Are You Following Bad Advice?

Today I want to talk about the one thing that bothers the heck out of me when I see it happening online and believe me when I say it happens more often than it should!

I’m referring to how you can find people who are always handing out bad advice. There’s enough business to go around to make everyone happy. I don’t think it’s necessary to step up to the plate and share false information just to look better than someone else.

Here are some recent examples:

Watch the Video:


Google Images Directory

I watched a YouTube video with a gentleman telling his audience that social media images help drive traffic back to your website. And they do.

It was a good video up to the point where he took watchers over to the Google images directory and told them to grab images for their social media quote backgrounds.

This practice is copyright infringement!

The images listed in Google are probably the results of Google spiders grabbing images from websites that do not secure their information with a robots.txt file.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re free for the taking either. Why on earth would anyone think they can just use them whenever they want? The truth is, you can’t!

Bad Advice Is Everywhere

Writing Articles

When you write articles, write them from the heart, in your words, based on research, but don’t plagiarize!

I watched another YouTube video where the gal showed me how to write an article by going over to and finding several articles on the same topic.

She suggested I grab different sentences and paragraphs from each one so I could compile them together to make a brand new piece. Whoa! Wait a second – you can’t do this, it’s plagiarism! If you partake in this type of behavior, you’re stealing!

You can create new articles from your perspective, using your words, but you don’t copy from someone else! Doing this practice will get you in hot water when the original writer finds out, so don’t do it!

Discussion Forums

When you visit a discussion forum such as Warrior Forum or — be careful about the kind of advice you pick from these watering holes. I’ve had my fair share of finding bad advice, so be forewarned!

Once, there was a question about PLR, and since I write and sell it, I wanted to share my answer with the person needing help. But someone quickly pointed out that my signature file led people to my PLR store.

This individual felt it was necessary to reveal that I was a PLR provider so I must have wanted to answer the question to make a sale. Obviously, that was not the case, but he wanted people to know I wasn’t giving sound advice because I had an ulterior motive.

To add insult to injury, he gave advice to the asker that was totally false! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Rather than argue with the gentleman, I left the discussion.

Bottom line:

Be extra careful who you follow and the advice you act on because there are individuals who are out to make themselves look good and could care less if you take their bad advice and get in trouble.

Have you detected any false information online? What did you think when you found it? Leave a comment below and let me know.

– Bonnie

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  1. Loved this article. Was a bit shocked that there was a YouTube video on grabbing bits and pieces from other articles though. I have heard about people doing this, but an actual video on what to do just blows my mind. Thanks for correcting a lot of bad information.

    • Hi Wendy,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

      It was shocking to view a YouTube video that shows people how to commit plagiarism. After I picked my chin off the floor, I just sat here shaking my head in disbelief.

      I am sure that many starting entrepreneurs followed the advice, too.

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was such a thing as the Internet police to prevent this from happening?
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…How to Hop Aboard the Coloring Book CrazeMy Profile

  2. That’s a great warning, Bonnie Gean! There’s a lot of nonsense out there. I have stuck with just following certain people whom I know to be honorable and trying to ignore the rest.

  3. Its hard to believe people are still doing this stuff… but since I’ve been doing net stuff for 20 years, I guess I need to remember that all the newbies have to learn from the first step – lol

    And I also like Pixabay, but I check every contributor profile and make sure there is a series of photos that they have taken… sometimes I’ve stumbled across profiles that clearly have pirated images only… maybe loaded in innocence, but still scary that it happens.

    That is why I created a graphics PLR pack with a bit of EVERYTHING ever needed, and safe to use, so at least a newbie has a beginning point and are not tempted to copy images from online like google images.

    Some advice is as bad as that horrible blog software that just scrapes content from every blog, site, article directory and pastes it up, not even putting article directory bio links, never mind stealing the rest of the www content.

    LOL! I just remembered that one of the gurus in 2003-4 promoted keywordstuffing your pages with keywords in white text on white background to get your pages ranking. And newbie muggins me thought that made sense as a way to keep the SE happy without annoying human readers, so did that to my site on hundreds of pages and it promptly got delisted from Yahoo … who HAD up til then been sending traffic to it very nicely… Google was barely a force in that time.
    Oh Shite! I was soooo pissed off about this… I learned later of course, that this was a no no… but these total-menace self-proclaimed Gurus are no doubt still wreaking havoc all over the place to newbies online. *sigh*
    Helene Malmsio recently posted…Jun 8, How High Is High Blood Pressure?My Profile

    • Yes, but newbies are so unsuspecting to seasoned marketers. It’s way easier for them to fall for bad advice than for someone like us, Helene. We know the ropes. Unfortunately, many don’t!

      Admittingly, I’ve had my fair share acting on bad advice. I’ve since learned to research or better yet, listen to my gut feelings. You can never go wrong with those! :)
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…How to Hop Aboard the Coloring Book CrazeMy Profile

  4. Hi Bonnie,
    I think research is the key to counter any back lash of the advice.
    Anyways, Waiting for your new blog, its been a while.

    • I agree, but do you realize just how many newcomers don’t realize that the “bad advice” is truly bad advice?

      RE: New Blog Post

      Yes, the old year is ending and the new year awaits.I intend to get very vocal in 2017. LOL
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…How to Hop Aboard the Coloring Book CrazeMy Profile

      • haha. Indeed!
        That is one of the most important issue while dealing with the process created from the ‘bad-advice’. Newcomers are always thrilled with the shortcuts and that’s where they fall in the honeytrap.
        Waiting for your digi-words next year,
        Happy New Year in Advance. :)

        • Hi, Shekhar!

          It’s hard keeping track of all the “bad advice” out there. Isn’t it? I wish I could just swoop it all up and tuck it safely away so that new entrepreneurs don’t happen across it, ever again! But…. that’s wishful thinking.

          Instead, the rest of us need to look after the newcomers and help steer them on the right track. I believe we can all work together in stamping out bad advice. :)

          PS. I am looking forward to hearing more from you in the new year!

          Thank you for the warm greeting.

          Happy New Year to you and your family, too!
          Bonnie Gean recently posted…How to Hop Aboard the Coloring Book CrazeMy Profile

  5. It is one of my pet peeves when I hear someone saying that pictures can just be taken and used from anywhere on the net. It happens so frequently too.

  6. Hi Bonnie Gean –

    It is too bad that people give advice when they have no idea what they are talking about. I’ve heard that tip about Google Images more than once. You can get them free from – so you don’t have to steal other people’s hard work!

    Great topic. I enjoyed hearing your tips…and rant about the subject. :0)


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