How to Clone Your Blog with WP Twin

Someone asked if I could show them how to clone their entire blog for backup purposes or to move to an entirely different hosting provider. So, that’s what this video is about today.

In order to clone your blog, you will need FTP software, such as FTP FileZilla – (or the ability to upload files through CPANEL) – and a web script such as WP Twin.

What is WP Twin?

WP Twin is a web based cloning application created by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos. The concept behind the product is to provide a fast method of backing up (or cloning) your blog for security purposes.

You can certainly do scheduled backups of your WordPress blog through the CPANEL, without using WP Twin, but restoring it becomes a painstaking experience. With WP Twin, you can do a backup and restore, in minutes (I did mine in less than 2 minutes).

Here’s how this program pays for itself:

Makes your WordPress blog hacker-proof. You no longer need to worry about a broken site, since you’ve backed it up with WP Twin, you can deploy the clone file and have your site back in working condition within 2 minutes.

Prevents headaches from WordPress updates-gone-wrong. If your site breaks during a WordPress update, don’t be alarmed. Pull out your clone file and deploy. Fixed!

Clone and deploy from anywhere. Since WP Twin is a web based program, you can clone and deploy from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

Clones everything! I’m talking themes, plugins, configurations, passwords, comments, posts, pages, categories, graphics and more! Talk about efficient!

Incredible time saver. Short on patience? Hate the idea of configuring a complex theme? Want to start a new OptimizePress membership or launch site? WP Twin removes the hassles to these common time-wasters.

I didn’t fully appreciate the power behind this cloning script until I seen it in action, so let me help you discover how it can work for you, too.

If you don’t care for video, I included text instructions below.

Watch the Video:


Step #1: Prepare Your Blog for Cloning

  • Start your FTP program
  • Locate your copy of wptwin.php
  • Copy the wptwin.php to the root directory of your blog

Step #2: Execute the PHP File

Open a browser window and type your domain name followed by wptwin.php – (i.e.

When the next screen comes up, choose CLICK HERE to continue. This will require you to log in as the blog administrator. Once you’re logged in, WP Twin will take control and redirect you to the main screen.

From here, you’ll need to decide if you wish to clone non-Wordpress files. If you wish to include extra folders, place a checkmark into the box.

By default, WP Twin only clones the files associated with WordPress. By putting a check in the box, you’re telling WordPress to copy ALL files on the entire domain, including add-on domain and sub-domain folders.

NOTE: This option is not recommended for the primary domain if you also have add-on domains configured. If you’re not sure what to choose here, leave it unchecked.

Then, press the “Click to Clone” button. Your clone is created. Download the file to your computer, placing it into a directory you can easily locate. Click the “Delete this Clone” button to remove the file from the server and you’re done.

Return tomorrow to discover how WP Twin can protect your WordPress blog. Video #2 reveals how to deploy the clone to make a brand new blog (or restore a broken one) in minutes.

Now it’s your turn. Do you backup your blog, regularly? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading!
– Bonnie

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  1. Hi, Bonnie
    Can you set up automatic backups with WP Twin or do you have to do it manually?

    • Unfortunately, you cannot setup backups with WP Twin. I wish you could. It’s a program that requires manual operation, but in my case I prefer it that way so I know it actually got done! :)

      Happy New Year, Kim!

  2. Hi Bonnie, do you have to remove wptwin from the site that you have copied it from at ftp stage, or can you leave it there in the event that you want to run another copy of it.

  3. I really would love this product but I can’t get the FTP program to work. I have hostgator baby so I have many domains on it. The one I want to copy is not the main one on hostgator, I don’t even use that one anymore. Help!

    I used to use Filezilla all the time back in the day, but switched to mac a few years ago and forgot how to get the blasted thing to work on my windows machine.
    michelle recently posted…Day 30 Blog Challenge with Tiffany DowMy Profile

  4. I skim read this to keep from getting too distracted. Your covert message already pulled me away from the post I came here to read. LOL

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking about creating some PLR blogs, themed blogs with a couple of PLR articles on them and was wondering how I would actually deliver those if anyone purchased.

    This is not something I plan next week. I have a lot of research to do on it, but will definitely come back here and pick your brain if I decide to add this service to my offerings.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Patti Stafford recently posted…The Real Me – No Holding BackMy Profile

    • I understand why WP Twin turned your head. It would definitely come in handy for what you plan to do with PLR websites.

      Have you thought about the WordPress theme you’ll use for this?

      Come back to pick my brain anytime, Patti.

  5. I take it that for backup purposes, you just keep taking clones, and only do the deploy if the worst case scenario happens? And it is advisable to take a clone before making any changes to your wordpress :) ?

