How to Duplicate a Blog Post

How to Duplicate a Blog Post

How to Duplicate a Blog Post

I was asked earlier today if there was an easy way to make a copy of a blog post so I created a video to show you how to get this done by installing the Post Duplicator plugin.

If you don’t care for video, I included text below for your reading pleasure.

Watch the Video:


Why Duplicate a Post?

I can think of countless reasons why you would want to duplicate a blog post with convenience being on the top rung. I always felt that WordPress should, by default, offer this capability to authors.

Here’s how to install the Post Duplicator plugin and use it once you have it on board:

Step #1: Login to your WordPress dashboard

  • Click on “Plugins” and “Add New” from the drop down menu
  • In the search box, type “post duplicator” and click the “Search Plugins” button
  • Locate Post Duplicator by metaphorcreations
  • Click the “Install Now” link
  • When you get the webpage message, click OK
  • Click the “Activate Plugin” link

Step #2: Duplicate a Blog Post

  • Click on “Posts” link on the dashboard
  • Hover your mouse over the post you want to duplicate
  • Click on the “Duplicate Post” link
  • WordPress will duplicate the title of the post followed by the word “copy”

Step #3: Edit the Duplicated Blog Post

  • Open the duplicated post and change the status to “draft” and click OK
  • Change the title of the blog post
  • Edit the URL; click “edit” and change the permalink to match the name of your new title
  • Click the “Update” button

When you’re ready to publish the post, change the date and click “Publish” to make the new post go live.

Your turn! Do you use a post duplicator plugin? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. Great post Bonnie as always, and my question you answered already by creating another post that I will read next. LOL Why duplicate a post?
    Debra Moser recently posted…Mother’s Day and A Step-Mom’s PerspectiveMy Profile

  2. LOL- thanks Mom ;) (just kidding)
    Liz Who Motivates recently posted…Daily Quote for 05/16/13My Profile

  3. Awesome!! I didn’t think about doing that! There are so many of my posts I would love to redo so now I can do them this way… You Rock!!
    Michelle recently posted…Best Scores of the Week! Vintage Enamel Bowl & a Pair of Chucks!My Profile

  4. Bonnie, I think someone mentioned in the comments to duplicating a post into a different website, is there anything you have to do differently to duplicate that? Is the post automatically duplicated in the website that you’re in? (hope that all makes some sense!)
    Tamsin recently posted…Appreciating Beauty – What Are You Missing?My Profile

    • Duplicating a post on another website is different than duplicating it on the same website.

      First of all, you don’t want to duplicate a post on the same website. Google doesn’t like it when you do.

      When you duplicate the content for a 2nd website, Google would appreciate it if you would change it up. If you don’t – they state in their support section that only one website will have the post shown in the search results.

      That’s where DupeFreePro comes in handy. It will allow you to rewrite the post so it’s more than 60% altered.

      If you alter the post and then place it on a 2nd website, you’ll stand a much better chance of getting it listed in the search results, too!

      • HI Bonnie

        I wasn’t meaning it to duplicate the content, but to copy the formatting, etc from one website to another to save having to redo it. Same reasons you would duplicate a post on a website, just transferring that to another website.
        Tamsin recently posted…Appreciating Beauty – What Are You Missing?My Profile

        • Either you’re not explaining it right to me, or I’m dense today. ROFL

          Give me an example of the formatting you’re asking about. Format for a post? If so, You’ll need to copy from one WP admin to the other.

          Copy the formatting for an entire WP installation? Use, WP Twin. :)

          • Hi Bonnie

            In your post Why you duplicate a post, you gave the following reasons:
            1. copy a block of text
            2. replicate a layout
            3. copies of sales or landing pages
            4. reproduce format of a tutorial

            If you wanted to use any of the above reasons from one website to another website, could you?

            I’m just working out if you can apply the principles of why you’d duplicate a blogpost on your website to duplicating on another website, and if so, what the procedure would be.

            Does that make more sense?
            Tamsin recently posted…Appreciating Beauty – What Are You Missing?My Profile

            • Hey girl,

              Unless there’s a plugin I don’t know about, you would have to be signed in to two different WP dashboards.

              Open the post you want to copy from site A; highlight the text and his Control C to copy it.

              Go to Site B; open a new blog post; paste the text into the post with Control V.

              Other than that, I don’t know of any other way to copy a post from Site A to Site B.

              I hope this answers your question, Tamsin.

  5. Thanks Bonnie and I will look at installing this plugin. Best Regards, Wendy
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted…Glutathione “Master” AntioxidantMy Profile

  6. Hi Bonnie

    How many times do I wish I knew how to do something (like duplicate a post!) and never think to look for a plugin? One day I’ll remember!

    In the meantime, thanks for pointing out this useful plugin.

    Joy Healey recently posted…Cadmium PoisoningMy Profile

  7. part 2 understood your point. A lot of people don’t know the difference between and That’s why I brought it up. I have had the new blog up for 6-8 weeks and have done well as far as I am concerned. Appreciate the reminder that I still need to do it. :)
    Liz Who Motivates recently posted…Daily Affirmation for 05/09/13My Profile

  8. Bonnie…thanks…I haven’t yet. Plan to do so soon. This is my new blog …got rid of my two other old ones. I plan to use that as my website too, getting rid of my Lotus Writing & Communications site in the near future since I don’t use and am only keeping it up for the email service before switching over completely.
    Liz Who Motivates recently posted…Daily Affirmation for 05/09/13My Profile

  9. Bonnie …great stuff. This is very helpful. I am correct that this is only for I am still using and haven’t upgraded just yet. I have re-posted this content for others on my networks.
    Liz Who Motivates recently posted…Daily Affirmation for 05/09/13My Profile

    • I wrote this from the standpoint that any WordPress blog that allows you to install a plugin would benefit from duplicating a post.

      I thank you for reposting the content, but I must ask – why haven’t you taken the leap over to your “name-sake domain” yet Liz?

  10. Bonnie this is great information and I have found several of your posts really helpful! Being a newer blogger, one question I have is under what circumstances would I want to duplicate a post? I know there are reasons to and I probably sound silly for not knowing, but what would be my best reasons for needing to do this? Thanks for your help!
    Michelle recently posted…AHA Moments from the NYC Mini Bloggy Boot CampMy Profile

    • When I started to answer your question, it turned into a full fledged article so I turned it into my article for today. LOL

      Here’s the entire article if you care to read it:

      Otherwise, here are the five reasons why you might need to duplicate a post, which I explain fully within the article:

      1. To copy a block of text.
      2. To replicate a layout.
      3. To create multiple copies of a landing page or sales page.
      4. To reproduce the format of a step by step tutorial.
      5. To save time.

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