How to Create a Clown Image in PowerPoint (Part 1)

Today is day number thirteen of the video blogging challenge, and several days ago I promised you that I would show you how to create a clown with PowerPoint.

I created a video but included text in case you prefer to read.

Watch the Video:


Social Media Images

I would like to answer a question that you might be afraid to ask, but need to know the answer to. The question is this:

What should I share on social media websites?

I’ve created many articles about building community from your blog; so naturally, I’m going to say that you could share a blog post.

There are other types of content you can share such as an interesting guest article, daily tips or a product and service – if you know what your audience craves.

My answer – share whatever gets people to talk to you!

When I try to decipher what it is that my people would like, I usually, go back to the type of person I am. I like to read stuff that’s funny. I like content that makes me chuckle or pulls me out of a funky, depressive mood.

Bottom line is that I like to read jokes. I enjoy laughing. :)

That’s why I chose to create a video to show you how to incorporate a joke into a social media image that gets people laughing, commenting and sharing your content.

Naturally, it all starts with a joke. It would probably look silly making a joke image if there weren’t a funny face attached to it, so I made the clown too.

Clown Joke, Social Media

Here is a joke image I created with PowerPoint.

Clown Images

There are tons of royalty-free image websites online where you could find a clown image and import it into PowerPoint, but I thought I would show you how to create one of your own.

I didn’t want the video to be lengthy so we’ll do this design together across two or three videos. Today, we can draw a face and work the hat, hair and highlights with another video tutorial.

Pick the Shapes You Need for the Face

Choose Insert >> Shapes from the top menu and draw the following pieces onto the canvas:

  1. A large circle for a head
  2. A medium circle for the nose
  3. A small circle for his mouth
  4. A triangle for his eye
  5. A smaller triangle for his eyebrow
  6. An oval shape for his eye
  7. A moon for his smile
Starting Shapes

Your Starting Shapes

Press shift on your keyboard and click each of the shapes with your mouse to highlight them.

Right click in the circle and choose “Format Object” to change fill and line color. Highlight “Fill” and choose the color white from the color drop down box.

Highlight “Line Color” and choose black from the color drop down box.

Highlight “Line Style” and change the “Width” to .5 points.

Click on the canvas to deselect each of the pieces. Press shift on your keyboard and choose the moon, both triangles and circle to highlight them.

Right click the moon shape and choose “Format Object” to change the fill color to black, using the “Color” drop down box.

Click the medium circle (clown nose) and fill it with red, using the “Color” drop down box. You now have all of your starting pieces ready to place inside the clown’s head.

Changed Colors

Changed Colors

Move the pieces into position.

The Mouth and Eye Decoration

Rotate the moon, left 90 degrees, and flip the larger triangle vertical for the eye decoration. Set the oval eye on top of the triangle.

Click the yellow bounding box on the moon shape and drag it (top to bottom) to reduce the width of the shape. Grab the white bounding box and drag it down to decrease the arch of the shape.

HINT: You want the moon shape to resemble a smile.

Grab the small circle for the mouth and position it on the end of the smile line. Once the circle is in the correct position, right click and copy.

Use CTRL-V to paste it onto the canvas. Drag the circle to the opposite side of the smile.

Highlight the three mouth shapes to Format >> Group.


Mouth, Eye and Nose in Position

Making an Eyebrow

The remaining triangle is for the eyebrow. Right click the mouse on the shape and choose “Edit Points” to enable you to manipulate the shape.

Grab the black edit point and drag it across the canvas. You will see two white bounding boxes. Click the one on the top and pull it upwards; repeat with the bottom. Click anywhere on the canvas to continue.

Press shift on your keyboard and drag the corner bounding box of your eyebrow to shrink the shape until it’s the size you prefer. Move it into position on the clown face.

The Inner Eye

Make a copy of the nose (right click and choose copy from the menu); paste a second nose onto the canvas, using the CTRL + V keys.

Press the shift key and click the bounding box. Drag the nose until it shrinks to a size where it fits inside the eye area.

Right click the nose and choose “Format Shape” to change the fill color to black: use the Color drop down box.

Highlight “Line Color” and select “No Line” to remove the border.

Right click the black eye and select “Copy” from the menu. Using the CTRL + V keys, paste a copy onto the canvas. Move it over half of the first eye.

Right click on the second eye and choose “Format Shape” to change the color to white; use the Color drop down box.

Inner Eye and Eyebrow Position

Inner Eye and Eyebrow Position

Drag your mouse over the five (eye) decorations to highlight them. From the top menu, choose Format >> Group to bind them together.

Right click the piece and choose “Copy”; paste the selection onto the canvas using the CTRL + V keys.

