How to Prompt New Sales, Leads and Customer Engagement

With all the new list-building courses available online, I didn’t think many marketers continued to make this mistake, but I was proven wrong the other day after I signed up to become a subscriber to a new list.

The truth is, many marketers are leaving money on the table because of one significant oversight. I have to admit that I’m guilty of making the same mistake too. Can you guess what other marketers and I are guilty of that’s costing us money?

Thank You Pages

HINT: The Improper Use of a Thank You Page

Either we’re not using a “Thank You” page, or we are using one but wasting the space on it by adding a message that doesn’t add to our bottom line. Are you guilty of doing this too?

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Bad Thank You Page

Here’s another example from Aweber that’s a lost opportunity to continue engaging with your new subscriber:

Activate Your Subscription

It’s true that you can use the thank you page as a way to get people to check their email, but don’t forget that this page is also the perfect opportunity to build a closer relationship with your new subscriber, or even make a new sale.

Heck, why not add your social media icons next to a wonderful thank you message, or even prompt subscribers to share your landing pages with their friends? There’s a good chance they know other people who would be interested in your generous offer, too!

Most marketers direct people to their email inbox to find the link and click to confirm, but you’ve managed to get individuals to sign up to your list so why not get them to open up to you (aka: engage) while you have their attention on the thank you page?

HubSpot suggests that you optimize your thank you pages by including several call-to-actions that guide the reader to stay connected to your brand by offering additional offers.

Amazon does this very thing even before you place an order. They show you what other customers bought when they purchased the same item you’re researching on their website. The below image is an example of this in action:

Customers Also Bought Image

Would you like to keep new subscribers engaged with your website? How would you feel if you made a sale immediately after you gained a new person on your mailing list?

Be honest.

How are your thank you pages working for you? Do they bring in new sales or social shares? Do they continue to engage with new subscribers? If not, it’s time to update them so they can perform better and convert more often!

How to Optimize Your Thank You Pages

Here are several ideas to help you make better use of your thank you pages:

1. Add a Customer Survey

When we learn about marketing, we’re told that we need to “know” our customers. To get inside their heads and learn what they’re struggling with so we can better serve their needs. A customer survey gets you one step closer to knowing what your customers crave.

By obtaining feedback from your subscribers, you’re able to serve the needs of your target market. No guessing is involved; you won’t waste time creating products that aren’t in demand, and you walk away looking like a hero to your followers.

You can use a paid program such as or a free, simple survey from Google. Either way, you gather important feedback from subscribers and make better use of your thank you page.

2. Discounted Sales Promotion

If you show a thank you page after a customer buys from you, why not use the same page to promote other related products? If your buyer just purchased social media images, you could offer a 50% off coupon for a related infographic or other marketing graphics.

Additionally, you could offer bundle packages at a discounted price or display the products that others bought. Amazon does this from each of their product pages, so why shouldn’t you?

3. Ask About Their Biggest Challenges

As marketers, we all face challenges during our routines of starting or conducting a business. Add a contact form to your thank you page and ask subscribers to explain what the biggest challenges are that they face day-to-day.

To get subscribers to fill out the form, you could offer them a bonus for submitting feedback. This also gives you an additional opportunity to engage with them (keep the conversation going) through email after you receive their comments.

You can use the feedback to create a new blog post, PDF tutorial, or a product that would provide a solution for your audience. Any of these ideas is sure to be a big hit with your followers.

4. Display Testimonials

Displaying testimonials on sales letters helps provide proof to prospects that others have given you a chance and liked the outcome of working with you. But did you know that displaying testimonials on a thank you page can also help you convince subscribers to buy from you for the first time?

Write a short message about one of your products and place the testimonials directly underneath the marketing message. Marketers use testimonials because they help increase conversion rates, so take action and test the outcome! You’ll never know until you try.

5. Links to Your Best Tutorials

After an individual signs up to receive your gift offered to subscribers, you should have a good idea about the type of content they need. Take this opportunity to provide links to some of your best content.

Great content consists of infographics, writing tools, checklists, articles, PDF tutorials, and how-to videos around the same topic similar to the mailing list gift. Whatever you might think your subscriber would enjoy.

6. Ask Them to Follow You on Social Media

It may seem unnecessary because you display your social media icons across your blog, but with all the other information in your sidebar, it’s possible that followers overlook those smaller graphics.

Take advantage of your thank you page by posting your social media links and ask people to follow you, but talk about the benefits; what will people miss out on if they aren’t a part of the popular crowd?

7. Display a Video

You could add a how-to video, but I suggest you add a face-to-face video. Explain who you are and what you do. How did you get your start on the Internet? Why is it important to continue your mission to help others?

While most people are afraid to open up to strangers, doing so will endear people to you, and allows people to get to know the REAL person behind the blog, mailing list, or products offered.

While I offered several ideas to improve the quality of a thank you page, you don’t need to implement all of them. Choose one and test the results to find out if you can increase your conversion rate, make new sales, or improve relations with new subscribers.

Do you use a thank you page? Have you tried any of the ideas mentioned above? How did you do? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,

– Bonnie

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  1. Guilty too. ;) Thanks for a great post with actionable tips, Bonnie. Just pinned to a new ‘Connect with your tribe’ Pinterest board.

    • Hi Angela,

      Welcome to my blog!

      This post was a result of my error, too. I didn’t always make the best use of my thank you pages. Now that I know better, I wanted to share it with you so the future would hold better conversions from your thank you pages.

      Thanks for sharing it on Pinterest, too! You’re an angel! :)

      – Bonnie

  2. Guilty as charged Bonnie, but am going to revisit your ideas here and see what i can start with, great post
    Mike Gardner is The Time Doctor recently posted…Organize Your Email Inbox and be More ProductiveMy Profile

  3. Hi Bonnie! Great post here!
    This is one I have really messed up and forgot about the one person I know who does this and I forgot about it but as I read your post. I remember now and Barb Ling does this. Not only does she do this she also offers bonuses on her thank you page and other promotions.

    Other pages that leave money on the table are About pages can have a signup form for our list. also possibly a Survey.

    The other one I can think of right now is if your product is being redone and you have a auto responder field there asking the potential customer to signup for updates on when it will be out. You can use the white space to do what you mention above.

    Another area is 404 redirect pages when someone stumbles on a 404 redirect instead of having a useless message put a auto responder field in there some social buttons and some other goodies and of course a survey.

    All The Best
    Edward Haberthur

  4. Some brilliant ideas here Bonnie. So much better than just thanks for signing up now leave my site and check your email. Making a real connection

  5. Oops, you’ve just reminded me I haven’t added any of these to my latest download pages. I must fix that ASAP. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Great post Bonnie and it is so important to make use of our download pages. While it does take a bit of time to create one, they are easy to clone and reuse over and over again. Plus they are a great way to test out other offers to see what works well.
    Sue Fleckenstein recently posted…Adult Coloring Books – Launching a Product the Smart WayMy Profile

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