How to Deploy Your Blog with WP Twin

Previously, I created a video walk-through on how to perform a quick backup (clone copy) of your WordPress blog. If you missed the video, click this link to access it:

Today’s video will show you what to do with the clone file you created.

For starters, please note that WP Twin creates a blog backup and can easily restore a hacked blog or crashed WordPress update.

WARNING: Worst case scenerios happen when you least expect them to and usually at a time when you can’t afford additional problems to impose on your schedule.

I’m talking from firsthand experience…

Here’s How Reality Kicked Me Into High Gear

I’ve been burning the midnight oil lately to get my newest product to the launch phase. This requires multiple video training modules, countless hours of writing and uploading files, in addition to tweaking an OptimizePress membership site to peak performance.

However, during my latest sit-down, I was reminded by WordPress to update. Knowing they only take a few minutes to complete, I clicked the button to launch the installation.

I sat in disbelief as I witnessed WordPress crash, respond with a fatal error, and come to a screeching halt. In an instant, my WordPress blog and newly optimized member’s area was toast.

After countless hours of research, the only solution was to install a fresh copy by hand. Since I modified many of the files that were lost, I wasn’t happy.

Consider this…

What if this happened to you? Could you recover from such a disaster? I can tell you for certainty – if I had cloned my blog, this blip wouldn’t have fazed me.

I didn’t fully appreciate the power behind WP Twin until I owned it. Watch the video to discover how to restore (or move) your blog entirely. I included text below just in case you prefer to read.

Watch the Video:


Step #1: Prepare Your Domain for Deployment

  • Login to the CPANEL of the domain name you want to restore.
  • Using the find box, search for Fantastico and double-click the file name.

Step #2: Install a WordPress Blog

Locate WordPress from the menu on the left side of the page and double-click it to start the installation.

Installation Location

Install on domain – Choose the domain name from the dropdown box.

Install in Directory – Leave this box empty if you want to install a blog in the main root directory, such as

If you want to install WordPress in a directory, add the name of the directory into the box – otherwise, leave it blank.

Admin Access Data

You will need an administration username and password to enter your blog, so use ADMIN in both boxes. Don’t bother making these hard for a hacker to guess because WP Twin will overwrite them.

Base Configuration

Admin nickname – Type the name you wish to display on comments.
Admin email – Enter your admin email address.
Site Name – Enter the site name you want showing on theme templates.
Description – Include a short slogan for your blog. (For example: We Turn Digital Dust into Profits)

Click “Install WordPress” to start the installation.

On the next screen, click the “Finish Installation” button to complete the setup.

By default, WordPress allows you to send all the setup details to your inbox. If you want this information, enter your email into the box and click the “Send Email” button.

TIP: I usually do it as a safety precaution to have a copy of the login information, but you do what feels right for you.

Step #3: Prepare to Deploy

Locate the clone file you created during the video and the wptwindeploy.php file from your WP Twin download file.

  • Start your FTP program.
  • Login to the new blog you just created.
  • Copy wptwindeploy.php and the clone file to the root directory of your blog.

Step #4: Execute the PHP File

Open a browser window and type your blog URL followed by wptwindeploy.php (i.e.

This will take you to the “WP Twin – Deploy Your Clone!” screen.

Step 1 – Leave the 2 boxes checked. This is WP Twin’s way of cleaning up after itself. When you’re done deploying, WP Twin will delete the files.

Step 2 – Choose the clone file to deploy.

Step 3 – Click the “Deploy Clone” button.

Once the clone is deployed, you’ll get a screen with the message “Site Clone Deployed: Click Here to View” prompt. Click the link to view the changes to your new blog and you’re done!

How Do I Feel about WP Twin?

I’m going to be blunt. Don’t waste another minute on deciding if this tool is for you. If you run a WordPress blog and don’t have a current backup stashed in a safe place – as dad would say, “it’s bound to come back and bite you” when you least expect it.

Click Here to Order Your WP Twin – and you’ll get the “Sales Letter Clone” as a bonus. Deploy the clone bonus on a new site and get 7 unique fill-in-the-blank sales letter templates, written by Jason Fladlien.

An absolute bargain considering how his sales letters convert. This is a no-brainer!

It’s not necessary to order through my affiliate link – your security and peace of mind are worth more to me than any amount of money.

I want you to have this script. It will truly pay for itself and you’ll thank me each time you clone and deploy. So, use this non-affiliate link to grab your copy with the peace of mind that I don’t earn a dime off your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is WP Twin hard to learn?

  • You’ll experience a learning curve the first time you use it. After that it becomes quite easy to clone and deploy.

Q: Can a non-technical person use WP Twin?

  • Yes. If you can follow step-by-step directions, you can use WP Twin.

Q: Do I have the option of which files to clone?

  • By default, WP Twin copies all files and folders that are associated with your blog and gives you the option to include non-Wordpress files and folders that were added by you.

Q: Can anyone clone my WordPress blog?

  • No. You must be logged in as the blog administrator and have access to your files via the FTP protocol.

Q: Am I to understand that WP Twin will back up my entire hosting account?

  • Yes, if you place a checkmark in the box marked to include non-Wordpress files. WP Twin will clone ALL your add-on or sub-domains, too. Just be careful you understand this when you choose to clone a primary domain.

Q: Can I use WP Twin on all my WordPress blog installations, even if they’re on different hosting accounts?

  • Yes.

Order Now while it’s fresh on your mind and take it for a test drive for 30 days. If it doesn’t measure up to your standards – ask for a refund. Jason will oblige.

Thanks for reading!
– Bonnie

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  1. I’m doing a little happy dance – I’ve had success :) It helps if you read the instructions properly! I missed the part of copying over the WPT file ….. but I got there eventually.

    Woo hoo, there’s no stopping me now :) Thanks Bonnie – you’re a star :)
    Tamsin recently posted…Taking Action!My Profile

    • I am doing a little dance inside, too! I am so pleased to hear that you were able to follow my vids and get your blog moved.

      Wonderful news! Pat yourself on the back, Tamsin – you deserve it.

      Whether you realize it or not, that was a monumental task you performed and you should be VERY pleased with yourself. (I know I am!)

  2. I crashed once and was in tears. Hostgator recovered it but I did lose some. Great review Bonnie!
    Tiffany Dow recently posted…#1 ClickBank Product PLR: Tao of Badass – Dating for Men Affiliates! + BONUSESMy Profile

    • I felt defeated when I seen WordPress go POOF and take my entire product website with it. Devastated doesn’t even come close.

      Though, I am not going to let that stop me from getting it done. I spent all week on it, getting it back to where it was before I lost it all. Next thing to do is to start producing the VIDEOS! Yay!

      Thanks Tiff. Glad you enjoyed the review. :)

  3. I hate when that happens! That’s happened to my website before–posted several things, then the darn thing didn’t save it.
    Debbie recently posted…Who Got the Bigger Tip?My Profile

    • Hi Debbie,

      It’s the PITS when you lose a blog, no matter how small or large it is. It takes work to write those posts and to lose them, can be quite defeating.

      Hopefully, you didn’t let it deter you from getting back in the saddle. :)

  4. I have never lost an entire blog, but I have experienced having to transfer a website from one hosting company to another. I so wish I would had the option just to clone it.
    Morgan Eckstein recently posted…Sometimes the cover alone tells me what my goddaughter is going to doMy Profile

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