List Building Bundle PLR – Is It Worth Your Consideration? (Part 1/2)

Yesterday I learned that Tiffany Lambert was preparing to launch a new List Building PLR Bundle of seven reports and I got super excited because I know she puts out great stuff!

I have purchased many of Tiffany’s PLR products and I have never been disappointed. She is an ethical marketer and writes from the heart. I know I can trust her material because she cares about her reputation and would never do anything to tarnish it.

I wanted to do a review for you so that you could decide if you want to grab the package while she’s presenting it at a discounted price. She is offering it for an entire week as a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) before she doubles the price and places the content inside her PLR store.

Tiffany has not asked me to review the reports, but when I produced a few marketing banners (as a surprise), she sent me a complimentary copy of the entire bundle; though, I intended to buy the product before she was so gracious and handed me a copy.

If you want to grab a copy of the product and follow along with this review, you can grab a copy through my affiliate link. Just know that I am not endorsing it until I have the chance to look through the entire bundle.

If you intend to buy it anyway, you might as well grab it now (and get ahold of my bonus too) so we can do this review together. Be sure to leave your comments below if you feel I missed something relevant or you just want to add your opinion to the mix!

I already have several mailing lists started so list building is not new to me, but if I can pull out some gems from what Tiffany writes, then this review will be worth it! I think there is room for improvement in my business.

List Building Bundle PLR

The Sales Copy

The product sales copy was not live at the time of this writing. Although, the bundle will include 35 pages of the following topics:

  1. Have an Unbeatable Opt In Offer – 5 pages, 1,557 words
  2. Expose Prospects to Your Opt In Form – 5 pages, 2,039 words
  3. Build a Reputation as a Can’t Miss Marketer – 4 pages, 1,440 words
  4. Drive Subscriptions Up Using Social Networks Strategically – 6+ pages, 2,274 words
  5. Host a Giveaway Event With Other Marketers – 5 pages, 1,956 words
  6. Buy Exposure to Other People’s Audiences – 5 pages, 1,954 words
  7. Guest Blog to Build a Bigger Base – 5 pages, 1,998 words

The Ordering Process

I received a complimentary copy so there is no way I can comment on the ordering experience. Tiffany is offering this product through the JVZoo marketplace so it is pretty straight forward.

Expect a one time offer though because I know she is offering one.

Report #1 – Have an Unbeatable Opt In Offer

At the very beginning of this report, Tiffany supplies two examples, which I like. It is much easier to distinguish what I should be doing by looking at a visual representation rather than guessing at what she wants me to do.

Reading further she gives additional examples of how you can research around the Internet to uncover popular topics (and problems) that people are suffering from and how to mold it into an opt in freebie.

Oh my goodness, I totally agree with what she says here! If you approach this part any other way, the idea of starting on a good foot with subscribers is doomed!

You might feel funny (or strange) doing what she suggests in the next part, but the payoff is different if you aren’t willing to take the extra step. To be fair to Tiffany, I cannot tell you what this information is, but you need to pay attention to this section so you get better results and more subscribers!

Report #2 – Expose Prospects to Your Opt In Form

I am embarrassed the second I read the third paragraph because I have never done what she is suggesting and this is the reason why I do not get as many subscribers as I could. I cannot make excuses anymore. I feel like she is pointing a finger at me. :)

The next section talks about how to build opportunities for more subscribers. I already do this, but I need improvement. She makes a good point here because I see many blog owners doing this wrong and it hurts their chances of making an impact.

Before I bought the Genesis Focus Pro theme, I used to do what she suggests, but I got tired of doing it after a while. When I finally bought a different theme, I had to edit 300+ posts to remove this information, which was a real pain.

Ugh, I don’t like using the tools she suggests next, but I know they work. This is one problem I have (when I don’t like something as a subscriber, I automatically assume nobody else likes it either.) Again, this mindset hurts my subscriber count. Do not let this happen to you!

