How to Add HTML Pages to Aweber

In today’s video I want to show you how to take he you downloaded and plug them into your Aweber account so they correspond with your subscription form.

If you don’t care for video, I included text below.

Watch the Video:


Please Note

I didn’t specifically tell you on the video to save any of the settings, but you MUST if you want to save the changes to your Aweber forms.

I totally forgot to remind you to save the settings on the video because I didn’t actually change my files so it didn’t dawn on me to tell you to do it. LOL

Step #1 – index.htm

This is your confirmation page. This is the page that people will get sent to directly after they subscribe to your list.

Let me show you in Aweber where you need to plug in this file name.

1. Login to your Aweber account.
2. Choose the mailing list name from the list.
3. Click the “My Lists” and “List Settings” from the tab.
4. Click #3 – Confirmed Opt-In (listed on the right).

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and look for the line that says “Confirmation Success Page” URL. Type the full path to your index.htm file. (i.e. and then click the “Save Settings” button.

This is the page that people will receive immediately after signing up to your list, which tells them they must check their email and click the confirmation link.

Step #2 – thank-you.htm

Once subscribers click the confirmation link inside your email, they are redirected to your thank-you page.

Let me show you in Aweber where you need to plug in this file name.

1. Click on the “Web Forms” tab at the top of the screen.
2. Choose the subscription form.
3. Click #2 – Settings.

Halfway down the page you’ll see “Thank You Page” subheading. Make sure the drop down list says “Custom Page” so you can add yours.

Type in the full path to your thank-you.htm file. (i.e. and then click the “Save Web Form” button.

Step #3 – download.htm

Once subscribers reach the thank-you.htm page, the notice on the page will tell them to check their email for their welcome letter and download link. You’ll need to update your welcome letter with the download.htm page location.

1. Go to the “Messages” tab at the top of the screen.
2. Choose “Follow Up” from the list.
3. Double click on your welcome message to open it.

Find a spot inside your welcome message to place the location of your download.htm file, which tells subscribers where to go get their free goodies. (i.e. and then click the “Save Message” button.

That’s all there is to it. If you have any other questions on how to get these files to work with Aweber, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I’d be happy to create another video if you need it.

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Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. Hi Bonnie

    Just gone through this whole process again for my latest site – yeah! Thank you again :)

    One question though, in the email that I’m sending out (the follow up message) where you put the link to the download, is there somehow that you can say *Click here* for your download, and the *Click here* is hyperlinked to the download link?

    Thanks again!

    Getting ready to rock ‘n roll for the 1st ;)
    Tamsin recently posted…Pet Halloween Costume SafetyMy Profile

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    I struggle with this. I see from other posts that the pc phrase is ‘technically challenged’. That’s far too polite for me – lol.

    This post has helpedme no end. I’ve been through this more times than enough, and each time is like the first time. for some reason with this AWeber stuff, I really have to think about it.

    So the nice simple layout, plus easy peasy instructions like you’ve included, – even I can follow that.

    Thanks Bonnie :)

    All the best,
    Paul Henderson recently posted…When is a Post Not a Post?My Profile

  3. Hi Bonnie

    Sorry if you think that I’ve been MIA ……… life has been busy, but no excuses!! I have finally gotten there with getting my opt in links correct :) Woo hoo …. so when you sign up to my list you don’t get sent to a dead page!! I haven’t gotten around to a free report yet – will be on the list – can only manage one challenge at a time…. I have done the important part and got a working opt in list.

    It has been great having your files to work from, but what do you do if you don’t have your programming skills?

    There seems to be sooo much to learn before you even get started!

    Thanks for the tutorials and being there to help!
    Tamsin recently posted…Vlog update 28 January 2013My Profile

    • Yes Tamsin, it’s the little things that starting entrepreneurs don’t know that quite often holds them back. Too often, these are the steps that are missing from most Internet marketing books. I haven’t decided whether it’s done on purpose or that many authors take it for granted that since they know, it’s a given for others to know it too.

      If you don’t have my programming skills, you outsource the work, dear.

      I am glad to be here. Let me know if there’s anything else you would like to know.

  4. Hi Bonnie! Checking in from the UBC mutual posting/commenting thread! Thanks for such a thorough explanation. I haven\’t used Aweber, but after watching your video and reading your tutorial, I feel confident I could manage it easily. Thanks again! :-) ~~ K\’Lee

    • Let me know how it works out for you! If you need the file, you can find it at the other HTML tutorial I did showing you how to add the HTML pages to your website.

      The link is inside my CommentLuv link below.

  5. Ok, I downloaded the .zip file and saved it. Going to take a break and rest my brain, then look at it again.

    You are so appreciated.
    Ruth Clark recently posted…Outsourcing? Just to Set Up A Blog? MaybeMy Profile

    • Just do the HTML pages outside of WordPress first, by following the steps inside your CPANEL File Manager. You have to do this step before you can go onto the next one, which is to add these file locations to your Aweber mailing list setup.

  6. Oh my…I shall be back to learn more. I am so technically challenged and I want learn more. I never finished my aweber set up because I could not figure it out!

    Thanks for your clear instructions! :)
    Jean Buschke recently posted…This is a day the Lord has made…how ya going to use it?My Profile

  7. Thank you Bonnie. This was great information. I am glad that you included the text along with the video. I prefer to read rather than watch the video. Most people only include the video. I will share with my Social Media audience.
    Adrienne Dupree recently posted…Using an Opt-In Page As a List Building StrategyMy Profile

    • I always like including text with video. I realized a long time ago, the more formats – the better. Not everybody learns in the same fashion. So glad you approve. :)

      Thanks for sharing, Adrienne!

  8. Bonnie,
    I so appreciate that you have visited and commented on my blog. Sorry it took me so long to reciprocate.

    I have bookmarked your site because I definitely need to learn more about the technical aspect of managing a blog and getting things set up correctly. I intensely dislike not knowing how to troubleshoot or even what the right concepts and terms are when discussing glitches. I hate that feeling of needing to talk to a mechanic about the whirring noise the thingamajiggy is making. However, reading this is like reading calculus when I haven’t fully grasped algebra and I need to learn my prereqs first. So, I have bookmarked this page.

    Kina Diaz DeLeon recently posted…Pinterest and other maniaMy Profile

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