with it. I’ll probably do another one soon too.

      Do you use infographics?

  6. I often find myself spending too much time on one thing only to look back and ask why. I found that since I pledged to get up and out of my chair at least once an hour I also take notice of how long I’m working on one particular task. Ends up being a win – win.
    Marilyn Thompson recently posted…Fab Friday Blog Share and Three Things I Completed TodayMy Profile

  7. Well done Bonnie – that’s not a little bit done! The embed code is a puzzler, I’m sure there was a plugin somewhere too – will have to go rummage.

    It’s 2pm, I finished my blog post, added a transcript for the vid to a PDF, beat my brains trying to remember how to add share buttons before remembering I have written a PDF showing how to do it!
    Currently catching up on reading etc then back to citation cleaning!
    Jan Kearney recently posted…How to Convert a Google Plus Brand Page to Google Local [Video]My Profile

  8. I love HTML and the coding bits, but it can be time consuming to learn something new. Still, I think that’s half the fun for me. :) I clicked the ‘Join Group’ button as I was just talking about losing weight on my blog today. So it’s pretty cool to see a group getting together on this very subject.

    I didn’t get too much done today though I did get to outline a few blog posts for the next week (it’ll make writing them easier). And, of course, I went ahead and wrote a blog post for today. :)
    Avery recently posted…3 Things I Got Done This WeekMy Profile

  9. Being a curious perfectionist sucks up swathes of time but gives you a lot of satisfaction when it works out! I get it :)

    Well done on getting stuff done.

    I only managed 3 blog posts but almost got a new email out to my list with a summary of posts for the week .. will get that out today.
    Mel Day recently posted…Product Review: Editorial Calendar AppMy Profile

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