Drag the image over the first eye image and choose Format >> Rotate >> Flip Horizontal.

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, slide the copied eye image to the right side of the head area.

Highlight both (eye) shapes; Press shift as you click the mouse to highlight both and choose “Format >> Group to bind them together.

Look over your artwork and make slight changes to suit your tastes. (e.g. I made the nose larger and repositioned it on the face.)

Final Result for Today

Final Result for Today

Tomorrow, I will show you how to create the hair, hat, flower and highlight areas to finalize your clown creative.

Congratulations! You should feel proud of your accomplishment!

The Entire Tutorial

Did you like this PowerPoint tutorial? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,

– Bonnie

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  1. This little guy is so cute. I like the advice you give about what to share on social media. I am still using my personal social media and that has to change, funny how the little stuff gets you to thinking about how you can do better.

    • I thought it was against the Facebook TOS to use a personal profile for business. Didn’t some people just lose their FB accounts by doing this? I recall reading this somewhere, but unsure where I found the information. I’ll have to hunt it down again.

      I would separate your business dealings from your personal profile on FB; keep business promotions off of your personal timeline – just to be safe!

  2. Hi, Bonnie…I didn’t realize there was such a use for PowerPoint! I enjoyed your tutorial. I’m a PaintShopPro person myself.

    I noticed there was a free download of PowerPoint on CNET. Is this adequate, or do you advise us to buy the program?

    • I’m not aware that PowerPoint ever went FREE. It’s a Microsoft software so if it’s on a download site, I wouldn’t grab it.

      Have you heard about Open Office?

      It’s a free program, much like Microsoft’s software. You might want to download a copy because it has a program that does the same thing PowerPoint does. :)

  3. Amazing as usual Bonnie, simply love these tutorials! Interesting that I’ve completed “expert” MS certification PowerPoint training classes and they didn’t include a thing about using it to create images, graphics, or fun stuff like this.

  4. Ideas just keep flowing don’t they? I see you’re enjoying creating these fun designs. Great way to showcase Power Point. Great tutorial too!

  5. I’m loving these PowerPoint tutorials Bonnie :) I haven’t created the stuff you’ve suggested but it made me go into PowerPoint and see what I could use it for and found that I could do the same thing in PowerPoint that I have been doing at picmonkey in half the time.

  6. Happy to discover someone else who loves to create images on power point! I love to draw as well, but often find that I am more successful with the power point shapes.
    Good clear instructions!
    HUGS <3

  7. Technology never ceases to amaze me. Great to know especially appealing to certain audiences. As you say Bonnie, that is important! ;) <3

  8. I’m a web designer and I love power point for me presentations but I never thought about using it for drawing like this! Nice work!

  9. Oh my, you are such a talent, Bonnie Gean. It was fun to watch you create a clown out of common shapes. I never thought of PowerPoint as a program to use for such fun. Thanks.

    • I didn’t use PowerPoint for this kind of fun until a client asked me to create Infographics.

      I had to get savvy with the shapes inside PowerPoint so I could make Infographics with software that wasn’t designed to be a graphics program. LOL

      PowerPoint is a presentation program. I’m lucky enough to be able to draw the things I do, IMHO. :)

      My learning curve is your joy because I get to share tutorials that help you learn the tricks too!

      So glad you like them, Mary! Thanks for stopping by.
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…TutorialsMy Profile

  10. Hey Bonnie

    I am NOT a visual person at all, and hence immensely appreciate your efforts to help us hone my (lackluster) designing skills!

    BTW, this was my favorite line of your post: “When I try to decipher what it is that my people would like, I usually, go back to the type of person I am.”

    A few days ago, I came across another post, which stated that your ideal reader is very much like you. How very true – thanks for reaffirming my belief that when you write what you like to read, others will like to read what you write too ;)

    hehe – thanks for this HIGHLY informative post…now, I should open Photoshop and try this out before zombies take over our planet ;)


    Much love

    • Then you will love the saying “readers make great writers” or “write what you read” is another good one. :)

      So glad you like the post (and my thinking process). I can be quirky at times. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by Kitto. Let me know how the clown goes. I’d love to see the final rendition. Do you think I can take a peek?
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…TutorialsMy Profile

  11. I like power point presentation. I got suspended on when i didn’t know about uploading videos there.
    I will start again.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Gosh, you’re a star with creating images from scratch. How do you do that? Do you conceive the image and then break it down into elements to build it? Great job as always!

    • So glad I can do these “scratch projects” because if I had to draw them by hand, I would be up the creek! ROFL

      I try and visualize what type of shapes it would take to create something I can picture in my mind. It does not always appear doable for me, but when it does – you get something like this clown or the flower I did the other day. :)
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…TutorialsMy Profile

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