How to Launch a WSO on JVZoo Product Review – Part 1/2

During the upcoming week (somewhere around May 14), I will be launching my very first Warrior Special Offer (WSO) from the Warrior Forum – all thanks to the wonderful help of Tiffany Lambert.

Tiffany came to my aide when I asked How to Launch a WSO on JVZoo. You see, I never offered anything for sale from the Warrior Forum or JVZoo so I knew there would be some sticky points for me.

As usual, whenever I feel stuck about something – I send an email to Tiff. Out of all the marketers I have ever emailed, Tiffany always answers my questions, personally – and I admire her for that!

If you ever wanted to give a Warrior Special Offer, but you weren’t quite sure how to get the ball rolling, I would like to invite you to try out Tiff’s report.

She explains everything you need to know and offers video every step of the way too. I especially like the idea that she tells you inside the report WHEN to watch the next video – which is a big help to me!

How to Launch a WSO on JVZoo

Let’s go over what How to Launch a WSO on JVZoo covers for you:

The Sales Letter

I love Tiffany’s sales letter because they are short and void of the usual “guru” sales pitches. She tells you exactly what her report is about and what you can learn by obtaining it.

She even mentions that she is sharing her non-guru, quick and easy WSO-JVZoo system to hand you a powerful sales generator that she now prefers over all other selling platforms.

Her approach to launching a WSO with JVZoo is the “Frankentiff” method. It’s her way of molding the sales process into an easy format that gets the job done.

If you are frozen in place because you’re not sure how to launch a product on the Warrior Forum, you will definitely like the Frankentiff process of releasing a product. :)

You will learn how to:

  • Brainstorm a WSO
  • Price your offer
  • Create a one-time offer or upsell
  • Register for your WSO
  • Outsource
  • Create your sales copy
  • Get and notify affiliates
  • Prepare the download file
  • Perform your launch tasks
  • Promote your offer

She offers her special report, combined with 11 videos, for a reasonable price, so click here to buy How to Launch a WSO on JVZoo.

The Product

The product consists of a PDF file that is 40 pages long, and 11 videos that accompany your training.

You won’t find a graphic image for the report and videos because this was a product that Tiffany put together as a result of wanting to help a few on her list and close friends.

Her priority was to get a report written and offered as a WSO as soon as possible and not waste time with creating an eBook cover. I understand her desire to get the product out – I was one of the people requesting her to write it. :)

Brainstorm Your Idea

In this section, Tiff banishes negative thinking and why it’s important you believe that you can do this. I have to agree with her – there is nothing holding you back, except you!

I especially like the part where she shows you what sells well as a WSO and JVZoo. She offers insight on what sells greatly for her and others. There are screen shots that give a visual to what she is explaining.

Included is a 4:55 minute video that shows you everything she mentions in this chapter.

Price the Offer Fit for a WSO

Tiff starts out this chapter by explaining how you can charge more for your product. I love her ideas and you will too!

You’ll learn about dime sale perks and the different ways you can offer them. Tiffany gave me food for thought because I know I want to do them, but I was uncertain how they worked.

Included is a 5:43 minute video that shows you everything she mentions in this chapter.

Create a One Time Offer or Upsell

I now possess a better understanding of one time offers and upsells, thanks to this chapter. I also know there are options as to how I can put an offer together, which is a plus in my book!

I was under the impression that a one time offer was difficult to piece together, but Tiffany’s ideas opened a whole new world of options for me.

In my future sales, I’m going to test various one time offers based on what she reveals, and I can decide which one will work best for me.

There’s a GOLDEN nugget shared in this chapter that totally blew my mind (thanks Tiff for sharing it) and I can’t wait to try it out!

Included is a 8:24 minute video to visually enjoy what Tiff covers within this chapter.

Register for Your WSO Early

I am glad Tiffany included this chapter because I was not aware that it may take longer than 24 hours to get my WSO thread approved on the Warrior Forum.

Thanks to her instructions, I have an approval waiting for me inside my private message area, which means my WSO thread is preapproved and ready to go once my product is finished!

There are a few steps to take in this section so don’t procrastinate because it can hold you up later on when you are ready to make your WSO go live!

Included is a 1:36 minute video for you to watch, if you care to.

Outsource Anything You Need Created Early

Outsourcing is something I started doing when I decided to create a product to sell on the Warrior Forum. I hired a proofreader to go over all the infographic copy, and I am glad I did it!

Tiffany offers a handful of places where you can outsource to and explains why it is necessary to get this work done earlier rather than later.

Her 4:02 minute video shows you exactly how she chooses a person for the work she needs done with some examples on the type of graphic work you can hire someone to do for you.

You Need This Product If…

You want to create a WSO to work with JVZoo.

If you haven’t snagged your copy of How to Launch a WSO on JVZoo, I would advise you get it now. I’m not sure how long Tiffany is offering this as a WSO (with the low price) so guarantee a copy before it’s no longer available.

