How to Add Animation to Your Camtasia Videos

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add animated images to your videos. It’s a very simple process accomplished by using a video editor like Camtasia Studio 8.

If you don’t like video, I’ve included text instructions and a PDF download (with pictures) below.

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Somebody asked me how I made social media icons spin on the screen at the end of my videos. So if you would like to add animated icons to your videos, the following instructions will come in handy!

Step 1: Prepare Your Images

1. Add Images to the Timeline

There are two ways to add images to the Timeline: (1) Right click on an image in the clip bin and select “Add to Timeline at Playhead” from the menu or (2) Drag and drop an image from the clip bin directly into the track on the Timeline.

2. Position the Playhead

Mark the start of your animation sequence by placing the Playhead at the beginning of the image track.

3. Size and Position Images on the Video Screen

  • For this step, work from the video viewing screen and not the Timeline.
  • Move your images to the viewing screen; enlarge or shrink them to size.

Naturally, if you want your images to “float in” to the viewing area during playback, you would position the images outside the viewing area. (i.e. left, right, top, or bottom) so they can magically appear during the animation sequence.

If you want the background to be a different color other than black, add a callout on the track below your images. If necessary, stretch the image clips above the background clip to match the length of the entire callout.

Step 2: The Animation Process

1. Move the Playhead

Once you have the images placed on the video screen and sized appropriately, move the Playhead to the end of the image clip.

2. Select an Image on the Timeline

To make it easier, animate your image clips individually; this way if there’s a problem with the new animation you can tell which image to look at.

When you pick an image on the Timeline, it turns a different color to designate the active image. Select the image you want to work on first.

3. Visual Properties

To add an animation bar to the image, choose “Visual Properties” from the menu; next, click the “Add Animation” button.

You should now see a blue animation bar displayed on the image. Continue setting the visual properties for every image on the Timeline that you want to animate.

4. Perform the Animated Sequence

Once you’re finished adding animation bars, it’s time to perform the animation for each image. This step will tell Camtasia what animation you want and the final resting position for each one.

First, highlight an image on the Timeline to make it active. Next, perform the action on the video screen, such as spinning clockwise, grow or shrink, float in left or right, etc. Release the image handle (the green dot) when you’re done.

Repeat this step for all the images you want to animate.

5. Set the Animated Duration

To start out, stretch the duration of the animation across the entire image clip. The longer the animation bar, the slower the animation will play back. If you would like to speed up the play back function, shorten the animation bar.

There are an unlimited amount of animation possibilities. Don’t be afraid to experiment (and save often), too! Play with the animation bar until you get the desired result. Remember, you learn by doing!

6. Group and Save the Animated Sequence

To make a group, highlight all the images by holding down the shift key and selecting individual clips. Right click your mouse on top of the cluster and choose “Group” from the menu.

You can also add the group to the asset library, which makes the file easily accessible for future use – a definite time saver if you plan to make more videos!

Download the PDF File

Are you the type of person who needs a visual? and work through it at your leisure.

Your turn! Do you include animated images in your videos? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. Brenda Johnson says:

    I’m just wondering why, in your video on adding animations, you were short on “screen real estate.” Camtasia can record the whole screen, right? What about using the pan and zoom instead? I truly am not being critical; I believe you know better than I do, but I’ve just started working with Camtasia Studio and I’m going through the help files and other info to prepare myself for doing a first project with it.

  2. Thank you so much for all this valuable info.! You are so thorough and easy to understand.. I feel as if I may actually be brave enough to try and tackle this now. I’ve always been interested in animation.. all types and genres. Just this week I came across a post on the 5 best animated videos. Thought your readers might be interested:

  3. Awesome video Bonnie! Your tutorial was very thorough and easy to understand. You’re a great teacher. Keep up the awesome work you’re doing!
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted…Who do you want to work for?My Profile

  4. Another fab tutorial Bonnie. I’m still on vers 7 though :( I never bothered with upgrading – I think it was £100 and I don’t use the software anywhere near often enough or to it’s full potential.
    Perhaps when the budget isn’t so stretched I will treat myself!

