How to Create a Clown Image in PowerPoint (Part 2)

Today is day number fourteen of the video blogging challenge, and I would like to show you how to create hair for the clown face you made during day 13 of the challenge.

I made a step by step video and included the text instructions if you prefer to read.

Watch the Video:


Clown Hair

Choose Insert >> Shapes from the top menu and draw a circle onto the canvas.

Right click on the circle and choose “Format Shape” to change the fill and line color. Highlight “Fill” and choose the color you want to use for the hair from the Color drop down box.

Highlight the ”Line Color” and choose black from the Color drop down box.

Highlight the “Line Style” and change the width to one point.

Right click on your circle and choose “Copy” to continue. Click CTRL + V keys on your computer and paste two copies onto the canvas.

Hair Circles

Copy and Paste 3 Circles

Move all three circles to the center guideline. Position the first circle on the center guide, the second circle above it and the last circle underneath the first.


Line up all three circles; send the top one to back

Holding down the shift key, select the two top circles; move them to the right (two spaces) using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

NOTE: Move them to the right, so they cover the side portion of the remaining circle.

Hold down the shift key and select all three shapes. Using the arrow keys, move all three circles to the left of the canvas to make room to position the clown head next to them.

Right click the clown head and choose “Bring to Front” to position the head on top of the circles.


Move the clown head in front of the hair

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, move the top circle up two spaces and the bottom circle down to spaces. Do not move the center circle at all!

Highlight all the hair shapes; choose Format >> Group to group them together.

Right click the hair image and choose “Copy” from the menu. Click anywhere on the canvas and click the CTRL + V keys on your keyboard to paste a copy onto the canvas.

Align the copied circles with the existing circles. Choose Format >> Rotate >> Flip Horizontal.

Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, move the flipped circles over to the right side of the clown face. Right click the flipped circles and “Send to Back” to position them behind the head.


Position the right side of the hair and send to back

The next section is a little tricky, but you can do it! First, move the clown face off the canvas to make room to work with a second set of circles.

Highlight both sets of hair shapes. Choose Format >> Group to group them together.

Right click the grouped image and choose “Copy” to continue. Click anywhere on the canvas and use the CTRL + V keys on the keyboard to paste a copy of the hair onto the canvas.

NOTE: This next step will ensure that the outline is positioned on the outside the hair, but we don’t want it to show on the inside.

Move the top layer of the hair to the bottom of the canvas.

Hold down the shift key and highlight each of the remaining circles to remove the border color. Right click your mouse and choose “Format Object” to continue.

Choose “Line Color” and select “No Line” to remove the black border. Align the circles to the set you moved off the canvas.

NOTE: The circles with the black border need to be on the bottom. The circles with no border will be on top.

With both sets of hair shapes aligned, right click the shapes with a black border and choose “Send to Back” to continue.

NOTE: You want the outline of the hair (black border) to show more on the outside than it does on the inside. The next step will help you to adjust the borderless circles.

Shrink the borderless hair shapes and make them fit inside the shapes that have the black border. Hold the shift key while you click the bounding box with your mouse and slide across the canvas to the appropriate size.

NOTE: Move the smaller circles over the border set until the black border is on the outside of the hair line. Feel free to separate the pieces to move them individually.

Your hair should resemble this picture:


Position the hair circles to reveal the black border on the outside

Highlight the left and right circles and choose Format >> Group to group them together.

Move the clown head back into position. Align the center of the clown head to the vertical guideline on the canvas.

Final Result


Final result for today!

In the next tutorial, I will show you how to create the clown hat. You can use a flower, but it would take an extra video to show you how to create one.

Download this flower instead:

The Entire Tutorial

How do you think the clown is progressing? Have you tried making it yet? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,

– Bonnie

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  1. It’s so cool to see how you put shapes together to form the images. That’s hard to see for some people. I love the clown’s hair…maybe it’s the circles. :)

  2. What fun to use the clown as an example. This is a little ahead of me for now, but what a great resource you are Bonnie!

  3. I’m not at all familiar with creating things in PowerPoint, but this seems very clear and easy to follow – thanks for putting this tutorial together!

  4. He’s shaping up nicely! You’re doing a great job in this tutorial.

  5. I have never had to learn PowerPoint at work – there are all these powerful software programs out there. I don’t get training, just left to learn on my own, and I pick up what I can. Then, at home, I rarely use software. This is amazing! My son, when he was growing up, used to do some fantastic stuff in Paint. Perhaps something to investigate when I retire?

  6. Wow. This is incredible. Will give it a go and impress my tech savvy kids! Thanks.

  7. Neat! I love these tutorials.

  8. Wonderful, Bonnie!
    I am familiar with grouping, duplicating and reversing through other programs! I can do all these things. You explained them very well!

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