Have you grabbed your copy of How to Launch a WSO on JVZoo yet? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. I’ve used wso pro in the past, it’s good but a little tricky to set and up but is much better and cheaper than clickbank, which I have also used.

    Jvzoo is hands down the top choice not only for ease of set up, but is easy to integrate directly into your autoresponder if you have one.

    The support is first rate and many of the creators of Jvzoo can be contacted directly on facebook with instant messages ( you wont realise how good this is until you have a problem).

    They have product of the day, easy to run dimesales, and other easy to use options.

    Also (and this is big) if you come to sell your product to a new owner at some point, Jvzoo can handle the entire transfer seamlessly to the new owners jvzoo account without having to change payment buttons or having to inform affiliates. This is a huge time saver.

    • Such a bundle of information, Anne-Marie! I did not know that JVZoo could handle the transfer of a product from one owner to the other. This is important information to retain for the future. Thank you so much for sharing it.

      I never used WSO Pro as I didn’t like their fee structure. I agree that JVZoo is the best (and easiest) to use, but I say that because I never actually placed a product inside of Clickbank. Considering that Clickbank has been getting a bad reputation lately, I decided to steer clear of their services for now. :)

      Warrior Forum has now set up their own rivalry payment system. It’s fairly new and doesn’t offer all the great stuff JVZoo does at this point, but given the fact that it IS new, things could change rather quickly. It depends on how much the new owner of WF wants to make money. :)
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…List Building Bundle PLR – Is It Worth Your Consideration?My Profile

  2. Thanks, Bonnie Gean, you really laid it all out there for us. I admire your spunk and expect you to have a wildly successful product sale.
    Mary Austin recently posted…Make A Plan To Bag Bunches Of New Readers For Your ContentMy Profile

    • Thanks Mary!

      I have plenty more spunk to dish out too! I know once I get more affiliates, the sales are bound to pick up!

      Just know that I had fun doing the launch, creating the product and helping more people through the entire process!

  3. I have used Tiff’s products, too, and she really knows what she’s talking about. What an idea — to create a product to train one of your peers to create a WSO. It just goes to show you how you can find opportunities anywhere.

    Good luck with your WSO, Bonnie! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for it.
    Hollie Hawley recently posted…Organic Traffic Tips #4: Blog HoppingMy Profile

  4. Great review Bonnie. I almost found myself thinking “should I get this while it’s still available?” when I have nothing in my business plan about creating a WSO offer. Can you say “Shiny Object Syndrome”? LOL
    Ana recently posted…How Soon Should You Date After Divorce?My Profile

  5. Hi Bonnie,

    Great review of the product. I have just purchased it, for my upcoming launch. I am still in a bit of a haze as to what to do, so hoping to learn from it, and hopefully be able to help others do the same. Very timely, thank you! :)

    Galina St George recently posted…How to Set Up a WordPress Blog – Anatomy of a Business Blog Post – Part 3My Profile

  6. Thanks for the review Bonnie!
    I purchased Tiff’s product as I’m also on her list. I’m not ready to consider a WSO yet but I will be and her material is always on the mark and very helpful, so I grabbed it.

    Wishing you great success with your launch!
    Marilyn Thompson recently posted…The Active Brain Fab Friday Blog ShareMy Profile

  7. Bonnie,

    This is a great product review! I too purchased this guide and am currently going through it with a fine toothed comb. I’m working on my first WSO. The graphics seem to be what IMers are really needing. I know yours will be amazing!

  8. I’m so excited for you Bonnie and I know it will do so well! You are rocking this and I can’t wait to see it up there.
    Misty Spears recently posted…Comparing Yourself to Others – It’s All Apples to OrangesMy Profile

  9. Hi Bonnie,
    I am so happy to hear that you will be putting out a WSO soon. This is great news.

    A product review of Tiff’s report is most definitely on my “To Do” list – and my own WSO should be following soon too.

    Good luck with yours – look forward to updates :)
    Victoria Virgo recently posted…I Met Chris Ducker – Virtual CEO – in London TownMy Profile

    • I look forward to the release of my first WSO launch. It has been a long time coming, hasn’t it? :)

      Nice to hear you’re following shortly after with a WSO of your own! That’s great news!

  10. I like Tiff’s stuff Bonnie.
    I’ve wondered abouthow to tie the 2 together – in the past I’ve just used JVZoo *instead* of a WSO, but this looks interesting to combine the 2!
    The Great Gordino recently posted…The Great Gordino Newsletter – May 12th 2014My Profile

    • I wouldn’t steer you wrong – I know a good product when I buy one. :)

      This is definitely a great product to have in your arsenal. Now you no longer need to wonder how the two tie together (and you can offer a one time offer too!)

  11. Looks like a great class for people trying to figure the in’s and out’s of marketing in general and on the Internet. As a budding blogger, I have personally found it hard to try to market myself. Good luck!
    Benson Wong recently posted…What Are the Duties of a Groomsmen?My Profile

  12. great tips! thank you for sharing.
    Priya recently posted…Matar Malai MethiMy Profile

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