Case Study: 3.5 Months to a Google Page Rank Score

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Google Page RankIn November of 2012, I made the decision to revive the bonniegean dot com website from an idle state. I hadn’t used the domain for more than 5 years and I wanted to start branding my name.

At the time I made the move, the site had been inactive for more than 5 years, the blog theme was no longer installed, and I had a trickle of traffic coming to the site that was being added to a mailing list, which I never engaged.

Fast Forward 3 Months

Today, I grabbed the statistics from Alexa and was pleasantly surprised to see how well the site is climbing the ranks since November 16, 2012 and that it has actually received a Page Rank of 1 from Google.

I applaud the Blogging with John Chow course for this success as I followed many of John’s suggestions to bring traffic to the site (and still working on more of them). If you would like to read my review, you can .

Over the next week I’ll show you the visitor statistics and sales figures, but for now I want you to see how the site grew from no rank, to 18,266,059, to a whopping 388,695 in just 3 and a half months!

November 01, 2012
Alexa Rank = 0

November 16, 2012
Alexa Rank, November 16, 2012

March 06, 2013
Alexa Rank - March 6, 2013

Now all I need to do is speed up the website. Not sure why it lost so much momentum on speed, but W3 Total Cache should fix it, I hope. :)

Backlinks Increased

From November 2012 till now, I have managed to increase my backlinks from -0- to 125. I intend to get this number higher with more blog comments, article marketing, and social networking.

Naturally as I increase the traffic and backlinks, the Google Page Rank should also increase over time. I’ll check back again in a few months to let you know how the numbers stack up.

Your turn. How are you ranking with Alexa and Google since you started blogging regularly? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. Thanks for this inspirational article, as a 3 month old travel blog I’ve watched our alexa rank go from 16,786,788 to just 492,555 in just under 90 days. No page rank yet, I’m hoping that’s just because I haven’t been overly aggressive with backlinking! Gotta work hard and have patience I guess! Keep up the good work!
    Matt – Operation421 recently posted…10 Great places to see in Halifax, Nova ScotiaMy Profile

  2. Hi Bonnie

    Today is the first day that Alexa has shown the speed and it is registering as Very Slow at 3.291 seconds.

    Please can you do a post on how to go about speeding up whatever it is that needs to be speeded up! :)
    Tamsin recently posted…Family RulesMy Profile

  3. Hi Bonnie

    I got round to doing a summary of my rankings for this month so far – see what you think :)
    Tamsin recently posted…Alexa Rankings 24 March 2013My Profile

  4. Hi Bonnie, fantastic! Congrats on the dramatic improvement on your site. I will definitely reread your blog review on blogging with Mr Chow and then check my stats using Alexa. I will also have to check your podcast again to learn to use Alexa:) Your good..
    Debra Moser recently posted…Do You Believe The Harder You Work The Luckier You Get?My Profile

  5. Thanks, once again, for providing an informative post with tasks I really should be performing on a regular basis! I have the Alexa toolbar, but I haven’t actually gone to look at the Alexa site for awhile to analyze all the data – so thanks for the reminder! ;-)
    K’Lee Banks recently posted…Attention Bloggers – Make Your Blogs Famous with Michelle Shaeffer’s Help!My Profile

    • LOL, we all lose track of time. When it’s on your mind (like after reading a post on tracking your ranks, etc.) it’s a gentle push to check your stats. :)

      You’re welcome for the nudge.

  6. Well done Bonnie. I haven’t looked at Alexa stats yet. I’m still working on Stat Counter and getting my visitor numbers up. I tested my site a couple of weeks ago and was classed as slow. I’ve changed the theme since then so I’ll have to have another look.
    Kathy Robinson recently posted…Face Your Inner FailingsMy Profile

  7. HI Bonnie,
    I love this blog post. What do you think is helping you rank so fast? Would you say it’s SEO tactics or Organic growth?
    What ever is propelling you it’s an awesome improvement.
    Congrats and I will be curious to see what happens in the future.
    Tonya Stephens recently posted…How To Write A Great Blog Post | 5 Key ElementsMy Profile

  8. Mine shows very slow. LOL I need to fix that.

    • Mine does too, which I can’t explain. I use plenty of graphics in my posts, but I highly doubt that makes a difference.

      The first month or two it loaded fast. I didn’t add that many plugins to make a difference in my load time so it’s strange that Alexa says the site is slow.

  9. Alexa said my speed time is not available….maybe it will show in a couple months or so.

    Mary Kathan recently posted…How to Get Expert Interviews: Part 3My Profile

  10. Thanks that’s made it much clearer!
    Ginny Carter recently posted…Timing is all: how not to waste your social media postsMy Profile

  11. I’m coming at this from a completely different angle being an ecommerce site but loved that you have made such an impact with your efforts. So hard in my game.
    Site speed is something I really have to keep on top of and we have been doing loads about this especially as google factors it into ranking.
    Sharon Williams recently posted…Daily Checklist Of A Small Online RetailerMy Profile

  12. Bonnie can you explain what Alexa is? I’ve heard about it but never been sure – thanks.
    Ginny Carter recently posted…Timing is all: how not to waste your social media postsMy Profile

    • Alexa is an online site that examines the traffic coming to a website and analyzes how people (with the Alexa toolbar installed) use the website. Plus, it figures in data they acquire through other areas of the Net.

