How to Add a Video to Pinterest

Today’s video is the result of receiving several e-mails asking how to add a video to a Pinterest board.

If you don’t care for video, I included text below and a downloadable PDF file with instructions.

Watch the Video:



STEP #1: Gather the Necessary Information

  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video you wish to pin to Pinterest
  • Copy the URL of the blog post you want the Pinterest board to link to
  • Copy the title of the blog post or video to use as a pin description

STEP #2: Log In to Your Pinterest Account

  • Click Add a Pin from menu
  • On the “Add a Pin” box, place your mouse into the http:// area and paste the YouTube video URL and click the “Find Images” button
  • Choose a YouTube image to post to the board. (Pinterest will pull the image clip from your video.)
  • Click on the video image to add it to the “Create a Pin” box.

Step #3: Alter the Create a Pin Box

  • Choose an existing board name from the menu or add a new one
  • Add the video or blog post title into the description area
  • Click the “Pin It” button when you’re ready to create the pin

Step #4: Edit the Source Link

Next, you’ll need to edit the “Source” location for the video. To do this, locate the new pin by going to the Pinterest board it was posted to and click the “Edit” button.

The “Source” address should show the original YouTube video link you pasted in during Step #2 above. If you want people to go back to the video on YouTube, you can leave the link alone and
consider yourself done. :)

If you want to redirect people back to a blog post, you’ll need to change this “Source” link.

Redirecting People Back to Your Blog

In Notepad, highlight the link to your blog post. Right click your mouse and choose “Copy” to add the link to your clipboard.

Next, place your mouse into the “Source” box at the bottom of the “Edit Pin” box. Right click your mouse and choose “Paste” to add the new link.

Click the “Save Changes” button.

Step #5: Check the Website Button

As a precaution against mistakes, click on the video to open the viewing window. At the top of the video you should see 3 buttons. Click the Website button to make sure your Pinterest pin redirects back to your blog post. If it doesn’t, repeat steps #5 and #6. Otherwise, you’re done!

Download the PDF File

Are you the type of person who needs a visual? and work through it at your leisure.

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– Bonnie

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  1. I’m a few months late on this post, but I still wasn’t aware that Pinterest had added video, although I did see where they had added a few other new features recently.

    I’ve had a Pinterest account since they were invite-only, but the only thing I’ve really done with it is posting infographics. Driving traffic from Pinterest, however, is a completely foreign concept to me.
    Bradley recently posted…How To Set Up and Run Your First Google HangoutMy Profile

  2. I have done this before, thx for reminding me cuz I need to put more youtubes up :)
    Shy recently posted…April Giveaway, Like all Pages to Enter BelowMy Profile

  3. Very cool!

    I get how to use Pinterest for traffic if you’re blogging about something visual – food, clothes, household stuff. How do you make it relevant for Internet marketing or other non-visual/non-concrete topics?
    Katie S recently posted…The Problem With Fixin’ ToMy Profile

  4. Another fab tutorial, Bonnie. Videos on Pinterest took me a little while to figure out because it’s not particularly intuitive – especially if you pin from a blog and it still links to YouTube. You wouldn’t know unless you specifically went looking!
    Pinned and changed the source (because I’m THAT good lol)
    Jan Kearney recently posted…Not Everyone Will Like You (and it Doesn’t Matter Anyway) [Infographic]My Profile

  5. Great tip about changing the source link Bonnie, if you want to drive traffic to your blog rather than your You Tube channel. Nice video, thanks.
    Ginny Carter recently posted…How to brief a graphic designer and get great resultsMy Profile

  6. Thanks Bonnie. I have some videos I need to put on Pinterest, so no more excuses!!
    Joy Healey recently posted…Benefits of CalciumMy Profile

  7. Awesome tutorial. Just as soon as I get my hair cut, I’m going over and do that. Thanks for making it so easy to follow.I

    Do you by chance have a tutorial for adding the links into the Covert Messenger? Or the Covert Bar?

    I had it working and now it’s all askew.
    Ruth Clark recently posted…New Posting ScheduleMy Profile

  8. Hey Bonnie

    By chance – do you know how to turn off the e-mail notifications from Pinterest? My gmail box is jam packed w/emails from them.

    I looked a couple times, but did not see a place to adjust these settings.

    Just wondering if you have seen it in the past…

    Mary Kathan
    Mary Kathan recently posted…Vlog Update: RaffleCopter, eBook Cover Resource, and Free Kindle Book PromoMy Profile

  9. Thanks! Adding video to Pinterest is great and your info just makes it all that easier and useful. Best Regards, Wendy (Social Media MasterMind)
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted…Essential habits for better healthMy Profile

  10. Great tutorial Bonnie, I’m a Pinterest newb and didn’t even know videos were accepted. The multi-format approach is great too. I presume you’re syndicating the video to video sites and PDF to doc sharing sites – very clever way of getting additional mileage (and backlinks) out of a single piece of content
    Stuart recently posted…Facebook EdgeRank: Which Post Type is Best?My Profile

  11. Hi Bonnie,

    I have found that Pinterest is great for driving traffic to my detox blog. I have already pinned some relevant videos.

    If you have a YouTube Channel with a few videos it’s a good idea to create a special board for them.

    If you pin other people’s videos it’s not good etiquette to change their source link although many people seem to do it.

    Sandy Halliday recently posted…How To Make Money By SharingMy Profile

    • I recently created a special board to share more videos on Pinterest. Great minds think alike, eh? :)

      I never change source links on videos or anything else. I think it’s crude that others do it, but we can’t help what other people do.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sandy!

  12. Those are such clear and concise instructions! I love Pinterest but definitely have not mastered all the intricacies of how to use it, and I have wondered about video. Thanks!
    Mystic Comfort recently posted…The Waxing Crescent MoonMy Profile

  13. Thanks Bonnie! This is great information.
    Deb Dutilh recently posted…Are You His Mother Or His Lover? Part 1My Profile

  14. Thanks Bonnie, what a great tutorial! I haven’t started video training yet so I’ll safe this for reference.
    Marilyn T recently posted…Amazon Links in Pinterest UpdateMy Profile

    • You’re more than welcome to save this for reference. If you need others, don’t forget to check out the resources section of the blog. Plenty more tutorials there for you to save! :)

  15. Wow, and I didn’t even know that Pinterest takes videos. I thought they only took images. You live and learn. Thanks for the info and great step by step guide. :)
    Isi recently posted…What to tweet about as an authorMy Profile

  16. This is very good info. I never have done this because it seemed more to figure out then I wanted to do. Now that I have instructions I have no more excuses.
    Shawn recently posted…Workshops and MarketingMy Profile

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