A CommentLuv Review: Is It Worthwhile?

Try CommentLuv for 30 Days Internet bloggers who want to gain traffic, boost comments, and build community faster can find aid by using a wonderful plugin called CommentLuv. This is a popular plugin used by many bloggers and is super easy to install on any self-hosted WordPress blog.

Even with the amount of good reviews on the plugin, it doesn’t please everybody. While some bloggers may absolutely love it, others feel it adds to an already existing spam problem. Though, each blog is different and there are many factors that can attribute to increased spam – even without the plugin installed.

Before deciding which side of the fence you’re on, you must consider whether people are basing their opinions on the free or paid version of the plugin. This makes a significant difference in the increase or decrease of spam, as well as whether the blog is moderated or not.

Whether you’re willing to give the plugin a try is strictly a matter of choice. For me, I’ve experience an increase of traffic and comments to the blog, but I don’t suffer from the spam issues that warrant complaints from other bloggers.

Then again, I keep a watchful eye. Meaning, I moderate all comments before they go live, which affords me the ability to scan all comments and delete any unwanted input. (I’ll be damned if I allow a user to be flamed while I am away from the keyboard.)

You might think “big deal” so a spam comment gets through; what’s the harm? For me, it’s imperative that I don’t have spam comments or flames going out to the public eye. It’s a reflection on my ethics, which I like to protect; and, I prefer not to expose my fans to any bad behavior served through a comment.

While the CommentLuv plugin offers many pros from the sales page, there are a few cons to consider as well. Here’s a quick list of what I like and don’t like regarding the plugin:


Easy installation. Like any other WordPress plug-in, comment love can be installed through the WordPress dashboard or manually with FTP software.

Saves time. Forego the article spinning/marketing and share your expertise through blog comments. This will not only save you time, but you can gain exposure from your blog much faster with less work!

I’m not suggesting that you spam blogs with useless information, but rather contribute solid advice to blogs within your niche.

Increases comments. Since CommentLuv acts as a reward system to readers, comments may increase after you install the plugin. Why? People love getting backlinks to their website and the plugin offers this capability. Your readers will also gain access to the links left by other commenters. A positive experience for all.

DoFollow control. You have several different ways of using this feature. You can reward users for their input after they have a certain amount of approved comments or you can turn it on or off for everyone. The best part of this feature is the ability to set advanced rules.

There are too many combinations to mention, but you’ll love the different options this feature supplies. For example, you can immediately reward users for sharing your post through Google Plus, Twitter, or Facebook.

Advanced features. As a buyer of the premium version, other blogs will detect you purchased the premium version of CommentLuv and allow you to choose between 10 of your most recent posts and 5 of your favorite posts or pages. This feature is available to you (the buyer) regardless of the version other blogs have installed.

Imagine the possibilities! This is a very NICE feature to have at your disposal because if you have a resources or sales page you are proud of, you can now share it on any CommentLuv enabled blog.

Posts or pages. You aren’t limited to adding CommentLuv to blog posts. You have control over including the plugin on posts, pages, both or none.

Social sharing. Why settle for increasing your comments when you can increase your traffic at the same time? Allow readers to share your posts through Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus and reward them for doing so by giving them a DoFollow link or more blog posts to choose from.

Lifetime updates. You pay once and get lifetime updates for free by clicking a button from the WordPress dashboard. I’m all for anything that keeps money in my pocket!

Builds community. Now you can build a community faster than ever before. Since you’ll gain more comments, this provides you with additional opportunities to build relationships with new and repeat visitors. If you’re looking for a great way to engage with an audience – this is it.

Remove captcha plug-in. You can remove the captcha code roadblocks that prevent spam; they’re no longer necessary! This removes a hurdle that people must overcome to participate on your blog, which is fantastic!

Boosts branding. Viewers can learn more about the person behind each comment by placing the mouse over the CommentLuv heart icon.


Increased spam. Since spammers know your blog allows comments to go live instantly, they may zero in to post their affiliate links and generally clog up your comments section with garbage. Keep a watchful eye out for increased spam.

TIP: Moderating makes you a better blogger and helps prevent spam from ever getting through. While it’s nice to allow comments to go live instantly, it’s not always in your best interests to permit it.

Premium isn’t free. There are different price points if you wish to purchase a copy of CommentLuv Premium. If you’re on a tight budget, I wouldn’t suggest getting a copy if it means going without food. Depending on which version you go with, the plugin will cost between $67 and $97 USD.


