Lynn Terry’s Niche Success Blueprint (Review)


  1. Why Learn from Lynn Terry?
  2. Inside the Niche Success Blueprint
  3. Will NSB Work for You?
  4. What I Don’t Like about the Course
  5. How Was the Ordering Process?
  6. Why I Invested in Lynn Terry’s Course
  7. My Final Thoughts

These days, thanks to the Internet, it’s incredibly easy to work at home. There are many ways to generate income from home, and start a business you love.

However, there are certain efforts that have the most potential to earn money from your living room. But if you’re new to making money online, you can easily become overwhelmed with the information that’s out there. I agreed with Lynn when she said most of the information was outdated, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Lynn Terry has a fantastic course called Niche Success Blueprint. It’s a course that teaches you how to start an online business; what to do, why you should do it, and exactly how to do it. It’s a no-brainer step-by-step blueprint.

Why Learn from Lynn Terry?

Lynn Terry, Author

Lynn Terry, Author

I’ve known about Lynn since the late 1990’s, and I think highly of her. Since the first time I landed on her website, I knew she was a kind and generous soul.

She has been teaching wanna-be and veteran entrepreneurs about online business for the past 17 years. I always said I would go see her in person, but I never got around to traveling to any of her speaking engagements.

She admits that it took her years to create a product, so when she decided to teach her personal step-by-step process for starting and running a successful online business, I bought it without hesitation.

As I said, I’ve learned from her blog for years, so I know she conducts business honorably, and that is the kind of person I want to learn from and follow.

Inside the Niche Success Blueprint

Lynn Terry's 52-week tutorialThe step-by-step approach helped with my decision to invest in Lynn’s “Start to Profit” Training Course.

Lynn’s course runs for 52 weeks, and she delivers each module (in PDF format) to you through email, every Friday.

You will know what to do, how to do it and why it’s necessary to do it! You’ll receive the very first module immediately after you sign up, and continue receiving a new module every week (for 52 weeks).

Unfortunately, this also means that I cannot tell you what you’ll receive with the entire course because I’ve only received the first 28 modules with 24 more to go!

Look at the Modules I’ve Received So Far:

  1. Starting a Successful Online Business
  2. Market Research: Choosing a Profitable Niche
  3. Setting Up Your Online Business
  4. Creating Categories and Content
  5. WordPress Features and Customizations
  6. Creative Content Ideas & Smart Publishing Tips
  7. Call-to-Action & Building Your Readership
  8. Revenue Sources & Monetization Exercise
  9. Revenue Variety: Multiple Streams of Income
  10. Targeted Traffic: Social Marketing & Email Marketing
  11. Get Exposure: How to Increase Your Reach
  12. Leverager Explore: How to Get FAST Exposure
  13. Guest Blogging & Content Marketing
  14. Goals, Tasks, Processes & Priorities
  15. Checklists: Getting Organized
  16. Productivity & Strategic Planning
  17. Creating Your Press/Media Kit
  18. Selling Advertising & Working with Site Sponsors
  19. Monetizing with Advertising & Brand Networks
  20. Working with Site Sponsors & Brands
  21. How to Create Engaging Product Reviews
  22. Using Video to Grow Your Business
  23. Brainstorming Digital Niche Products
  24. Creating Your Niche Info Product
  25. Getting Your Niche Product Ready to Sell
  26. Setting Up Your Product Sales Page & Process
  27. Setting Up Your Affiliate Program
  28. Create Your Product Marketing Plan

Plus 24 lessons I didn’t receive yet. Clearly, Lynn takes you by the hand and shows you every step from beginning to end. She leaves nothing to chance, and you won’t feel overwhelmed as you’re creating an online business you will love.

I love how simple it is to grab the next module, too! Lynn places a link inside each email that leads directly to your download page. (Hint: She also has a link that leads to the previous download too.)

If you always wanted to start a REAL business that provides long-term profitability while serving an audience, then you owe it to yourself to accept Lynn’s help and invest in her course. You can thank me later. :)


I will install your WordPress blog once you reach MODULE THREE, so you won’t have to worry about getting stuck on the technical stuff. Even though Lynn includes instructions, allowing me to handle the blog installation for you will SAVE you valuable time so you can proceed to the next step, faster.

Be sure to send me your receipt, so I can reveal the page where you need to sign up for the installation!

Will NSB Work for You?

Is this product for you? I know what it’s like to invest in a course, and then I find out it’s not for me. I don’t want this to happen to you if you’re considering on investing today.

The Niche Success Blueprint is a “start to profit” course that is a wonderful roadmap to follow if you want to start making money with an online business, from step #1. It’s an excellent product for the total beginner who wants timely and relevant information without the hype.

I’ll go on to say that it’s a great course for you, even if you’ve been online for several months, but you still need to figure out the secret to making consistent cash.

You can start from the beginning or jump to the training for something you forgot to implement in your existing business. It’s a breath of fresh air knowing that you have Lynn there to help you every step of the way.

