Blogging Challenge Roundup, Week 1

I love blog challenges because they introduce different personalities and provide a way for you to uncover valuable resources and lessons.

Currently, the blogging challenges I follow have two rules: (1) Post every day; and (2) comment on the blog posts that belong to two people listed above you in the list.

It’s good that I get two people to comment on my blog, but it doesn’t always give others within the challenge a chance to read what I teach.

The good news is that our blogs save posts that can be enjoyed by many others at a later date. Such is the case with several blog posts I’ve shared from long-ago that still carry valuables “evergreen” lessons, today.

With that said, here are a few posts I believe you would enjoy. Choose one, read it and then return to this blog post to leave a comment.

make_5_dollarsHow to Make Your First $5 with an Unfinished Product – One of the misconceptions about Internet marketing, other than affiliate marketing, is that you need a finished product to make a sale, but you’ll soon discover why this is a myth that was fabricated by the devious marketers with a personal agenda to get your money.

180 Compelling Reasons to Create a Product – It’s no secret that being an affiliate marketer can put money in your pocket, but savvy entrepreneurs know that having their own product is essential to long-term success. With that said, if I could hand you 180 compelling reasons to create a product right now, would you be interested? If so, read on…

What a Song Taught Me about Product CreationWhat a Song Taught Me about Product Creation – It took a song to teach me a very valuable lesson about product creation; the type of lesson that you need to hear if you have yet to create a product to call your own. Will this information fix you? Read on to find out…

Obviously, there are plenty of blog posts that I’ve shared over the last two years, but these three always crop up to the top of the list as being favorites of my readers.

Naturally, I am interested in hearing what you think too. Please do me the honor of reading one of the posts listed above and then return here to comment below.

You won’t have to worry about losing your place on this page because all of the given links will open in a new window for your convenience.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Which post did you pick and what did you like most about it? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading,

– Bonnie

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  1. Your first one about making $5 from your unfinished product is great. I think that is something to keep in mind once I’ve sorted out my email list. I’d still like to offer something for nothing for those who want to follow my blog and my tips easily.

  2. I am not an entrepreneur, so I chose #3 because a product can be anything, including a book. I’ve thought on and off about writing a book about my experiences having a brother in law who is developmentally disabled. And, sure enough, that post taught a lesson about writing a book on a topic that has been written on before – like so many books are -but the secret is to give it a twist, a fresh look, or somehow make it different – interestingly different.

    • Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law, Alana.

      Why not stop thinking about writing a book and write it? You have a great writing style and I think you could make this book so intriguing and uniquely yours!

      I say go for it!

  3. Music is so powerful, no matter what the intent of it is. It can affect your mood very much.
    I happen to love coldplay, by the way.

    • Ah, another Coldplay fan! What’s your favorite tune by them? You already know mine. Haha

      Music can make a difference in your videos too (you need to set the right mood for people to buy!)

  4. I went for the third one, and yes I think that is a great way to look at producing a product… definitely food for thought!

  5. I choose What a Song Taught me about Product Creation. I love how you pick songs, to go with each product creation idea. My favorite song is I will Survive, and it teaches me now matter how much I fail; I’ll survive, and my business will be successful. As long as I work my business. I love blogging challenges as well, it open my blogging community and my learning about different things.

    • I LOVE that song, and I have to admit, I have listened to it several times today! Goodness… nothing like playing music when I’m supposed to be working! :)

      As an entrepreneur, we must be willing to grow and learn so we can teach the individuals who look to us for answers. Right?

  6. Interesting post on 180 reasons to create a product. Good SEO information too!

  7. Hi Bonnie, Hope this Monday finds you well. I picked the 2nd post as something I could relate to with your long list of topics on “how to alleviate”, because I happen to have pulled out my back this weekend. (I’ll live…mostly I’m just cranky today). Ha!

    Anyway, up until now, I’ve done PLR article products and never really thought about what kind of info product I could do. Good food for thought!

    • Why not combine some of your PLR articles and create bundle products from there?

      That would be the first place I would start! :)

      Ever think of adding images to your PLR articles to create social media packages? Another idea. BOOM! I’m on a roll today. Haha

  8. I read what a song taught me … I have to agree. Just as we’re all individuals with unique characteristics, so our take on a topic will be different. We can weave personal experience and opinions into the original subject. I love the way this reinforces my own belief.

  9. I hadn’t seen the song Bonnie – must have flown by in my feed! I love that one too and many people have covered it. I still love the original – but I get your point!
    But you know me and my products – part finished on my hard drive. Well 2 will be going out as live training and then I shall adapt and improve for online. Made the first move, now to get a shufty on and get bums on seats!

  10. I am so enjoying all the blogging challenges I’m doing simultaneoulsy, Bonnie. What a great way to connect with more people.
    A round up post is a great idea. Off to read how I can make more money! ;)

  11. Bonnie – what a brilliant idea for a post. :D I love how we learn all the time simply by interacting with others! I’ve found that music is a major inspiration for me and that’s the post I liked best in your list. I enjoyed how you broke down the learning points..I quite like Coldplay :)

    Love to you, and have a great week ahead!

  12. Great post! I chose the first one to review, and I think you made some good points! Apparently I need to get my thinking cap on to start coming up with some product ideas LOL

  13. Fabbo! These chime in perfectly with my recent Ideas for Product Creation series.

    I picked the first one, well, because it was first but also making money with something is always appealing :)

    I actually set up an entire course online using WLM and never sold a seat so the idea of selling BEFORE doing the work is very tempting even if it is scary. And before you ask “why scary?” … because I try and schedule my time and delivering while selling is a challenge for me. I seem to work better these days on one thing at a time if that makes sense.

    • ROFL, you just knew I was going to ask the “why scary” question, didn’t you?

      Why do you think the course you created using WLM didn’t sell? Excuse me for asking this, but… does WLM stand for WishList Member?

  14. BTW, I forgot to mention your message is so appropo to my situation: a different spin, my own take on it, etc. Thanks for sharing Bonnie! :) <3

  15. Ginger London says:

    I read the post on making $5 with an unfinished product. Thanks for the information.

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