How to Hop Aboard the Coloring Book Craze

There’s a surge going on in the world today as a result of the coloring book fanatics that have come out of the woodwork; especially the adults, in the last couple of years.

It doesn’t look as if it’s going to slow down anytime soon, either. This heightened interest is good news for the individuals who are creating coloring books. But, did you know you could weave this trend into your existing business, too?

Meet Shawn Hansen

Shawn Hansen has cornered the market on the coloring book business, and she invites you to take her course to learn how to build your own Quick and Easy Coloring Book Business.

I’m taking the course right now, but prior to her Quick and Easy Coloring Books course, I tried her More Than Mandalas training that shows you how else you can profit from coloring pages (and not just with books!)

Either way, you can’t go wrong. Shawn is a blessing to listen to during the video recordings and she’s a great teacher, too!

Watch the Video:


Coloring Book Craze Prompts Shortages

Consumers are buying more colors than ever before. Some companies exclaim they can’t keep up with the demand, with some adding new swing shifts to meet the needs of consumers.

It’s possible we can see additional pen/pencil colors being added soon as buyers want other choices all based upon their dissatisfaction with the existing 36-72 color spread they get now.

Buyers Want More

I noticed, on one of the websites I was reading, there is a coloring book for the Golden Girls — a popular television show that aired between 1985 and 1992. It’s about 4-older women who shared a home together in Florida.

To this day, I watch the reruns because the girls are around my age, share some good humor, and it’s enjoyable to watch them. I never thought anyone would produce a coloring book of the main cast members. LOL

I also learned there were coloring books for “Getting Over Your Ex” and “Getting Through a Divorce” — if you can imagine it! Naturally, the first thing that came to mind was how some of the coloring books fall under a niche that YOU might be dabbling in right now.

Circle Mandala by My Daughter

Mandala Colored By My Daughter, Tanya

Can You Bank on the Trend?

I’m sure you could find a way to weave this new craze into your existing business.

You could:

  1. Create a coloring book for your niche (musical, food groups, etc.).
  2. Offer coloring book “color” challenges with your audience.
  3. Start an Etsy store and sell single coloring pages.
  4. Erect a PLR store that sells nothing but coloring book products.

Do you like to de-stress? I used to color when I was younger, but not so much now that I’m older. I didn’t even color anything I’ve created, but my daughter has painted plenty of my creations!

What are YOU doing to capitalize on the coloring book craze? Have I prompted any ideas into your brain? Leave a comment below and let me know!

– Bonnie

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  1. I love Tanya’s coloring page. Please share my message with Tanya. And thankyou Bonnie for the coloring ideas.
    I’m sort of confused how it works, being as old as I am. My question is: when you buy a coloring ebook, do you print the pages out to color? Is that how it works?

    • Hi Sandy,

      I will let Tanya know her coloring art touched your heart. Thank you for making her feel good, too! :)

      When you buy a coloring book from a place like Amazon, you can either color directly from the book, tear the sheet out to color it or scan the black artwork it so you can color it multiple times (with different colors).

      When you are a coloring book creator, you create the books for other people to color. So many opportunities for coloring books that I just wanted you to know your options.
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…How to Hop Aboard the Coloring Book CrazeMy Profile

  2. Your presence in front of the video camera is awesome.

    Adding coloring books to your niche is such a great idea. Like adding an app, a podcast, etc. Great suggestion.

    • Hi Craig,

      It’s nice to see and hear from you again! I’ve been following you (even though I don’t speak out much.)

      Thank you for the wonderful comment about my video presence. I miss doing videos and I should do more of them, too! I’ll make it a point to get back in front of the camera more often now that we’re settled into our new house!

      I believe coloring and puzzle books are here to stay. I’m in the process of creating a puzzle book as we speak.

      I’ve already created 2 coloring books that sold well through JVZoo. I partnered on that venture with someone else. I did the designs and she wrote the sales letter. I’ll be offering a few more books from JVZoo by myself, too. They should do as well as the first two.

      Now, if only I could get into the habit of checking my blog for comments more often so the comments don’t go unanswered for too long. :(

      So sorry for the delay in my response.

      – Bonnie

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    Enjoyed watching your video. My mind is always churning in new ideas. Just getting started in designing coloring books. I’ve been creating books for 3 years. I’m excited to add coloring books to my list of ideas for books.

  4. Bonnie I’m trying my best to stick with one business model and see that it’s successful before moving to something else, but you sure shared some good and valid ways in which the coloring book trend could be adapted. My wheels are already spinning. LOL

    I’ll have to think seriously about this one before investing money or time. Did you know there’s a coloring pages app for the iPad? Yep, you select the page you want to color, pick your coloring tool and color, then start coloring.

    I don’t know about creating an app, but I’d love to create digital coloring pages. We shall see! Thanks for sharing this and it’s so nice to see you back in front of the camera!!

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