How to Create a Great Haunting Halloween Infographic to Entertain Readers and Boost Exposure

Halloween Social PLR

Recently, I added a Halloween Social PLR package to the PLR Productions store. I’ve received several emails asking what the best way was to put the social graphics into play.

Hopefully, this post will help you arrive at the solution that makes the most sense for you. Without further ado, here are some interesting (and easy) ways to put your Halloween infographic templates to work:

1. Halloween Pranks

Halloween opens the door to pranksters, so I’m sure you could gather a few of the best Halloween pranks to display as an infographic.

People love reading good stories, and there’s no better way to entertain your readers than to share some of the most effective pranks you (or your family members) have pulled during Halloween!

Don’t have any pranks to share? Interview your website readers or social community on Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn. You’re bound to uncover some dastardly deeds you can share as an infographic.

2. Halloween Fun

Naturally, kids love to trick-or-treat during the Halloween holiday, but adults fall into this category as well. Many holiday parties spread cheer by holding costume contests for grown-ups, but if you haven’t received a party invitation, why not hold a party at your house?

For your infographic, showcase the most popular Adult Halloween Costumes with shortcodes that lead to the costume display on Amazon.

Consider the other “fun” things you could use to entertain readers with an infographic, such as the different attractions found inside a haunted house or share the titles for the scariest movies available on DVD.

3. Halloween Traditions

Everybody knows that Pumpkin Pie is a given on Halloween, but what are some other tasty pastries you can add to an infographic? Try Halloween candies, cookies or frightening treats like Bloody Fingers that are made with hot dogs. Better yet, create a recipe infographic to tantalize ghostly taste buds.

Aside from culinary activities, what are some other traditional ways to celebrate Halloween? Does your family sit in a dark room with faces lit by flashlights telling spooky stories?

4. Halloween Decorations

Zombies, witches, and bats — oh my!

Decorations add flavor to your home during Halloween, and you may know how to erect a ghoulish cemetery in the front yard; someone else would appreciate gaining the knowledge. Use one of the infographic templates to share a tutorial on how to build this ghastly scene.

Note: Make sure you list all the materials (and tools) one needs to start and finish the entire project. Construct your infographic using a step by step approach and it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

5. Halloween Safety Tips

Safety rises above all else on Halloween; especially for the little ones who are parading around town collecting sweet goodies. What does your community do to ensure safety for children during Halloween?

What are the steps YOU take to protect your children during this crazy holiday? If you have some safety tips, create a list-type Halloween infographic to share your wisdom.

So there you have it… 5 easy ways to construct a Halloween infographic that is sure to gain notoriety among your fans. Just remember to add an embed code to the bottom of your blog post so others can share your handiwork and help it go viral!

HINT: By using done-for-you designs, the steps to create an infographic becomes much easier. Why not grab your copy of the Halloween Social PLR package. Use the coupon code 117CFCD0 at checkout, and receive $5 off the listed price.

WARNING: The coupon expires September 30, 2015.

What type of infographic will you create today? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. Hi, Bonniee that’s a nice looking package. I have gotten away from it the past few years, but I used to change headers, backgrounds, feature images etc. on my blogs according to the season. I think it’s a nice touch for visitors. Kinda shows you are present and engaged with them.

    • Hi Tom,

      Believe it or not, I used to change my blog for the seasons too. However, now that I make graphics to sell, I don’t change my blog so much anymore. I guess I’d rather create the graphics for others, rather than for myself.

      – Bonnie

  2. Thanks Bonnie, love what you are doing with graphics nowadays… especially for those of us who are non-photoshop fans..
    Helene Malmsio recently posted…Sep 28, 7 Ways to Relax Before You Go to BedMy Profile

  3. I’ll let you make the graphics, Bonnie. Halloween used to be my favorite holiday, and not because of my children. In fact, Halloween became kind of hard because so much of the decorations scared my autistic daughter. We had to skip a whole street once because there was a giant spider on one house.
    However the town we live in closes down for several hours one day and all the stores in our main shopping district hand out candy. It’s pretty much a parade of costumes. It can be cold, but it beats the malls and it’s close to home.
    Jenn Alex Brockman recently posted…Meal Plans to Start Low CarbMy Profile

    • Hi Jenn,

      That’s just it, Jenn. I did create the graphics. All a person needs to do is add the text information they want to display on the templates and save the final edition.

      I loved trick or treat when I was a kid, but not so much as a mother and an adult. LOL :)

      – Bonnie

  4. Here in the UK, we don’t go in for Halloween much, especially in the quiet area where I live. But I like to read about experiences.
    Francene Stanley recently posted… Every mother’s worst nightmare.My Profile

    • Hi Francene,

      Wow, I thought everybody across the world celebrated the same holidays, only some were done on different months or days of the year.

      – Bonnie

      • There is no Halloween here in Australia either… it is exclusive to USA.
        But the retailers are desperately trying to get consumers here interested in Halloween, because its such a massive money maker for them every year…
        Helene Malmsio recently posted…Sep 28, Helpful Hints For Traveling With KidsMy Profile

        • Hi Helene,

          What a shame that Australia doesn’t celebrate Halloween. Funny how different some areas are about the traditional holidays we celebrate in the states.

          I don’t look at the money aspect. I can’t imagine NEVER experiencing trick or treat night now that I know how much fun it is for kiddies.

          I hope your area celebrates it in the future. Not so much for the money aspect, but to give kids a fun night out on the town. :)

          – Bonnie

  5. I enjoyed this. Our biggest thing is that for years we had a competition with my sister to see who had the most trick-or-treaters. Now that the situation has changed, I’m not sure what we’ll do. We might put out some pumpkin decorations for the kids who come around. Not sure about the infographic though.
    Thanks for a great post!
    Amy Bovaird recently posted…Don’t Surrender to InvisibleMy Profile

  6. Nice ideas for an infographic – something I’ve never tried to create. This might be nice idea for bloggers who support a nonprofit organization here in Binghamton whose main fundraiser is a haunted house (I’m told they do a really nice job on it, too)
    Alana recently posted…Eight Things I Wish I Knew When I Started To BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Alana,

      Welcome back to the blog. It’s nice to see your name here again. :)

      While a haunted house would do a great job of creating a Halloween infographic, others could do it too. I think it would be a FUN way to share some of your personal life with readers by creating an infographic that tells stories about how you celebrate the holiday. Don’t you?

      – Bonnie

  7. Awesome tips! I hadn’t thought about gearing a blog post towards Halloween, but I will definitely be doing that now. Thanks!
    Bethany Lotulelei recently posted…Read This Before Choosing Your Wedding DateMy Profile

    • Hi Bethany,

      It wouldn’t hurt creating a Halloween infographic, regardless of what topic you cover on your blog.

      Adding a holiday infographic into the mix is a great way to throw an interruption message that makes people sit up and take notice.

      What do you think would make a good infographic for your readers?

      – Bonnie

  8. Hey Bonnie, These are great tips here for Halloween or any other type of infographic. You’ve got me thinking about what I could create. Thanks. :)
    Barbara recently posted…One-Pot Paleo Stir Fry ChickenMy Profile

  9. I always forget Halloween being a thing. Thanks for the reminder.

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