How to Design a Top 10 InfoGraphic

How to Design a Top 10 InfoGraphicSavvy Internet marketers are taking advantage of one of the most popular crazes to sweep the Internet since the autoresponder and it doesn’t seem that it will slow down anytime soon. Still, this is the Internet and the scenery changes quite fast so it’s best if you don’t drag your feet too long. :)

Certainly, by the title, you already know I’m speaking about InfoGraphics, which are short or long graphical illustrations of data placed together to educate and entertain. While I admit that numerical data can be boring, colorful imagery can easily capture an inquiring mind.

I can’t name a single person who hasn’t enjoyed a television show or big screen cinema so it makes perfect sense that a graphical rendition of data would be more enticing than text. If the design is entertaining, as well as informative, this makes the piece more appealing.

Naturally, since so many are taking advantage of this trend, I want you to benefit from it, too. That’s why I felt it was time to do a little brainstorm session. Here’s what I wanted:

1. A “Top 10” design.
2. At least 3 colors.
3. To incorporate Amazon.
4. To showcase something that was “popular” or evergreen.
5. An attractive and handy piece. :)

Ultimately, I settled on the movie category. The first thing I needed was a top 10 list for movies. I went to Google and typed in “Top 10 movies” and researched several of the resources. (BTW: You could use a bestseller list from Amazon, too!)

Once I found the list I liked, I went back to Amazon and saved the movie images to match the top 10 list. I opened up Photoshop (but you can use Gimp) and cropped each image to measure 720 pixels by 540 pixels.

I went back to Amazon to get the affiliate links for the movies and copied them to a WordPress URL cloaker. I read over the reviews and whatever jumped out at me regarding a tidbit of information, I rewrote and added it to the bottom of the display.

Top 10 Affiliate URL

Note: is a cloaked URL. This is much better than using the long URL supplied by Amazon.

This is the same layout I used throughout the InfoGraphic. It took a bit of time to get it aligned, but I think the final outcome was worth the work. Additionally, the template can be recycled.

Did I forget to mention this infographic was pieced together by using slides from Microsoft PowerPoint?

That’s right… if you can use PowerPoint, you CAN make an infographic like the one displayed below!

Basically, here’s what I did after the brainstorming session:

  1. Went to Google, chose a top 10 list for movies.
  2. Went to Amazon, saved all 10 images.
  3. Cropped images in Photoshop.
  4. Placed images inside PowerPoint, added borders, rotated pictures.
  5. Create boxes for URL text and information.
  6. Added pictures and information to boxes.
  7. Added top and bottom border to layout with source and image credits.
  8. Exported the slides as PNG files.
  9. Pieced the PNG files together using Gimp.

You’re probably thinking what’s the point of adding the URL if they can’t click it from the graphic? The point was just to show you how to make a top 10 infoGraphic. Plus, people WILL type that URL into their browser. :)

The template is done and can be used over and over again. Remove one of the slides and the template becomes a top 7 list, etc. Make it once, use it multiple times. :)

It really doesn’t take much effort to put one of these together, even if you don’t feel you have a design bone in your body. All it takes is a little time, some effort, and tons of patience. :)

Or, if you’re on my list – I already shared the template with you so enjoy!

Final InfoGraphic Design

How to Make a Top 10 InfoGraphic


Your turn! Do you make InfoGraphics to help market your business? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. Hi Bonnie, thanks for the great article. Is is possible for me to get the photoshop template of your top 10 list?
    I just signed up for your “stay in touch” updates. Thanks

    • Hi Steve, welcome to the updates! :)

      Actually, I didn’t make the top 10 template in Photoshop; though I could sit down I guess and create one quick. :)

      I did the TOP 10 layout with Microsoft Powerpoint for people who like using the program. Then, exported the slides and pieced them together with Gimp.

      The only thing I did with Photoshop was size the pictures to fit properly into the placeholders I used on PPT.

      If you really want the template in PSD format, I could make one. Though, it will take a day or so — as I’m pretty busy filling tutorial requests in the queue. :)

  2. Funny girl:) I do have an accountability buddy and have this on my list. Thanks, Bonnie for the great conversation!
    Debra Moser recently posted…4 Sure-Fire Tips To Conduct A Meeting With Ease!My Profile

  3. Debra Moser

    I have spent a lot of money on courses on marketing. Right now I am using Hootsuite for my social media. I have to make a landing page and free offer to entice for my Fb business page, as well create a business page on LinkedIn.Tangible product in the works and I want to add to my free offer on website.
    Debra Moser recently posted…4 Sure-Fire Tips To Conduct A Meeting With Ease!My Profile

  4. Debra Moser

    Bonnie, that’s exactly what I want to do. Unfortunately, my coaching certification process did not include marketing. So here I am in the learning curve. I didn’t consider that marketing would so important. I have come to that realization in this last year. You are right on the money! I wish there were clear templates to follow on how to create a product like an e-course etc. So much:)
    Debra Moser recently posted…4 Sure-Fire Tips To Conduct A Meeting With Ease!My Profile

    • What a shame that it didn’t include marketing! You need it!

      I’m sure there’s a marketing program out there, Debra. One that would help you get the word out. How much social media marketing do you do?

      And… do you have a tangible product yet?

