How to Embed a YouTube Video

I’m a helper, so when someone needs step by step assistance and I can accommodate, you get video. :)

This is to help anyone who would like to learn how to post a YouTube video to their blog.

Watch the Video:


How to Embed: Step by Step

I realize some may not like to watch a video so for you guys and gals the below section maps out all the steps you need to take to embed a YouTube video into a blog post – with pictures!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them below.

Go to the YouTube video you want to embed.

Click the share button (under the video). This will open up a new drop down section for more choices.

Click the share button


Click the embed button shown. This will open up a new drop down section for more choices.

Click the embed button


Choose the video dimensions you want (to highlight it). This will update the code inside the embed box with the proper dimensions for your video.

Please note, I selected 640 x 360 because I know this will fit into my blog page. However, your page might be thinner or wider so choose the best size to fit your blog.

Choose video dimensions


Go to the embed code box under the video and copy all the code shown.

Copy the embed code


Last Step:
Go to your blog page and paste the code into the HTML area.

Paste embed code to HTML section


Don’t worry if you don’t get it on the first try. Sometimes I need to do a task more than once before getting it right. It’s a natural part of the learning process.

If you find that you still need a little more help, I’m more than glad to help. Use the comment box below to ask any questions. Thanks!

Was this video helpful to you? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. Hi again.
    It seems to have worked!

    Thanks again for the tutorial.

    Best wishes,
    Ann recently posted…How to do your own make over – Style by Jury style – Your faceMy Profile

  2. Hi. Thanks for the video.
    I am having the same problems as others. I have embedded it – my button says “text” not HTML but I think that doesn’t matter. So when I preview the post I just have a black space, no tab or anything to view it.
    I have tried with the refresh button – that is F5 right? – but nothing happens.
    Shall I try again?

    Best wishes,
    Ann recently posted…How to do your own make over – Style by Jury style – Your faceMy Profile

  3. Hi Bonnie

    I have a problem when I try to embed videos. I have followed your instructions and I get this pale orange square in my “visual” box and the video never shows up. I’ve entered the code in the text/HTML area. When I do a preview nothing appears for where the video should be. I don’t have the problem when I put the code for my vlogs into my posts, just when I’m trying to embed somebody else’s videos. Hope you can help me as I’m trying to embed a video for today’s blog! :)

    Yes of course I’ve left it till the last minute!
    Tamsin recently posted…Vlog Update 17 March 2013My Profile

  4. Ok I have watched this again. So I put the html code bit into the main text of the body of the blog? Not into the html text part? Let me try again.
    Christine Dalgliesh recently posted…Greg Champion, The French Song.My Profile

    • Christine,

      You have two tabs on your WordPress blog. One is called “Visual” and the other is called “HTML.”

      You want to make sure the HTML tab is active before you paste the iFrame code into the text box.

      BTW: I went to your website and checked and your video was working! I wouldn’t change a thing! :)

      – Bonnie xo
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…Kick Start Your Writing – (1/3)My Profile

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