Blogging with John Chow, 30 Day Action Plan, Day 1-7

Blogging with John Chow Review,I chose to review Blogging with John Chow as a result of following Tiffany Dow and seeing subtle changes with her blogging. I knew they were the result of reviewing, learning, and implementing John’s proven blogging system. So, I opted to buy the product and put it to the test myself.

30 Day Action Plan

The 30 day action plan starts with a video that lasts 1 minute and 53 seconds with John Chow. Although my blog is already up and running, this section is important to review for you. I may find some gems to help me tweak my blog, too!

I like how he provides his personal email address. He relates he’s a very accessible person, who checks his own email and doesn’t want you to feel lost. If you need help he invites you to contact him directly. I like that.

Day 1 – Outline Your Blog

This is the most crucial step for your blog. Here you will decide the entire purpose behind wanting to start the blog. There are a few things John wants you to consider for your outline:

  • Layout of the site
  • Products to promote
  • Comment targeting
  • Monetary strategies
  • Content calendar

Day 2 – Building Your Brand

I like the correlation John uses in this section to explain the importance of branding to your website – even if that brand changes over time, he wants you to consider how it will start out and why you need to focus on it.

Day 3 – Activate That Blog

You can’t build a blog without having a domain name, so this is the main focus on day 3 – technical tasks and research.

Day 4 – Technical Stuff

Since you installed a blog on day 3, today is spent on installing all the plugins the blog needs.

Day 5 – Writing from the Start

If you’re going to operate a blog, it needs content and plenty of it! You’ve finished up the technical tasks and now it’s time to think about writing content. You’ll need content for today, tomorrow, and weeks down the road.

Day 6 – Choosing a Theme

You would think that choosing a theme should happen earlier in day 3 or 4, but John explains why it’s important to wait until today to choose one.

Day 7 – Claim Your Territory

This is where you announce to the world that your blog exists. John takes you through the process of getting your name or brand registered with a service, but it costs money. It’s a high price tag – especially if you’re just starting out.

Tomorrow, I’ll start on Day 8 – Content Calendar Creation. If you have any questions regarding the Blogging with John Chow review, please don’t hesitate to ask them below.

Your turn. How long does it take you to prepare a new blog? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. John David

    Hey Bonnie. When johntalks about getting your brand out there, by using a service that costs money, what service does he speak of? Like paid yahoo directories or something. Ty
    John David recently posted…How Beginners Can Make Money Online in 2013My Profile

    • John introduced a website I didn’t even know existed. What this website does, is check for your name (brand) all across the web and let’s you know where it’s already being used and where you could still register it. The expense comes in when you want to trademark your brand within a certain database. There are 2 fees involved. One costs $158, the other costs $525.

      I don’t know too many self-starting entrepreneurs who can afford that kind of cash outlay. The site mentioned is

  2. Another terrific blog! Really enjoyed your comments and feedback to Cheryl. My target is admin professionals and even my new blog today I mentioned that I was changing things up because Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Is that all right to do? I wanted to showcase a personal side of me rather than always sharing work ideas.
    Debra Moser recently posted…3 Secrets to Long Term Love!My Profile

  3. It is important to know and stick to your blog’s theme. Sometimes I think I am a little wide, but then when I sit down and look at it – my ideal person is asking the questions I answer on my blog. The how to’s and where’s all come from questions I get on the phone, by email or in comments.
    I’m watching you and the changes you make here, it is subtle – but then online, you can never stop learning and trying things out.
    Jan recently posted…How To Add A Pay With A Tweet Button To Your Posts [Video]My Profile

    • I’m sure you’ll start seeing more changes (subtle and not so subtle) on this blog as the weeks progress.

      Although, I intend to retain the main reason why this blog was rebooted.

      Still, regardless how long a person’s blog exists, changes are inevitable if you hope to keep up with the times. :)

  4. What a useful checklist, thanks. I find that writing the blog on one day and then publishing (and promoting) it the next makes it more manageable – and allows me to proof read having slept on it too.

  5. Bonnie Gean, what a great piece, especially for beginning bloggers. You asked how much time we spend on our blogs– I spend 2-5 hours developing an article and posting it various ways. I once spent 6 hours selecting and formatting the header art for 2 blogs. Fun!
    Kebba Buckley Button recently posted…UpBeat Living: Peaceful World: Day 9 of Season for NonViolence (SNV): DreamingMy Profile

  6. I liked your review…and your responses to comments. You are so helpful and clear. Both things I so appreciate in a world with so much information that is often times not helpful and not clear. :)
    Jean Buschke recently posted…Take a moment right now to say Thank you!My Profile

  7. Bonnie, I started my blog a few years ago. For those just getting started this appears like a sound and practical plan to follow. And, as you suggested there’s always something new to learn – even for those who already have blogs up & running. Thanks.
    Debra Jason recently posted…Six Tips Every Writer Should Know Thanks to Neil GaimanMy Profile

    • Nice to see you back again Debra. How’s the friend coming along?

      I’ve been blogging for many, many years. (We won’t go into how long. It dates me! )… and I can honestly say that I learn something new every month. Changes don’t happen in the blogging industry as much as they did way back in the day, but I still keep the eyes and ears peeled.

  8. This clas has been so good for me. I have found that I need to keep reviewing the 1st part.

    I tend to wander off all over the place and go with the flow…and this class has made me realize that I need to be very intentional with the posts that I write. To have a more strategic purpose behind my posts.

    Mary Kathan recently posted…Kindling Is A Life SaverMy Profile

    • Eventually the information will become second nature to you Mary… You won’t have to continue going back to the first part.

      Yes, that’s a very good way of looking at it. Post with intention! Nice choice of words!

      I think you’re learning. It shows in your comments!

  9. Great information Gean! When building your brand, so do you think that every topic of my blog should be written to my target audience?
    Should I just be focusing on the person I want to attract?

    thank you!
    cheryl recently posted…100 Tips to Improve Your LifeMy Profile

    • Let me help you answer that question for yourself.

      If your blog is about candy… how to make it, the utensils needed to mold it, cooking instructions, oven temperatures, kitchen appliances you need etc… your blog is attracting people who want to learn all there is to know about making homemade candy.

      They subscribe to your list, download your free reports, and comment constantly on the trials and tribulations they go through when they try to make their own candy. Seems to me it would be a pretty active community around candy, right?

      Then one day you come into the blog and sit down and write about dogs. How to groom them, what to feed them, and how to pamper them. How many of those candy enthusiasts would welcome the dog messages?

      While it’s safe to say that some candy lovers are also dog lovers – you don’t mix the topics. Not unless the dog story has something to do with the candy-making. (e.g. the dog ate the entire batch of freshly made chocolate pretzels, etc.)

      But if you come in to the blog one day and start talking about dogs, cats, cows, and paper products – how long will you keep the candy enthusiasts interested in your posts?

      The point is, you won’t. If you’re branding your website around a specific topic, then you need to stick to the game plan. Anything else will only confuse your repeat visitors and eventually they’ll find another place that gives them all the candy-making information they desire.

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