  5. Debra Moser

    Thanks Bonnie, I don’t know really if infographics will benefit me since I’m not a marketer?
    Debra Moser recently posted…4 Sure-Fire Tips To Conduct A Meeting With Ease!My Profile

    • Well, that’s something else I should talk to you about.

      For that matter, why aren’t you creating a signature product that allows people to experience your coaching through a home study course?

      And if you’re not a marketer how then do you let people know you exist?

  6. Debra Moser

    Hi Bonnie, again delivery great content. Thank you. do you really need photoshop to make this work? I have PowerPoint:) What is GIMP?
    Debra Moser recently posted…4 Sure-Fire Tips To Conduct A Meeting With Ease!My Profile

    • All you need to make nice infographics is PowerPoint and Gimp. Gimp is graphics program that can do the same thing Photoshop does – only it’s free to download and use.

      If you don’t want to learn Gimp, there is an online graphics editor you could use to piece the PPT slides together.

  7. Great tutorial Bonnie. Only just got caught up with it! on my never ending to do list :)

  8. Thanks for this Bonnie. I wish I’d seen it a couple of days ago when I created my first infographic. I did mine in Photoshop, will have to look at Power Point for the one I want to do next week. :) The Photoshop one took a lot of initial setting up but I’ll be able to reuse it.
    Kathy Robinson recently posted…Productivity Tips – An InfographicMy Profile

    • Normally I would make my infographics in Photoshop, too. Though, most people don’t own it nor do they care to learn it. :)

      That’s why I decided to start making them in PowerPoint so others could use the templates I shared and piece them together with Gimp. Much more doable for most. :)

      I’m working on some more PPT templates. These are some nifty setups. I haven’t seen anyone do it quite like this. I may have to sell this pack. LOL

  9. Hi Bonnie,

    What a fantastic idea! I was always intimidated with regard to making infographics. Thanks you for sharing this amazing tutorial. I think I am going to try your method out.

    By the way are you getting sales from your infographic?

    Have a great day,

    Dita I. recently posted…How To Make Money Blogging – 60 Minutes To SuccessMy Profile

  10. Hi Bonnie

    That’s a fabulous idea for my Hair Mineral Analysis site – Top 10 minerals. I’m not good with images :-( Just saw you mentioned a template, better check that out!

    But thanks for the idea. Joy
    Joy Healey recently posted…Chocolate Cravings and MagnesiumMy Profile

  11. I love this! I’ve been wanting to create an infographic but just haven’t gotten around to learning how to do it. I’m not sure that I totally get it but I’m going to give it a go! I just signed up for your list today so I didn’t get the template. Can you email it to me?
    Malia recently posted…Are You Taking Advantage of This Under Utilized Tool? #maliaminuteMy Profile

  12. It looks great – now I don’t have Powerpoint, although I am sure a similar thing can be done in the Open Office alternative – no time to try!
    Jan Kearney recently posted…What the Heck is a QR Code and Why Would I Want One?My Profile

  13. Hey Bonnie,

    that is a really useful post, and quite thought provoking actually. There’s more useful information contained in that one post than in some of the stuff I’ve paid good money for over the months.

    I’m gonna make a note of your methodology as I’m sure I can use it for some of my stuff in the near future.

    Just a thought, – in the last paragraph, I think you may have meant to say “It doesn’t take much …” rather than “It does take …”.

    Do I win a prize for spotting the deliberate error?

    All the best Bonnie :)

    Paul Henderson recently posted…List Building Basics – Part 2My Profile

  14. That looks great. I agree with Tiff, it would look great on Squidoo as well.

    I’m going to have to mess around in Gimp and see what I can do.
    Amanda Thomas recently posted…Be an Online Marketing Warrior – Your Warrior ThemeMy Profile

  15. ooooooh – I did not see thetemplate – I am going to have to go check my email !

    Thanks Bonnie!

    Mary Kathan recently posted…Vlog Update – Twitter Tip and DragonMy Profile

  16. That looks great Bonnie. Just checking through that list and:

    I have never heard of 8 1/2 or Bicycle Thieves and I haven’t seen 2001 Space Odyessy

    I am gonna get round to creating an infographic soon because they really are impressive.

    Thanks for the lesson :)
    Victoria recently posted…Can You Make Money with Squick Money 15 Minute Squidoo SystemMy Profile

  17. Bonnie Gean, I am visiting from the UBC again. This is very cool! I’m a little loose on the final step, “10. Pieced slides together”. In what, with what? I have PPT and have recently bought Photoshop Elements, but need to load it and get cozy with it. Any suggestions for how to start? Thanks!

    • This infographic uses 4 slides in PowerPoint. Across the 4 slides, I added 10 of the top movies, according to the Internet.

      Then you take those 4 slides and export them out as PNG and then piece them together using a paint program, such as Photoshop, Gimp, or Paint.

      Any other questions, let me know. :) I’m glad to help.

  18. so great! I don’t have photoshop though :( wondering it it can almost all be done in PPT? where do you export the slides too?
    Might give it a try!! :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    PattiO recently posted…Day 2 of 21 day Candida CleanseMy Profile

  19. Wow I REALLY love that! Those would be great for Squidoo images I think, too!

    Thanks for the tutorial.
    Tiffany Dow recently posted…The Freaking Fantastic Blog and List Building Challenge Day 12My Profile

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