    Next time I fire it up, I’ll have to double check what fancy bits there are lol
    Jan Kearney recently posted…Google Authorship – How To Get Your Photo In The Search ResultsMy Profile

  5. Had to reboot…no videos were working and the audio on my computer is working fine as I listened to music. So now after reboot all is good!!
    Debra Moser recently posted…Happy Administrative Professionals Week!My Profile

    • Glad to hear you figured out the problem Debra! Seems a lot of us were experiencing minor setbacks with computers and blogs. I hope everything runs smoothly from here on out! :)

      Where’s that link to your video?

  6. Hi Bonnie, I didn’t get audio on your video for some reason. I read the blog though:) I still don’t have Camtasia. Thanks for sharing!
    Debra Moser recently posted…Happy Administrative Professionals Week!My Profile

  7. Hi Bonnie

    Helpful info, which I will share on my FB page as it’s beyond my expertise! One of these days I’ll get into video. I’ve done one or two, but….

    Joy Healey recently posted…Outsourcing Articles and Localizing AmazonMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing this on your FB page, Joy!

      What holds you back from doing video? If you had to tell me what the #1 reason is you’re not making video, what’s that reason?

      I’d love to know so I can help! :)

      • > What holds you back from doing video?
        Two big reasons

        1) I recorded two and hated myself on both. Couldn’t string words together coherently. Dreadful. While I write OK, I don’t do “speaking” well – even socially, never mind publicly.

        2) I did some videos with Animoto and some with another system I licensed for a year which were OK – even “quite nice” – but it took me forever. I’m a perfectionist and probably did more “takes” than Stanley Kubrick at his most demanding LOL.
        Joy Healey recently posted…Outsourcing Articles and Localizing AmazonMy Profile

        • Naturally, it’s difficult to do video when you first start. My first videos weren’t more than 2 minutes long. I couldn’t wait to get them over with! LOL

          Now, with practice, I do video without a script and talking comes naturally.

          The same would happen to you after countless videos, I’m sure of it!

  8. As always an excellent, informative post!

    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, ‘cos you’re my Guardian Angel :)

    Hope you’re up for the challenge! (See link below for details)
    Tamsin recently posted…The Liebster AwardMy Profile

  9. What a great resource. I have wondered how to do this and with your help now I know. Although I have used Camtasia I no longer have it and wondering if it is the same process for Snagit editor? Thanks Bonnie Gean! Best Regards, Wendy
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted…Paleo Pancakes for Gluten Free LivingMy Profile

  10. Haven’t used Camtasia in a while (don’t even know what version I have, it’s been that long), but thanks for the tips on this. Is this animation feature only available in Camtasia 11 or can it be found in earlier versions Bonnie?
    Debra Jason recently posted…Facebook Fan Pages: A Tiny Tweak Makes a Big DifferenceMy Profile

    • Unfortunately Debra, the animation was a new feature that Techsmith rolled out with the latest version, Camtasia Studio 8.

      I have several versions of Camtasia and upgraded each time they rolled a new one out. I know the cost can be trying, but I wanted to keep my screen capture up to date since Camtasia is the best (IMO) as far as PC software.

  11. I’m not familiar with Camtasia but it sounds like something I should check out.
    Ellen Christian recently posted…Vermont Cheddar Bacon Popcorn RecipeMy Profile

    • Camtasia is dthe best screen capture software around. I would suggest looking into it. The links in my post are affiliate links, but don’t feel obligated to buy through my link.

      The program is a MUST have in my book so the commission doesn’t matter to me. I’d rather know you have the software and are using it to spread the word about your business – far and wide – using video!

  12. This is an awesome tutorial!! Thank you for sharing the information. I’ve never put animated images in my videos before, so it’s very helpful!
    Jenn L recently posted…Steps with Balance Rewards Makes Getting Fit Rewarding! #BalanceRewards #cbiasMy Profile

  13. Neat! This is so clever. I never would have thought to do this. Thanks for the idea and the instructions.
    Jocelyn Kelly recently posted…Interested in Becoming a Guest Blogger?My Profile

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