      Once all the data is assembled they assign a “traffic score” to the site and this is displayed to the public.

      While you might think higher numbers rule, it’s the complete opposite with Alexa. The lower your traffic score number, the higher you rank on their spreadsheet. :)

  13. Great job Bonnie. I have a PR of 2 but need to get my traffic up.. that’s what counts after all and I have much work to do!

  14. That’s great, Bonnie! You should be proud of all your hard work. My blog is still in N/A land, but I’ve just started getting backlinks and social networking. Hopefully I’ll see growth similar to yours!
    Katie S recently posted…Shoe In Money Review 8: Some Good Info, Some ConfusionMy Profile

  15. Hey Bonnie

    Congrats! That is awesome.

    I noticed that when I added the WP Socializer plug in that it seemed to slow down my site…I might have added too much on there. Then I took it off and now use the buttons from the Pagelines Theme. The speed difference could just be my imagination though!

    Mary Kathan recently posted…How to Get Expert Interviews: Part 3My Profile

    • Heck Mary, I know girls that have over 50 plugins installed on their sites. They don’t have any problem with loading time. It may even be WordPress for all I know. Some of the stats were saved in earlier months on different versions of WP, so who knows? It could be a handful of things. I’ll have a better handle on it once I installed W3 Total Cache.

      How are you? You’ve been missing in action lately! What are you up to that’s keeping you busy girl?

  16. Wow, Bonnie that is amazing! Thank you for sharing, I wouldn’t know where to start without getting that kind of information from you!

    I did my first Freaking Fantastic blog post today … the link will show up below.
    Fran Civile recently posted…We Need Lifelong Learning to be Successful in LifeMy Profile

  17. Bonnie,

    I realize that I am merely a lowly HubPages article marketing amoeba, but, do you ever buy social book marking through Fiverr?

    For your cold: warm up some water, add a dash of salt, stir, then “snuff” the salt water up into your nose. Believe it or not, this will help heal your head cold–kills the bacteria in your nasal passage ways.

    From the back side of the desert,


    • No Ron, I don’t buy social bookmarking through Fiverr. Most who did got hit by Facebook and their likes taken away. So it’s not worth the expense to me for Facebook to reverse the work.

      I know when I feel a sore throat coming on, I gargle with warm salt water, which prevents the onset of a bad sore throat, but I was completely unaware that it would help with a head cold. I’ll need to try that. Thanks!

  18. I have no clue on Alexa, but the last time I checked Google Page Rank it was at 4. I know most people don’t count that much any more, but back in the day that was a pretty good accomplishment–and I am quite proud of my PR4.

    Good job on getting your blog back up and running again. I’ve been sick this week, but hope to resume the blog challenge tomorrow and keep on working my blog over time.
    Patti Stafford recently posted…How Many Rabbits Are You Chasing in Business?My Profile

    • I think Google played with your rank. PR4 is still a good rank, but most try to get to PR 6 or better. I’m not sure if that’s even possible unless you’re a site like John Chow or an article directory with tons of visits.

      PR doesn’t really matter, unless you’re trying to sell advertising space, which I’m not. But I was tickled I was able to get it past the -0- stage. ROFL

    • Oops, where are my manners? Thanks Patti and feel better soon!

      • Thank you, I’m still feeling icky but trying to get some stuff done anyway.

        I checked PR again and it’s down to 2 for the blog and 1 for the base domain. I guess it gives me something to shoot for again. ;)
        Patti Stafford recently posted…How Many Rabbits Are You Chasing in Business?My Profile

        • there you go – another mini challenge for yourself! I’ll be over here cheering you on from the sidelines!

          • Awesome! I need all the cheering I can get.

            OT – just tried the salt water up the nose thing that one of your commenters suggested. I’ll let you know if I have a miraculous recovery today. lol

            Also, and this may be a good blog topic if you want to answer that way, but what’s your opinion on moderating all comments? I notice that most people are doing it that way. I only require a person’s first comment to be moderated. After that, they go live immediately.
            Patti Stafford recently posted…How Many Rabbits Are You Chasing in Business?My Profile

            • LOL. You did the salty remedy? Hehe, let me know how it works out!

              Ah, the comment debate. Do you really want me to write a blog post on it?

              Okay, let me think about it overnight. It could very well be my topic for the next post!

              What’s your take on duplicated (spun) content? That’s my next topic for today.

  19. HI Bonnie

    What a great effort – you’ve worked hard, and been rewarded for all your effort!

    Where did you get that report from?
    Tamsin recently posted…To Sleep, Perchance To Dream ….My Profile

    • True, but the real reason why I posted it was to show YOU what can be done in a short period of time with determination and effort. :)

      If I can do it, you can do it too!

      • Oh I know it is. But it is inspiring to see what you have done as it spurs us on to know that we can do it too!

        I get excited by looking at numbers and seeing how things improve. I’m not sure what that says about me :)
        Tamsin recently posted…To Sleep, Perchance To Dream ….My Profile

        • Sorry, I didn’t answer your first question. I got the report from the installed “Alexa/Google” toolbar. I downloaded it from Alexa a while back when I revived the site so I could keep tabs on the site improvement.

          It’s a free download. Just go to and hit the Toolbar from their top menu.

          It says you’re a number cruncher! LOL As am I! :)

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