List Building Bundle PLR – Is It Worth Your Consideration? (Part 2/2)

I am continuing (and finishing) the review I started for Tiffany Lambert’s List Building PLR Bundle. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here:

Report #5 – Host a Giveaway Event with Other Marketers

I like how Tiffany explains why participating in a giveaway event is so important and why a stingy mindset would hinder your chances to build a bigger subscriber base. A giveaway event can be a great way to work with the competition rather than against them.

She holds your hand through this entire process so you have a better idea of what a giveaway event entails, how to find others to include in the launch, and how to setup the giveaway page.

She even tells you how to pull the entire event off – even if it means only one other person is willing to do it with you!

Report #6 – Buy Exposure to Other People’s Audiences

Up to this point, most of the reports discussed free methods for building a list, but now she is talking about gaining exposure and building a list through four types of paid methods.

You will learn why another marketer is willing to promote your list, how to find the right people to share your offer, how many opportunities there are and how to format your advert for the best results.

To be honest, I heard about these methods before, but I never acted on them. I need to think about trying them because this report is giving me a solid education on how another “top marketer” thinks and why she believes these methods are worth my time. (Hint: she is making six figures a year, and I want to!)

Report #7 – Guest Blog to Build a Bigger Base

Most people overlook the opportunities for exposure through guest blogging because they think Google is against it, but Tiffany explains this is NOT the case and why you shouldn’t back down from being a guest blogger to build your list.

Guest blogging, if done correctly, can bring you added exposure, build your authority and increase your community if you do it properly. This is what this report aims to teach you!

Contrary to what some believe, you do not use the search engines to find a blog and then set out to write a post for submission and then stop looking for the day. The question is, how do you find a blog that is worthy of your consideration? Tiffany explains how you decide.

After you find the right blog to write a post for, what happens next? Tiffany explains the procedure. How do you know which topic will fit nicely into the blog you have chosen? Tiffany reveals the answer.

After you write and deliver a guest blog post, is your work done? Grab this report and you can find the answer to that question along with many more trinkets of information to set you on the right path now and in the future.

Am I Endorsing the List Building Bundle PLR?

I like what I’ve learned throughout Tiffany’s bundle and I garnered many gems – even though I’ve been building mailing lists for years now!

If I learned so much after reading this material, just image what YOU will learn after you get your hands on this information. Nothing can stop you from building a community and extending your reach across the Internet!

I wouldn’t hesitate if I were you. Buy this package – you won’t regret it.

If you’re not making six figures yet (like Tiffany) this list building bundle PLR package is equivalent to a coaching session you could not possibly buy at the same discounted price she is asking for you to acquire this content.

Do yourself a favor and invest in the list building bundle PLR package today. You will get far more than what you paid for it in terms of education and payoff if you follow her advice.

List Building Bundle PLR

How to Use the Reports Once You Buy a Copy

Most people buy PLR and let it sit on the hard drive, collecting dust. You won’t need or want to do that as long as you read the following ideas and implement one or all of the suggestions to put this content to use. Here are a few ideas to get your pen moving in the right direction:

1. Expand on each report.

While this package is great as it is, you can do one better by pulling each report apart and adding your own commentary to it. Expand on the ideas Tiffany presents and inject your personality into the mix. You want your audience to believe this content came straight from YOUR brain and not hers.

2. Build a product.

This package arrives with seven different reports that all relate to list building. You could easily make each report a singular MODULE in your new list-building course. Want to create a product, but not sure where to start? This is an opportunity knocking on your door!

Each report stands apart from the others. Call Report 1, Module 1 and Report 2, Module 2 and so on. Add worksheets to each module along with video to produce a unique product to call your own. Set it up using WishList Member and sell seats inside your new membership site.

Find other marketers (I dare you to ask Tiffany) if you can interview them and offer the interviews as bonus items. You can even make the interviews a monthly extra to keep people subscribed to your membership site.

3. Break each report down into a blog and/or podcast series.

With the amount of information provided to you (35 or so pages), you can fill your blog with several list-building series. You won’t need to write from scratch and you can fill your blog with high-quality information. Additionally, you fill Google with great SEO juice!

Record each blog post and create a podcast series for the people who prefer to listen rather than read. Allow them to download the podcast so they can burn it to their MP3 players.

Why not save people the time from burning to MP3 players; instead, create an entire series of podcast shows and burn them to CDs and sell them individually or as a compact product? (Hint: You can charge more for CDs than you can text!)

Add additional information about your other products to the CDs and remember to add a link that leads back to your opt-in page to get buyers subscribed to your list too! Getting people on your list is the easiest way to continue building a trusting relationship.

My Thank You Bonus for Ordering

After you purchase the list building bundle PLR, go over to my PLR store and choose TWO products as a bonus (as my way of saying thank you) for using my affiliate link to place your order.

Send a copy of your PayPal receipt to bonniegean[at], along with the names of the PLR items you chose from my store, and I will send you the two files attached to an email.

Third Bonus for Ordering

I also have a third bonus that I uploaded to JVZoo for you. It’s a package of 30 List Building Tips for social media. These images will help you gain exposure through social media websites when you share them with your followers!

I will give you PLR rights to the entire package, if you order today! Here’s a sample of what the tips looks like:

List Building - Social Media Tips

Will you take advantage of the bundle before it doubles in price? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. Great piece of sharing, Bonnie ! Yes, these tips are very informative and helpful in making good and strong link buildings.

    • List building seems complex to some, which explains why they never attempt to start a list. Sadly, without one, you can go years without making a single sale.

      People buy from people they trust. That trust it built on the blog, through email and on social media platforms.

      I’m glad you like the tips. What is YOUR biggest tip to share about list building? I would love to know it!

  2. Nice, in-depth review Bonnie :) I love the way you break down each section.
    Jan Kearney recently posted…This Week Online 27th July 2014My Profile

    • Thanks Jan! I love doing reviews. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

      I wish more people broke them down so you could learn exactly what it is you’re getting (before you buy!)

      How are you doing lately? You’re scarce again. You must be super busy! :)

  3. These tips can be used for any type of list building really. Great! Thanks so much!
    Christy recently posted…4 Simple Steps To Build New Habits Into Your Busy LifeMy Profile

  4. Great informative post – I’ve been an advocate of PLR for years – and I just finished be a contributor in a gift giveaway and build my list by over 200 – I will see about interviewing Tiffany! Great idea – :)
    Donna Ward recently posted…Need To Attract Customers?My Profile

  5. so many things you can do… great

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