Whenever I buy a product I want to know there is reliable support available for when I need it. I’ve contacted Andy Bailey twice now concerning some issues I couldn’t figure out and I received feedback within hours.

I’m not sure if he handles all the support by himself, but I would hope with him being diagnosed with MS that he plans on hiring some. :)

Final Thoughts

CommentLuv combines some of the finest features all together in one single plugin. You can cut down on spam comments, increase your Twitter followers, allow keywords in the comment name field, and engage users via email with a direct reply – all while you’re boosting traffic and building community!

There’s no argument that CommentLuv works. You’ll find it easy to engage with an audience and dramatically increase traffic back to your blog. But the best feature is having the ability to build a community, faster, by rewarding users for their devoted participation!

Do I feel this plugin is worthwhile? Yes I do!

If you aren’t sure this plugin is for you, try CommentLuv – risk free under the full 30 day money back guarantee. You’ll gain 30 days to decide if you want to keep it, but in the meantime you can experience the benefits it brings to your business!

Your turn! Do you or have you used CommentLuv? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. I agree that Comment Luv is a great plugin when it comes to getting backlinks. And when people are using it some do not realize the potential that it can have on their blogs. I think you might get them thinking with this article.

    Getting visitors to comment on your blog is often difficult. The CommentLuv plug in helps encourage active commenting by providing a valuable back link to the posters blog, helping raise their standing in the search engines. This in return increases business traffic. That’s why I like to use commentluv.
    Doug Pierce recently posted…Getting Out of the House: 5 Reasons Your Office Should Be In A Business CenterMy Profile

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    Awesome write. I think CommentLuv has it time. Previously, it was really good. I still remember it was back last year when I use it on my self-named website.

    Then when spam started flowing in, everything NEEDED to be stopped! Yes, Disqus is used by dozens of BIG websites and I don’t think that CL can stand a chance if Andy want to grow his ‘plugin’.

    Overall, CL is great to build reputation and when your blog is popular enough, it is time to move on to Disqus.
    Michale Ross recently posted…Is Clean Master for iPhone Available Officially?My Profile

  3. Hi Bonnie Ma’am, Dropped CommentLuv because it was eating too much of hosting resources and made the database heavy. Moreover, it attracted only backlink builders and they eventually won’t even read articles and turn into loyal readers.
    Of course, they are my personal review on the plugin.
    Nicole Pary recently posted…SHAREit for PC app Download – Learn the Easiest TutorialMy Profile

  4. Hi Bonnie,

    I love this plug-in Commentluv and I also install in WordPress blog. I think commentluv plugin is a bonus to blogging user’s and visitors to continue to visit their website and blog and get advantage from it.
    Thanks bonnie for the amazing review of commentluv.

    Shoaib Akram
    Shoaib Akram recently posted…The Backlink Meaning In SEO IntroducingMy Profile

  5. Hi Bonnie!

    I’m hoping my most recent post will now show as an official member of the commentluv world.

    BTW, someone just mentioned possible security issues with commentluv. Have you heard of anything like that? Thanks so much for your support and love!


  6. Thanks so much, Bonnie! This information is so helpful and so are you! You really make all of this “blogging” stuff so much more accessible that it would be otherwise.

    Frankly, you are whey I am getting my commentluv set up! :-) Much appreciated!!!

  7. Thanks for this review! I learned about CommentLuv from a different website and I wanted to know first if it’s a good idea to integrate into my website or not. For now, I think I will be using it. Thanks for the tips on how to properly use it to avoid spam (i.e., moderate all comments). I am constantly learning about the blogging business and articles like these are certainly helpful. Thanks again!
    Liz recently posted…Day Trip from Paris: Fondation Claude Monet in GivernyMy Profile

  8. Thanks for posting your thoughts on commentluv. I have noticed it on a few of the blogs I’ve visited lately and love how easy it is to comment. However, I didn’t want to just add it to my site without a bit of research. I love the fact that it allows you to be so interactive with your readers and think I’m going to give it a try.
    Amy White recently posted…How To Create a Great LogoMy Profile

  9. It’s good to learn about commentluv, very interesting piece. Thanks for your help here. Having checked a few different commentluv blogs I see they have different features enabled.
    Alastair recently posted…A resume achievements section: How to sell yourself to employersMy Profile

  10. Used to be an early user of the free version of the commentLuv plugin. However, it fell out of favor with me because the traffic wasn’t very useful. Attracting spammers and dropping link juice was an itial problem that I had with it. But Google sees the manipulation of links as making a site not very authoritative.

