How to Create a Gravatar

Someone asked in the comment section how to add a picture to her blog comments, so this video is made specifically for her; although, if you wondered the same thing, this video will help you as well.

If you prefer text, I included a step by step blueprint below.

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What is a Gravatar?

Gravatars are tiny images you can use to identify your comments on blogs and discussion forums. The easiest way to add your gravatar to a blog comment is to link it to your email address by using a free site called, Gravatar.

If you want to add your photo next to all your blog comments, here’s how to do it – step by step.

Step 1:

Go over to ( and enter your main email address into the “Get Your Gravatar” box. Then, click Get Your Gravatar.

Step 2:

Check for the confirmation email sent to you. will send this email to the email address you placed inside the box during the previous step.

Step 3:

Go to your email and look for the “Welcome to Gravatar” e-mail. Open the email and click on the confirmation link.

Step 4:

You’ll return to automatically to finish setting up your account.

  • Enter your chosen username, which is permanent.
  • Enter your password in box 1 and again in box 2.
  • Click the “I have read and agree to Gravatar’s terms of service and privacy policy. (After you read it, of course.) Then, click the Signup button.

Step 5:

You should be back at the starting screen. Next, choose the “My Account” button in the upper right side of the web page. Click the button and choose “Manage My Gravatars” selection on the menu.

Step 6:

The next screen will show the email address you used for the account. Since you didn’t upload your photo yet, it shows a Gravatar icon next to your email address. Click the “Add one by clicking here” link to choose a photo for your blog comments.

Step 7:

There are three ways to choose your image, such as, my comptuer’s hard drive, an image on the Internet, and a previously uploaded image. Since this is a brand new account, you choose the first or second choice since you wouldn’t have a previously uploaded image.

Step 8:

I choose to grab a picture from my hard drive. Select the “Choose File” button to open a window on your computer so you can select the picture you want to upload. After choosing your photo, click the “Next” button.

Step 9:

Next, you’ll go to the cropping photo section. Move the transparent window over your picture until it looks good to you in the small and large preview pictures, shown on the right hand side of the screen. Once you’re happy with how your preview pictures look, click the “Crop and Finish” button on the bottom of the screen.

Step 9:

It’s time to rate your Gravatar (picture). Since you’re going to use this photo next to your blog comments, you should choose rated G, which is suitable for all websites and any audience type. And I would hope it is suitable! :)

Step 10:

The last screen shows that you have successfully uploaded a photo and attached it to your primary email address. Congratulations, you did it! :)

If by chance you still had a problem getting it to work, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to assist you further.

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. Hiya. I already have a gravatar picture which appears here and when I post on Tiffany’s blog but it doesn’t seem to show up when I post replies on my own blog. Strange eh? Could it be that when the blog was set up – I took advantage of Tiffany’s offer on her blog – she used a different email address especially for that site?
    Again many thanks for your time and patience.

    Best wishes,
    Ann recently posted…How to do your own make over – Style By Jury style part 2- StyleMy Profile

    • You need to use the same email address that you used for the Gravatar. That same email must be posted inside your USER area on WP, or you can attach the picture from Gravatar to a 2nd email address too.

  2. Excellent instructions and great video. Thank you.
    Debra recently posted…The Gratitude Book ProjectMy Profile

  3. Great video and instructions Bonnie. You reminded me that I have to get over there and update my account to show my new photo. Thanks!
    Helena Bowers recently posted…I’ve Got My One Word – What’s Yours?My Profile

    • That’s the great thing about using for your blog comment photo.

      You update the photo at ONE website and all your OLD blog comments are immediately updated with the new picture.

      Pretty spiffy if you ask me. :)

  4. Beat me to it! lol Great video, Bonnie :)
    Jan recently posted…12 Days of Websites…My Profile

  5. Easy peasy when you know how! Thanks Bonnie. I followed along with your video and will see if it worked once this is posted :) Will have to add learning Camtasia onto my list of things to learn …..
    Tamsin recently posted…2013 – The Year To Get Your Finances Under ControlMy Profile

  6. I remember being so confused about how to set that up but luckily it’s quick and easy to do and then you never need to mess with it again.
    Amanda Thomas recently posted…12/14/12 Weekly Round-Up – The Start of Something NewMy Profile

  7. Enjoyed your video, Bonnie. By the way, which screencast video service do you use?
    Eydie Stumpf recently posted…Writing Blog Post Titles that Catch the EyeMy Profile

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