What I Don’t Like about the Course

The one negative mark I will give to Niche Success Blueprint is that it lasts an entire year. For some, 52 weeks seems like an awful long time to wait for the entire course.

I understand Lynn fashioned her course this way, so it doesn’t become outdated before you finish it, but if you’re like me – I like to get the entire course at once. Especially if I just want to implement the tasks that come later in the course.

Even though I view this as a downside, you might like the weekly content (even if it does last for a year) because it keeps you on track and prevents overwhelm from settling in.

How Was the Ordering Process?

If you’re the type of person who dislikes one-time-offers or upsells, you’ll love the fact that Lynn doesn’t complicate her offer with any of them, which makes the ordering process so simple and attractive.

However, Lynn does offer two payment options to get your hands on her Niche Success Blueprint. You can either pay a one-time fee or a monthly fee.

Personally, I grabbed the one-time fee to pocket a savings of $245. Why spend more money when you don’t need to?

Why I Invested in Lynn Terry’s Course

Even though Lynn is well-known for being a super affiliate, her course is not just about affiliate marketing. She has branched out in different niches, and you can too.

In all honesty, this is one of the reasons I bought Niche Success Blueprint. Even though I am an affiliate marketer, I wanted to learn Lynn’s success secrets so I could build multiple revenue streams, too.

If one of my money streams crumbled overnight, I would still have several others still bringing in profits. It’s never a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket.

I found that lesson out the hard way when Seth Godin sold the Squidoo business. I lost a great method for earning money when I was reviewing tangible products.

There is more good news too! If you and I start out creating new streams of income, we won’t need to rely on third-party services such as the affiliate programs from Amazon, Clickbank or Commission Junction!

My Final Thoughts

Why waste countless hours and money trying to learn the basics of starting an online business? Lynn and I know how you feel when you don’t see results. Your heart sinks, and you contemplate that maybe, just maybe, this online business idea isn’t for you.

Lynn and I get it. But we also realize that all you need is some guidance from people who truly care about your success because we’ve been where you are right now.

In not so many words, you need a break. You need to stop spinning your wheels and get started building a business you will love. I’ve said it time and again – if you need to change your focus, now is the time to do it.

I know you have what it takes to succeed. And, I’ll be right here if you need additional help.


I will install your WordPress blog once you reach MODULE THREE, so you won’t have to worry about getting stuck on the technical stuff. Even though Lynn includes instructions, allowing me to handle the blog installation for you will SAVE you valuable time so you can proceed to the next step, faster.

Be sure to send me your receipt, so I can reveal the page where you need to sign up for the installation!

Q: Do you need to purchase additional tools to complete any of the daily tasks that Lynn asks you to perform?

A. No. Lynn does not use a ton of add-ons, software or expensive tools in her business. She likes to keep things SIMPLE, and she shows you exactly what she uses, why and more importantly, HOW. Everything she teaches you to do is easy, free, inexpensive, and totally organic!

What do you think of Lynn’s course? Do you think a year is just right or too long to implement? I’d love to know what you think. Leave a comment below and let me know!

Please share if you have a moment. Thanks!


I am a participant in Lynn Terry’s Affiliate Program, and while I purchased her course to review and implement, I do make a commission from sales produced by this review.

However, I only review products I truly stand behind and believe will benefit your business.

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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Bonnie is a full-time writer and marketer with over 20-years of experience as an entrepreneur. She loves helping people overcome the technical challenges associated with an online business. Need a step-by-step tutorial? Simply ASK her and she'll help you too.

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  1. Hi Bonnie,

    I know this is an old post but was just wondering If you were able to get the whole course? I was only able to get to week 28 or 29. When I inquired about it, Lynn said she had a lot of things going on and very busy but may start back up shortly. This was back in August or September.
    I’m guessing she gave it up as not too many were purchasing the course.
    I feel that would be quite unfair when most people paid up to $200 for that course.


    • Hi Loukas,

      The last segment of the Blueprint I was able to download was Issue 30. I received it on September 29, 2015. I’m sure Lynn will produce more segments as time permits.

      Being an online marketer, I know the time constraints marketers and product creators face. However, I am convinced that Lynn is an ethical marketer and will deliver everything she promises.

      – Bonnie
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…How Hiring a Coach Stalled My Entrepreneurial SpiritMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing such an excellent and powerful review of Lynn Terry’s brand new course Bonnie!

    Although I just recently became aware of Lynn’s proven expertise, from reading another fabulous expert’s review of one of her earlier training courses.

    And that was courtesy of the dynamic Liz McGee. So I’ve just started studying over at Lynn’s Clicknewz blog.

    And she most definitely provides some totally awesome content.

    Your course review is very impressive indeed.

    And I also love the possible suggestion, that online marketing expert Carol Amato shared.

    Which is nothing short of brilliant and some really terrific marketing advice as well!

    Carol pointed out, that since the Internet constantly changes at such a rapid pace!