    I have followed the 2nd video for deploying but when I typed in the web address, it couldn’t find it. I’ve back to work tomorrow so need to have an “early” night as I’ll be up early in the morning (I hope – if the internal alarm is working) so will look at it again when I get home tomorrow. I’ll get it working soon enough :) After all, I’m an ACTION TAKER who gets RESULTS!
    Tamsin recently posted…2013 PlansMy Profile

    • Hi Tamsin,

      Yes, for backup purposes, you want to do regular clones for your blog. Depending on how much you’re willing to lose, should the worst happen, you would schedule your clones.

      For me, my website and/or blog changes on a daily basis. Am I willing to lose ANYTHING? No. I don’t like the idea of doing the same work twice. :)

      I would make it a regular “task” that gets done every night before I retire from work. Look at it as locking up the safe before leaving the bank.

      RE: Deploying Problems

      First, I need to ask if you deployed from the proper directory of your new blog? See the below examples for what I am asking. :)


      If your new WordPress blog was installed at:

      – Deploy by adding your 2 files to the main directory (i.e. the cloned file and wptwindeploy.php) to the location of
      /public_html using your FTP program

      Then, when executing the file, in the browser window type:


      If your new WordPress blog was installed to a directory:

      – Deploy by adding your 2 files to the directory (i.e. the clone file and wptwindeploy.php) to the location of
      /public_html/blog using your FTP program

      Then, when executing the file, in the browser window type:

      If you done it in this fashion, I fail to see why it didn’t work. :) Just let me know and if you still can’t figure it out, I’ll can take a look at your domain.

  6. Thanks for burning the midnight oil and coming to my rescue, Bonnie. Great instructions! I have managed to do this side of things. Am working on a blog that doesn’t have much to it, so I can afford to play with it, should the worst happen – but I’ve cloned it, so I should be fine!
    Tamsin recently posted…2013 PlansMy Profile

  7. I will have to remember this if I ever start using a WordPress blog.
    Morgan Eckstein recently posted…Sometimes the cover alone tells me what my goddaughter is going to doMy Profile

  8. Thanks your the information! Will need this soon to move to Word Press.
    Amy recently posted…Change of PlansMy Profile

  9. Oh my goodness, this is so helpful! I wish I’d seen this post several months ago before I lost an entire site!
    Monick Halm recently posted…Are you feeling stuck in your life? Here’s one powerful resource to help you get unstuckMy Profile

    • So sad to hear that, Monick. Like you, I lost a blog from my own hand – and it was a terrible day, indeed.

      Since getting WP Twin, I no longer have those issues and can rest easy that if I do a big blooper like that again – I have a complete copy of my website/blog for the rescue. :)

      You and I know firsthand how things can take a turn for the worst usually when you least expect it. This is the best time to cover our backsides, and make sure this program is among our marketing arsenal.

  10. Wow! What a lot of great information Bonnie! I’m like Kina, I’m going to keep this post in mind for future use. Thank you for putting so much effort into helping the rest of us speed through a process that I know you labored over! :)
    Tiffiney Cowan recently posted…Vlog Challenge D26 – Happy New Year: Getting Started on those GoalsMy Profile

    • If you have any questions, once you get to the point that you want/need to clone your blog – just stop by here and let me know. Or email me.

      I would be happy to help you get over the learning curve, Tiffiney!

  11. That’s cool that it preserves everything – including comments. You’re good at teaching Bonnie!
    Tiffany Dow recently posted…Productivity That Breeds ProfitsMy Profile

    • I love WP Twin! It not only saves time, it ensures you’ll never have to suffer from hackers or WordPress crashes during an update – ever again!

      Yes, the great part is it will back up the entire website (not just the WordPress blog)… so that’s an added extra bonus!

      Thanks my dear! I’ve been told that many times when I used to instruct over the phone, how to do this and that.

      Video makes the entire process easier! :)

      Of course, it helps if I actually place the RIGHT video file in the post. Duh… I just noticed I showed video #2, instead of #1. What a dippy move! LOL

      Fixed it now. Geesh.

  12. Back up, back up, back up! It doesn’t take much for a site to go wrong – WordPress or not.
    Thanks for the vid on WPTwin – it’s not in my armoury at the mo, I use xcloner. I am looking for something that is a bit simpler to recommend to DIYers though, xcloner doesn’t have a nice dashboard etc and can be overwhelming.
    But Bonnie, Fantastico installing? *sobs into her keyboard*
    Jan recently posted…Why Blog? 7 Reasons Why I Think Business Blogging Is the Bee’s KneesMy Profile

    • It sounds like you don’t care for installing a WordPress blog through Fantastico. Frankly, if you’re a newcomer online, this is the fastest way to get a blog up and running on your own domain.

      WP Twin is pretty straight-forward, as you can tell by watching the video. Takes a few minutes your first time using it. Goes much faster with each implementation!

  13. This is very good and helpful information. I have bookmarked it for my future reference, since I know I need to do something to secure and backup my content. Thank you.
    Kina Diaz DeLeon recently posted…Cold FeetMy Profile

  14. Very informative post, thank you. You gave me an to a question I had.
    Retha Groenewald recently posted…Who are these Women?My Profile

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