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One of my long time gaming friends just lost his J.O.B. of 13 years and asked what kind of work he can do online to meet the requirements of his monthly household expenses.

The truth is, creating a steady income while working from home is a reality for many individuals who want to leave the 9 to 5 rat race far behind. You don’t need to wait until you lose your job to join the rest of us, online.

But, here’s what I would share with my friend.

Work from Home

How to Make Money Online

It’s easy to make money online if you receive the proper training and you’re willing to do the work. But beware of someone who offers you a push-button business. Steer clear of the “set it and forget it” models that the scam artists offer to the unsuspecting.

Because no one can accurately predict what you will earn. There are far too many variables involved with an online business for anyone to claim that it’s possible to earn a solid monetary figure from your efforts.

Consider that you might only have three hours a day to devote to your work at home efforts while the person you admire is working from the early morning until well into midnight. So to compare your potential earnings based on three hours wouldn’t be realistic.

It’s possible she has been working on her business for ten years while you have no experience. She’s made all the mistakes and learned how to be better at what she does.

She makes her business look easy because of her efforts that add up to years of hard work, trial, and error. Your business won’t be like hers until you’ve worked it repeatedly.

Business Model and Chosen Niche

Your success will depend on what business model you choose, too. Even if you choose the same model as someone else, her tactics and marketing strategies will differ from yours. Since you’re two different individuals, you won’t plan or think alike.

Then, there’s the matter of your chosen niche. If we discuss Internet marketing, the girl we’ve talked about earlier could be teaching SEO while you chose to teach article marketing. You can’t compare SEO with article marketing even though you’re in the same niche.

Some niches are going to perform better than others. That’s just the way it is. Your goal is to select a niche that has steady money-making potential, which requires research to uncover the best opportunities. Take your time; don’t rush this part.

Be happy for the smaller profits. As long as you’re making some money, you won’t get discouraged because you’ll realize the potential is there as long as you work your business, consistently.

Additionally, automate as much of your business as you can. Selling with an automation tool such as Aweber doesn’t require you to be present to earn extra money.

Above all, never place all your eggs in the same basket because if the bottom falls out, your income does too. Diversity is the key to success

If your friend lost her job, what kind of advice would you share with her? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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Bonnie is a full-time writer and marketer with over 20-years of experience as an entrepreneur. She loves helping people overcome the technical challenges associated with an online business. Need a step-by-step tutorial? Simply ASK her and she'll help you too.

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  1. Hey Bonnie. My business is a local one so I dont sell my cookies online.
    Carol King recently posted…Watching and WaitingMy Profile

  2. Hi Bonnie
    Sorry to hear your friend lost his job. I know exactly how that feels as I lost mine last year. My boss even waited until I had done a full days work and then told me as I was going home.
    I had tried many many online schemes prior to losing my job but all of them were scams. So I decided to create my own job and started a cookie makiing business. I failed online because I was a complete novice and back then I thought everything I read online was true. Lol. I have no doubt that your friend will succeed because he has you to guide him. I wish him all the best.
    Carol King recently posted…Front Seat FaceMy Profile

    • Hi Carol,

      When I worked offline for a print shop, I went to work one morning to find a padlock on the door. Imagine how that feels! Of course, my boss didn’t wait to tell me that day, but he could have mentioned it the day before and saved me a trip, right?

      It’s good to hear that you recovered and have a cooking making business. How well do your cookies sell online?

      Have a great week!

      – Bonnie
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…How to Start a Business You Love by Changing Your FocusMy Profile

  3. Hey Bonnie,

    I’m sorry your friend lost their job. I think for most people they never see that coming so they don’t plan ahead. I know when I lost mine in corporate America there weren’t as many jobs available like there had been in the past. I wish I had known about being able to make a living online so that I could have gotten a head start. It’s a process and not one that’s really easy either.

    Your tips though are definitely helpful because most of us fall victim to the enticing offers that promise overnight money. Not having known anything at all about things online I was an easy prey too.

    I hope your friend has found their place and I’m sure with your help that will be a breeze.

    Adrienne recently posted…10 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic to Your BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne,

      Nineteen years ago, I lost my job at a commercial print shop. I came to work one morning to find a padlock on the door and a notice hanging on the glass from the local bank.

      The business went bankrupt without the slightest inkling that it was going to happen the day before. What a shocker, to say the least! There was no way to prepare for such an event.

      I know how my friend feels right now; however, I’ve been trying to convince him (for years) to write for Kindle. He was always writing stories about the games he played and the characters he portrayed.

      I knew he had it in him to discover writing for Kindle, which is why I didn’t mention a NICHE for him. He could fit nicely into Kindle writing. I hope he has fun while he’s etching out a space for himself online. I know he has it in him to succeed.