    One potential way to counter act that and help reduce a potential customers concerns with regards to, how some “how to” information potentially becomes outdated within a year’s time.

    Why not give your customers some type of direct ongoing access to you, during the entire 52 week period as well! That’s an excellent and potentially profitable marketing strategy as well!

    Maybe be available via an exclusive/private Facebook support group or something. Thanks Carol for sharing such a terrific suggestion!

    And thanks for providing such an excellent review Bonnie!
    Mark recently posted…How One Of The Biggest Email Marketing Myths Is Destroying Your Chances For Online Success!Part TwoMy Profile

    • Hi Mark,

      Which earlier training course of Lynn’s did you read?

      I’m sure you will love what you learn from Lynn’s website. She has always been such a caring and giving person. In my opinion, she doesn’t leave anything to guesswork. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them. She’s always there, willing to help, as am I.

      Carol’s suggest does make sense, but then the price of a year’s access to Lynn wouldn’t (and couldn’t) cost the same thing as Lynn’s 52 week course. However, maybe Lynn could have made her training a weekly gathering of buyers. Similar to the Mastermind Coaching Carol offers.

      I belong to Carol’s MM group and I absolutely love it!

      – Bonnie

  3. Hey Bonnie,

    I’ve heard of Lynn before but not so much about this course. Sounds really interesting especially since she leads you by hand through it.

    “The one negative mark I will give to Niche Success Blueprint is that it lasts an entire year. For some, 52 weeks seems like an awful long time to wait for the entire course.”

    I’m like you as well. I rather get the whole thing … or not have it go so long. But then I completely understand it from her side to keep customer intrigued and reduce refunds, etc. Great post regardless.

    – Andrew
    Andrew M. Warner recently posted…3 Optimization Experiments To Growth Hack My Blog (and Why You Should Do Them Too)My Profile

    • Hi Andrew,

      Lynn is a great teacher. All you need to do is check out her website to know this about her. I’ve followed her for years, but I haven’t been on her website lately. I should make it a point to get over there again to see what I’ve missed!

      I’m going to wait until I finish the course to make a few suggestions. I can’t balk too much until I’ve received the entire course. However, I have some sites that aren’t producing as I want, so having the full course NOW would allow me to address those issues.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week!

      – Bonnie

  4. Hey Bonnie,

    Well congratulations and I hope you’re really getting something out of the course.

    I think I would be a little antsy having to wait an entire year to get the whole course but I’ve gone through one like this before and they dripped it per month so that you would have time to implement what they shared with you before you got into information overload.

    I think that’s a smart way to do it actually but for those that are either fast learners or further long, they would want to jump to a particular section and it wouldn’t be available for maybe months.

    Her course though sounds really great and knowing Lynn, her students are going to have a lot of success if they follow what she’s sharing.

    Thanks for letting us know about this and that you’re about halfway through it now. I’m sure you’re really enjoying learning about all of this.

    Adrienne recently posted…Magical Monday: Blog Content, SEO, Guest Posting, TOC, Make MoneyMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne,

      The course is fantastic! I intend to do a case study sharing the results, once I’ve completed her training.

      I know what I’m like, Adrienne. I would get antsy waiting for the entire course; (hint: I am already at that stage!) Once you see the first couple of modules, you realize just how comprehensive the course is.

      You won’t need to worry about missing out on anything because, so far, I am pleased with the content and how she explains everything in terms that anyone can understand.

      It’s true, you’ll need time to finish the “homework” she gives you at the end of each module. But it’s necessary to ‘go through the steps” so you can understand how to brand (and market) your business.

      Have a great week, my friend!

      – Bonnie

  5. Hi, Bonnie,

    What a wonderful review you’ve done! I’ve known Lynn since the beginning of my business just about, and have a lot of respect for her – lady with integrity, that’s for sure. Was so sorry to hear of her loss recently.

    Yeah, the thing you listed as what you didn’t like is what I think is a concern. The Internet is ever changing so that’s a difficult format (52 weeks) in my opinion.

    I think a better option would have been for her to offer access to herself for a year – the person who is adapting her business for success as things change… but I get it, it’s a one and done type offer.

    The basics of starting a business are going to remain constant though so definitely believe the value is there. Tons of materials so there is plenty to learn.

    Thanks for sharing, Bonnie!

    Have a wonderful day.

    • Hi Carol

      Wow, I was out of the loop on the loss of her puppy, Molly. Wasn’t she the newest addition to her family? How sad. Thanks for telling me so I could send my sympathies to her.

      I get why Lynn offered her course in this fashion, especially since her concern is offering timely and relevant information. However, I feel she could deliver the entire course from day 1, and then update it as the year continues.

      If this were my product, I would attach a yearly access to me for help with the lessons (and, of course, update the price to reflect her ongoing help). However, she may feel this method is better for her students.

      I will seriously think about asking her for a “Q & A” session to address some of our concerns. I think it would be a welcomed addition to the review. Don’t you?

      How is the week progressing for you so far?

      – Bonnie

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