How to Setup an Affiliate Marketing Business – Part 5/7


Once you define the core audience, you want to serve, answer the question, “Why should they listen to me?” What is it about my business that makes it worthwhile for individuals to return, repeatedly? What can I offer that people cannot find anywhere else?

In today’s technological world, content is everywhere. Given a little time, anyone can find an answer to almost every problem imaginable, so why should people take your advice? The easy answer is – because of your ethics.

Share Your Personality

One of the ways to get people to return to your blog versus another one is to share your personality. Share your opinion so others can identify with your views. You will endear some and be a turn off to others, but that is acceptable. You will never please everybody in this world.

If you look at some successful marketers online, you will discover that they do not hide behind a facade. Individuals such as Tiffany Lambert deliver an honest opinion. She lets the honey badger out, and she shoots straight from the hip.

If she thinks you are making excuses when you should be producing, she gets out her big boots and delivers a kick in your pants – that’s her persona. Naturally, some people don’t care for this approach, but so many others appreciate her honesty and fall in love with her because she IS that way.

Build a Brand

Build a Brand

It’s time to figure out who you want to brand (and yes I said who and not what) because people don’t form relationships with things, they form them with REAL people!

There is so much BS floating to the top of the Internet, and it stinks! All the SEO rules, keyword density and “you must sell to someone 7 times before they buy” are utter nonsense – a complete line of crock!

I don’t do any of that! When I sit down to write a blog post, I don’t go to Google and find a keyword to base an article around it. I sit down and write from my experience – straight from the heart.

How many times did you buy something from an Ezine article that shared the table of contents from the latest Internet marketing product, what it costs, and where to get it?

Compare that approach to someone who provides an honest review – pointing out things they like or dislike, how they feel about the product creator’s ethics, and how they implemented the concept and got results.

You’re not going to buy a product because it will make you a ton of money. You’re going to buy it because someone you TRUST said that it while it wasn’t perfect, it did work for them, and they show you exactly how.

Your entire affiliate marketing business is based around honesty and sharing your opinion about specific products. You will review, implement and discuss the results with your core audience, which helps people decide if a specific product can give them the same results.

Branding is the essence of your business. It’s how you speak, what you say, where and when you share it and whom you’re communicating the information to. It’s the voice of your company, the logo, tagline, and the website that delivers your message to the world.

Branding is how you want others to perceive you. If I were to explain branding in more detail, it would expand outside the scope of this series, but I need you to understand how important “building a brand” is to your affiliate marketing success.

Beginner Mistakes

Beginner Mistakes

Mistake #1 – People try to make money on the first day.

Do not try to sell something with your very first blog post. Unfortunately, I see this happen too often. Instead, you want to start by sharing valuable information, delivering great content, and connecting with your audience.

There will be many opportunities for you to make sales once you have a community of like-minded individuals following your blog, subscribing to your YouTube channel and liking your Facebook fan page.

Building loyal relationships is KEY in any long-term business success – always remember that!

Mistake #2 – Individuals fail to add value to the community.

A blog may be your “home” on the Internet, but it’s not the only place you should communicate with an audience. There are other ways to “engage” and you should take advantage of opportunities to do so.

You can build your audience faster if you:

  1. Participate in discussion forums within your niche.
  2. Become active inside Facebook groups.
  3. Network with others on Google + and Twitter.
  4. Comment on other blogs within your niche.
  5. Write guest posts and share them with other bloggers.

Be a part of the conversations taking place across the Web and let people know you care. Share your insight and help people solve problems without expecting money in return. Be a helper because it builds goodwill.

Mistake #3 – You are not consistent in your endeavors.

People are busy and have short attention spans online. If you want people to remember you – then you must be consistent in your efforts. Stay in front of your audience. Never disappear for weeks or months at a time. You want prospects, customers and subscribers to view you as a reliable point of contact.

In Part 6, we’ll discuss a few of the marketing tools (free and paid) that can help you work efficiently as an affiliate marketer.

Have you branded your online business? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading,
- Bonnie

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  1. Bonnie, Thank you for this useful information.

  2. I’ve been really scattered this year with my efforts, but one of my words for 2014 is CONSISTENCY!

    I learnt when I had my public practice accounting business the importance of consistency when we placed our ad in the local community paper – we paid for it week in and week out as people wouldn’t go back to look for it in a previous edition if they were looking for us, they’d go to one of our competitors instead, so we had to be consistent with our advertising – same principle here!

    Thanks for all your guidance, Bonnie :)
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  4. You make some very valid points Bonnie. I know for me, the people whos links I click are those I’ve come to know and trust – and that takes personality and of course, time!
    Consistency – my word for 2014, I’m terrible at it!
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  5. I’m certainly learning much from this series Bonnie, great stuff! Thanks.
    Branding is something I’m working on, but it like everything else takes time.
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  6. This was really great Bonnie.
    I especially like what you said about personality, the blogs I follow the most are the ones that are real and show their creators personality.
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