      Naturally, if he needs help, I am here to guide him.

      – Bonnie

  4. Hey, Bonnie,

    I agree with you, it is a lot easier when receiving great advice. Unless someone starts off with an honest, experienced and helpful coach, it’s trial and error all the way.

    My advice would definitely be to look for another J.O.B. and work on starting an online business in his off time.

    Starting a blog and monetizing it takes time, and the time frame for earning a consistent income is definitely different for all of us depending on what skill sets they have to begin with. But it’s not going to pay the rent or buy groceries that first several months, that’s for sure.

    Not only does he not ‘have’ to wait until he loses a job, but should not be without a job until his online business is generating a comfortable amount for him to quit, in my opinion.

    I’ve seen too many people quit their job and then ’start’ Internet marketing – not very wise. One guy I know lost his home in a foreclosure because he could not earn fast enough to make his payments.

    Another job would at least pay your friend’s outstanding bills while he learns how to set up and grown an online business.

    Not exciting advice, but that’s my best answer.

    Certainly wishing him all the best.

    Hope to help.
    Carol Amato recently posted…7 Vital Action Steps To Succeed As A BloggerMy Profile

    • Hi Carol,

      I will be by his side if he finds he needs the help.

      He has other job offers, and then there is collecting unemployment that’s available for him too. There are three of them on the table, but he wants to write, so I suggested he write for the Kindle. He’s seriously considering the idea.

      I’ve already explained that it would take months before he could see any returns for his online writing, but he’s willing to step out there and try his hand at Kindle.

      He also has experience in radio announcements and advertisements. He could certainly set up a shop at Fiverr to do voice-overs. Another option I feel he is certainly qualified to do.

      I know you mean well, Carol, but I wouldn’t let him do this as the ONLY option available to him. I want to make sure he doesn’t get discouraged while he’s attempting to start a business online.

      Thanks for your solid advice. I shall direct him to read the blog post and comments, but know that I will take good care of him – whatever he decides.

      – Bonnie

  5. Some very, very good points made here Bonnie. Cover the main reasons so many are frustrated when they start out. Nothing is as simple or fast for a Noob as an “established” IM person says or thinks it is!
    Helene Malmsio recently posted…Apr 2, Tips for Running Your Own BusinessMy Profile

    • Hi Helene,

      Some very, very good points made here Bonnie. Cover the main reasons so many are frustrated when they start out. Nothing is as simple or fast for a Noob as an “established” IM person says or thinks it is!

      I don’t think many established IM people want to make it sound like it’s easy to get started online as they all had to start from the same place. I think that most of their “it’s easy” remarks stems from what they already know.

      Many may forget how hard it was when they first started because doing business now comes so easy for them. They overlook the fact that building a list wasn’t as easy as some made it sound. They did all the steps to get setup, and now it’s just a matter of keeping the ball rolling.

      However, a noob needs to learn how to choose a niche, pick a domain name, setup a hosting account, start a mailing list, and the tasks continue to mount.

      It’s not realistic to tell a noob that starting an online business is easy. The only task that’s easy IS the decision to start a business. After that, it’s work, work, work to establish your brand. Hardly an easy endeavor.

      How have you been lately? I hope the week ends well for you!

      – Bonnie

  6. I agree that it’s obviously possible to make a living online, but I think it takes more time than many people realize. And also, you’re right, you have to have many streams of income generating, not just one.
    Amy recently posted…Sprouts: move them into the 21st century, & sprouting seeds giveaway!My Profile

    • Hi Amy,

      I wish I could say having an online business is easy, but that’s far from the truth until you’re well-established with a large affiliate base that does the selling for your goods or services.

      Even so, it takes plenty of work to get your affiliate crew started and equipped with a good amount of marketing tools. Then there is the work involved in building a community and keeping your fans happy.

      Content is another part of an online business that isn’t easy to produce, especially since time is limited. I recently created a product that’s going to help entrepreneurs produce content more effectively, but I have yet to roll it out because I am filling in the blanks and getting the bonus products completed. It may take until mid-May until I can release the product to the public.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I know your days are busy, too! (Climbing mountains is no easy task!) :)

      – Bonnie

  7. I’m actually working hard to make it so that I can leave my regular job within the next five years… it’s killing me!
    Elisabeth recently posted…Too Many Emails? Clear Out That InboxMy Profile

    • Hi Elisabeth,

      What is killing you? The idea that it’s going to take five years before you can leave your job or the double amount of work you’re doing having both a job and an online business?

      What niche did you pick?

      – Bonnie

  8. This is a great resource! I made decent money for 19 years working at home as a medical language specialist, almost exclusively online. It is, of course, a skilled profession. Thanks for the inspiration and information!
    Melanie Pickett recently posted…Observations at the IV Infusion CenterMy Profile

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