Oh my – slap me in the head! I own the program she references, but I removed it from my blog a few months ago. I like it, but I could never get it to work right. I am going to add it back to my blog and test her idea to see if I can get it to work better.

Report #3 – Build a Reputation as a Can’t Miss Marketer

I agree that getting people on your list is only half the battle. Once they are on the list, there are tasks you must do to keep them enthusiastic enough to stick around and tell others about you!

This report covers the inside scoop about the newsletter you intend to mail to subscribers. She covers layout, frequency, quality, availability and transparency.

I have been publishing for many years, which started out when I ran the Women Entrepreneurs Network all the way down to the Article Directory and I ran each of my mailing lists following the same cues Tiffany explains throughout this report.

You want subscribers to feel at home with the value you provide, but how you deliver information is just as important too! There are certain steps you should never omit because it could spell disaster for future success. She explains each of those steps inside this report.

Report #4 – Drive Subscriptions Using Social Networks Strategically

I agree with what she says about Facebook. I see many people doing this and I do not advise jumping aboard the bandwagon. First, it is a blatant disregard for the terms set by Facebook. Secondly, it has nothing to do with business!

I cannot believe I never did this suggestion! I found myself running over to Facebook and following the guide Tiffany provided to get this section setup – immediately! She provides a link for a tutorial – thank you!

Strike two for Bonnie – I do not do this step! I wish she would explain how to do this. It makes sense that I could get more exposure, but I did not know I could write on another fan page using this. I need to ask Tiffany to explain it better.

Onto Twitter, which I rarely use because I find the 140-character limit – err… very limiting! :) I do use it to share links to my blog posts, but Tiff is explaining what else you can do.

Wow, I totally missed doing this on Twitter. Now I need to stop writing and head on over there to take care of this too! Oh, I do not have one of those pages right now! I must get one made. I will revisit Twitter once I have that page to implement her suggestion.

This is good stuff. I never thought of doing this. I always thought people used Twitter for marketing. I never sat back and watched what they typed into the little character box.

There are wonderful gems in this report. I have sections highlighted to remind me what I need to start implementing. Wow – here is a resource I never heard about. I cannot use it right now because I do not have the page required to make it work. Something else I highlighted for a must-do task.

She talks about Google Plus next. I can tell she likes the platform by her expressions. I use Google Plus, but probably not to the best of my ability.

For shame, I never did this! Now I am going over to my Google Plus account and filling in this section. I totally dropped the ball on this one! I should have added this information back in May during my product launch.

There are advantages of using Google Plus that I have yet to try, and Tiffany is suggesting them, but eventually I will get around to doing them all.

I am learning plenty regarding what I am doing right, but I am also learning how much promotion I am leaving on the table by not doing some of the other steps Tiffany suggests.

She ends the report talking about forums and Pinterest too. I find there is more for me to implement on both of these social sites, but until I have that one page created, I cannot move forward.

I will review the remaining three reports in my next blog post. The one thing that concerns me right now is the time that will be necessary to implement the ongoing promotion that Tiffany suggests.

I would like to see more of “how to do all of this in a timely manner” rather than her just suggesting what I get done.

I know there has to be an easier way to write on one social site and have it shown on others. I hope she has something in the remaining reports that pieces it all together.

Here’s the link again if you want to follow the remainder of the review together:

Here is Part 2 of the Review:

What do you like most about the review so far? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. I am interested in this, but I have so much else that needs to be done before I try to work through a new learning product like this. So, I’ll be reading your review and will have to wait for now to actually buy.
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    Those graphics are awesome
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  4. Great review, Bonnie! You’ve made me want to buy the PLR just to read it myself and make sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing to build my own list.
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  5. she has incredible work ethics, always such a great attitude
    Terri recently posted…Wednesdays for womenMy Profile

  6. Wow – what an excellent review. I can tell that Tiffany knows what she is talking about. The proof is in the size of her list, the amount of comments she gets on her blog posts and the profits she makes each time she creates a new product or article bundle.

    Also – I love the graphics that you did for her. They look great. Looking forward to part two of your review :)
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