How to Embed a Facebook Post on Your Blog

One of the latest features offered by Facebook is the ability to embed a public post (made on Facebook) to a page on your blog. I can think of many this ability can bring to a business, and I’m sure if you were given ample time, you could develop a few beneficial ways to utilize this feature, too.

To help you start using this feature, I created a video to show you how easy it is to embed a Facebook post to your blog. If you don’t care for video, there are text instructions included below.

Watch the Video:



Step 1: Go to Facebook and find a relevant post to incorporate into your blog post.

Step 2: Click the “Down” arrow on the top right of the message and choose Embed Post.

Facebook will open a new box with code in it. You must highlight the code and right click your mouse, then choose “copy” to grab the code.

Step 3: Right click your mouse on top of the text box and Copy the code.

I don’t particularly care for the box that Facebook provides, as I believe it’s too small for you to adequately copy the code without having slight problems. I believe Facebook needs to make this box much bigger.

Step 4: Right click your mouse, paste the code into the text box of your blog post.

Step 5: Click “Save Draft” and then “Preview” to review the post before it goes live.

Here’s how an embedded Facebook post looks:

My First Impression

The “like, comment and share” buttons are still visible in the embedded post. Users of your blog are able to interact with the Facebook post as if they were on Facebook. I dislike the fact that the like and comment buttons open a new window and take users away from your blog.

The share button opens a smaller window, with your blog post behind it, and allows users to share the Facebook post to their timeline or any fan page they have admin access to. (This part I like because users remains on your blog the entire time.)

Many marketers use this feature and swear by it – touting that it’s a good way to maintain community between your blog post and Facebook. Again, if I had a choice, I would rather build community on my blog first because it’s my home on the Internet.

If there are days when you are pressed for time, this may be a good way to add content to your blog without the need to write any additional information; however, I wonder if the blog post would have any significant SEO value? It’s worth testing.

I’m going to reserve my final opinion on this feature until I have an opportunity to test it and see if it truly has any Google search engine value or if I am just handing over my blog visitors to Facebook.

My first impression is that Facebook constructed this feature to benefit their service more than it benefits a blogger, but I’ll rescind my opinion if it’s warranted after a bit of testing. :)

What do you think about this new Facebook feature? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. What I found when I went to try this just now, is that the option is only available from my own FB posts. I could not embed yours.

    I can do it from my own posts on a FB page I manage.
    I can NOT do it from my own posts on a group I manage.

    Just sharing what I found. Thanks! I didn’t know this could be done.
    jenn alex brockman recently posted…Arts and Crafts ToysMy Profile

  2. BG,

    I think it’s a great way to expose those who are new to your website of your Facebook page and vice versa. I don’t know if I’d use the feature, but I like it. It’s also a good way to share interesting posts of others. Great video and post as always!
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted…How to Add a Link to an Image using HTMLMy Profile

  3. Well, at least the buttons are active. I hate the Twitter embed where it’s more of a screenshot with no interactivity. Generally I share other people’s FB posts, hoping my readers will actually go to my FB page.
    Lynda Lippin recently posted…Making Pilates Consumer FriendlyMy Profile

  4. Hi Bonnie

    What a great post. I certainly will try it and I am bookmarking this post to be able to come back to it and apply what you are showing in your usual straight forward way.

    I will try it in the future because my January has been over planned ;)

    Thank you again
    Liliana Marsden recently posted…Social Bookmarking – How can it help youMy Profile

  5. Thanks Bonnie, a useful feature. I would definitely be interested in your findings regarding SEO before doing this on a big scale… ;-)
    Una Doyle recently posted…Write a Business Plan – Even if You Think You Shouldn’tMy Profile

  6. It looks easy enough to do – thank you for sharing these tips with us as I’d never find them on my own!

    Looking forward to your conclusions as to their benefits :)
    Tamsin recently posted…Do You Want To Improve Your Productivity?My Profile

    • LOL, I stumble across most of them because people ask me whether something is possible or not.

      The post with the embedded video and Facebook post is already listed in Google, within one day. The second post that I added to the blog a few minutes from the first one hasn’t been indexed yet.

      Naturally, one could assume the embedded post helped – but I would think the embedded YouTube video had more influence on the post getting listed that fast than the embedded Facebook post. I need to continue testing to be certain. :)

  7. That’s a cool feature, Bonnie and I’m with you on whom it is serving. Still, handy for repurposing posts to the blog. Thanks.
    Mel Day recently posted…Practice Makes Perfect: Get Habitual ResultsMy Profile

  8. When I hit the down arrow, all that was available was to report the post as spam?
    Kate recently posted…Cat in ConcertMy Profile

  9. Hi Bonnie,

    This is a new feature I learned about last month. Although, I haven’t used it but I like the ideas in your video. I will give it a whirl later in the future. Thanks for sharing! :-)
    Nate Leung recently posted…How To Unlock Your Inner GeniusMy Profile

  10. Love this idea. Definitely must try it soon. Now, to find a worthy FB post. haha
    Beverly recently posted…A Life Goal CompletedMy Profile

  11. Hi Bonnie,
    I just went to FB to follow your instructions re embedding post and it appears that they changed the choices from the down arrow in the upper right corner. It no longer offers that option. At least that is what I encountered this evening. :-(
    Rochelle Gordon recently posted…What Tips Your Action Scale?My Profile

  12. Thank you for sharing this! I think it is something very helpful for all of us bloggers to remember that this kind of thing can be added in a post.
    Sheila M. recently posted…January is Hot Tea Month!My Profile

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