Five Reasons Why You Should Follow Me

I’ve followed several people over the years, for one reason or another, so it got me wondering why some would follow me. Then during a recent video challenge, I was asked to submit five reasons why people would want to follow or learn from me.

Bonnie Gean, MarketerWhile I feel there are many reasons, these are the top five that make me love the work, I do:

1. I give away more than I sell.

I’m a helper to the core, and I share tons of tutorials that I see other people charging for the same materials. I don’t give away the store, but I love giving out information that I know will help my community.

2. I don’t have all the answers, but I will help you find them.

As my dad would say, I am a jack of all trades and a master of none. LOL

This statement means that I know plenty about Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, PLR usage, writing articles, etc. but I don’t proclaim to be the TOP DOG in any of those areas.

I’m continually educating myself, so this is good news.

If I’m willing to grow, then this means I can help you more and more as each day passes. For example, the latest craze is creating adult coloring books. While I’ve been designing graphics for many years, I still had to learn how to make mandalas. Now I can pass that knowledge to you!

3. I support my community.

Whether you buy something from me or not, I’m here to assist you. Even after the sale, so many other marketers disappear, but that won’t happen with me. I’m here to answer any questions that arise.

Some marketers like to sell products, but they fail to give you the proper support when you need it most. I’m not like them. I take pride in my work, and I want you to get the answers you need.

4. I don’t play the “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” game

I believe in promoting products that have substantial value. I don’t push products only to make a sale. If I have a problem with any product, you will know! I openly share what I like and dislike.

Yes – I do review products before I help promote them!

5. I’m an ethical marketer

I don’t use any black hat methods to promote MY products or those from anyone else. Additionally, I don’t hijack website pages to grow my community.

Earlier this year there was a product that allowed you to grab subscribers from Facebook by sending them to competitor’s site. But you couldn’t gain access to the FREE information until you subscribed to a list.

Worse yet, the subscriber list isn’t owned by the site owner! This method doesn’t sit right with me because the information on the site is freely available to others. Why FORCE you to gain entry by signing up to a list?

So, these are my top five reasons why I am a good fit for you. If my ideas resonate with you — welcome aboard! If not, then we’ll part ways, and you’ll eventually find a person that’s a great fit for you, too!

Happy hunting!

Which of the five reasons resonate most with you? Leave a comment below and let me know!

– Bonnie

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Bonnie is a full-time writer and marketer with over 20-years of experience as an entrepreneur. She loves helping people overcome the technical challenges associated with an online business. Need a step-by-step tutorial? Simply ASK her and she'll help you too.

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  1. Great post there Bonnie! I believe in ethical marketing! I learned that from Tiffany Lambert. And alot of other people like you.

    I also will not just promote a product or service for just money sake. I need to get in and see that it does work. I do not really promote launch days as I like to learn from it first then move on and then promote.

  2. Bonnie, it’s so nice to read your blog again. The one that really appeals to me is the supporting of your community and the integrity of promoting products.

    In the past, I’ve caught myself being so focused on my income goals that I would push products (good products) which only made me feel sick to my stomach. It’s because, at the heart of who I am, I don’t want people to waste money on something they can find or learn for free even if it helped me reach my goals.

    It’s different if they have the money to invest in a product that is put together to make the research and learning part easier, quite another when it is simply rehashed information.

    Internet marketing is a strange beast don’t you think?
    Sara recently posted…Top 8 Secrets to Guest Posting StardomMy Profile

    • Sara,

      Thanks for the kind words! It feels good to get back to blogging (and video challenges) again. I have Tiffany to thank for it. She put on her Texas boots and kicked my back side until I gave in. ROFL

      I don’t have anything against promoting a product that shaves time off the learning curve for my community, as long as I know the information wasn’t ripped off from someone else.

      If the material is freely available online, I would divulge this information at the time I promoted the product — and I would display it in the fashion as pros and cons.

      If people want to save the money, they can readily uncover the same information with a little bit of research time. However, there are some people who prefer others doing the research. This approach is also acceptable.

      The thing that I dislike is URL hijacking. Nobody on Facebook should be able to send a person to a website (that doesn’t belong to them) and then force people to sign up to a subscriber list to gain access to that site.

      If a person can access the same information by NOT being on Facebook, then it should also be available from a Facebook link without the necessity to subscribe to a list.

      Internet marketing is fun, but the scammers make it difficult for newcomers to learn in the proper fashion. If we can do something to prevent this from happening, I would be all for it!
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…Video Blogging Challenge – Day 04My Profile

      • True – I’m guessing the hijacking of links to get subscribers is a software that marketers use, right?

        I’m with you about promoting products that save time. I like your idea of presenting the pros and cons of buying the product vs. doing the research yourself.
        Sara recently posted…Top 8 Secrets to Guest Posting StardomMy Profile

        • Yes, the hijackers are using a piece of software tat allows them to build their lists, but off of a website that belongs to someone else.

          I love doing product reviews and wish I had more time to devote to doing more of them. Maybe when my idea book is empty, I can focus more on product reviews. (Laughing at the idea that my idea book would EVER be empty!) LOL
          Bonnie Gean recently posted…Video Blogging Challenge – Day 04My Profile

  3. Love this would make a mandatory reading post, really resonate with the things you’ve mentioned and particularly the ethical marketing aspect
    Mike Gardner recently posted…Family Time is Important Time – Enjoy it NowMy Profile

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