How to Add a Footer Menu to Your Blog

In today’s video demonstrate how to add a footer menu to your Twenty Ten blog theme.

If you don’t care for video, I included text below.

Watch the Video:


PDF Instructions

Rather than write out the entire text instructions in this blog post, I have created a PDF file to walk you through the entire process. Feel free to download the PDF file.

This will open up a new window allowing you to read at your leisure or download the file for later. Enjoy!

Instructions for Other WordPress Themes

If you need specific instructions for the customized theme you have, feel free to tell me which theme it is and if I have a free moment, I’ll check out your theme to see if there’s a simple way to add a footer menu to the bottom of it.

Hire Me

If you have a bought theme and wish for me to customize it with a footer menu, you can hire me. :) Contact me and let me know what you need.

Your turn! Did you understand these instructions? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. Please can you also give info about how to do this in blogger.
    Shashank Agarwal recently posted…JVM JDK JRE – The Three Java Big Shots.My Profile

  2. Thanks very much !! The pdf guide was quite good.

  3. Great article thanks! i’m gonna try this
    Nadish Jayasuriya recently posted…Recording To Your PCMy Profile

  4. Bonnie, did you take the Legal out of the Main-Nav after you put it into the Footer?
    Ruth Clark recently posted…Fantastic Blog and List Building Challenge – 2nd EditionMy Profile

  5. Hi Bonnie

    Got to doing this. I’m using Twenty Ten and under Appearances/Theme it says it only supports 1 menu so I’m assuming that my top and bottom have to be the same menu.

    Doing this, I notice that the footer menu doesn’t have the same appearance as at the top where you just see the main headings across the page and then if you highlight a menu item, it will show you sub-menus under it.

    Is this correct?

    Tamsin recently posted…Vlog Update 24 March 2013My Profile

    • I show you how to add a second footer navigation in the video. Did you watch the video?

      You are correct, the bottom menu doesn’t act or look like the top menu. You could of course achieve a similar look and feel, no doubt, with customized CSS. But I would have to ask why you would want the bottom menu to look like the top?

      You have the freedom to make the bottom navigation look different so why not take that idea and explore the possibilities?

      • I guess it threw me when inside the menus it tells me that it only supports one menu …. so how can I have a different top and bottom menu!! Confusing to my simple mind :)

        And why have them the same? I’m an accountant and I like things to be balanced!! Yeah, rather anal :)

        Having said that, I do like the top menu as it is compact, everything doesn’t have to be showing. The footer menu takes up space, too.

        However, I will live with it as I’m not ready to get into heave CSS programming just yet. In fact, I’m not even ready to get into any light CSS programming :)

        Thanks Bonnie. Think I can now tick this one off my list!
        Tamsin recently posted…Vlog Update 24 March 2013My Profile

        • LOL, I can certainly understand how you feel Tamsin.

          Even when I post a message 2 days after the day it was supposed to be placed on the blog, I like to add it to the specific day it applied to. So… I get you girl!

          When I have a moment, I’ll play with the CSS side of things and see what I can do. :)

  6. Loving this learn by doing stuff, Bonnie! :)
    Jan Kearney recently posted…Facebook Changes The Rules (Again) Are You Taking Advantage?My Profile

  7. Hi Bonnie

    That’s helpful to know thanks. I especially liked the PDF guide as I prefer things written down.

    Joy Healey recently posted…Head in the Clouds, Speeding up my BlogMy Profile

  8. I love how you answer my prayers :) This will be on the agenda for this weekend (along with some other tutorials like the gmail account stuff that I haven’t gotten to yet ….) – I’ve got an extra long weekend – am working today and taking Thursday off – so 5 days in a row :) Woo hoo – can’t wait!!
    Tamsin recently posted…30 Secrets About Me!My Profile

  9. Katie S

    That’s handy to know, Bonnie. Thanks!
    Katie S recently posted…How to Upload a File to Your WebhostMy Profile

  10. This was very helpful. I’m glad you showed us a tutorial on adding a footer. I didn’t know this.
    Cheryl Chartier recently posted…Choosing A Suitable Collar For Your CatMy Profile

  11. Another great tutorial Bonnie. I hadn’t even considered using the menu option in the Footer section. This would also work well if you want to add specific page links in the sidebar widget area too.

    I have a few posts that I might want to group together. Thanks for this tip.
    Victoria recently posted…An Overhaul of My Twitter Schmitter Account ThingMy Profile

  12. Your tutorials are all so good! You’re doing awesome things over here.
    Amanda Thomas recently posted…I’m In Love With BlogLovin’My Profile

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