    • I don’t really rely on Google to bring my traffic. Oh sure, I do the normal SEO stuff, but I know that my social schmoozing brings many people back to my blog. That and my mailing list.

      Google SEO is great, but they change their rules too often for me to care what they think. :)
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…Video Sunday – Episode #41My Profile

  11. Thanks for the review Bonnie. I was weighing up whether to go for Comment Luv as I use Disqus now but you’ve convinced me to give it a try.
    roger james recently posted…5 Big Reasons to JuiceMy Profile

  12. Great article on CommentLuv Bonnie, and cool blog. We’ve been using CommentLuv for sometime, and it is very effective at drawing traffic to our blog, but at times, some of the comments that are drawn are a bit on the spammy side. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes.
    Kelly recently posted…We Heart The New FiveThirtyEight WebsiteMy Profile

  13. Thanks for the detailed review, much appreciated! Been thinking of installing this plugin for a while but your endorsement has convinced me I think.
    Kayla Seah recently posted…Off ShoulderMy Profile

  14. Thanks, Bonnie Gean for this very helpful post. I have been using the free version for quite a while and it has been very worthwhile. I will be updating to the paid version as I now understand better the benefit.
    Mary Austin recently posted…The Vital Ingredient For Network Marketing SuccessMy Profile

  15. Thanks for the honest review! There seem to be a lot more pros than cons so I’ll probably install the plugin in the next few days.
    Kayla Seah recently posted…Pink & LeopardMy Profile

  16. Bonnie, this is a really useful review. I’ve been wondering about commentluv and I really like the idea of community. When people leave a comment does it automatically link back to their blog? Or do they have to do something clever :-)!

    • You can set up CommentLuv to require a person needs to post on your blog [X] amount of times before they can add a link leading back to their blog from your comment area, or you can make it automatic.

      Nothing clever need be done on the user’s end. All they need to do is post a comment on your site and choose from the drop down box which one of their blog posts they want to highlight.

  17. It is little bit difficult to understand but I will learn it.

  18. I Like your article. I have also added this plugin in my blog and waiting for traffic and comments.
    Monu recently posted…Health Just For YouMy Profile

  19. Bonnie,

    I see you’ve had the premium version for a few months now. Are things still going as well as they did after the first couple? I was trying to read through all the comments and couldn’t get through all of them.

    I guess it’s a good thing to be getting that many comments. Would you say the increase happened since getting the plugin?
    Al Green recently posted…Five Vanilla Shakeology Recipes Under 200 CaloriesMy Profile

  20. I will definitely be checking back for your info. This review was very helpful, and it seems like you are still getting alot of comments and traffic. Awesome and thank you.
    Erick recently posted…The BEST investment a recording artist can make to improve their online presence.My Profile

  21. Hello; This was a very thorough post about comment love. I am glad you distinguished between regular and premium versions. and the fact that you told people not to go without eating to pay for it shows me you are a real business owner who knows the struggles of your readers. I agree with you on moderating comments. I also don’t allow people to automatically suggest links or submit new equipment listings as I’ve noticed this is an open invitation to advertisers selling products that neither I nor any of my visitors and readers have any use for. still waiting to see the increase in comments, but I have a small niche the amusement industry. and i have seen a big jump in traffic. no real increase in spam at all either. thanks again and take care, Max
    Maxwell Ivey recently posted…Advice for selling amusement equipment online part 3 mechanical ridesMy Profile

    • I’ve struggled myself in the beginning so I know all too well what it’s like to lack money when you want to buy something for your business. Luckily, things changed for me.

      More traffic is always a good thing! If CommentLuv is bringing you more traffic, it’s worth the weight in gold. :)

      Are you visiting other blogs and leaving comments with a link back to your latest article, Maxwell?
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…How to Make Your First $5 with an Unfinished ProductMy Profile

  22. The premium version looks really neat – and love all the bonuses.

    Will have to check out the premium version – I do use the free version on my other blogs and can vouch for the reduction in spam.

    Thanks for the great review!
    Micky recently posted…Eid ul Azha 2013 Messages & WallpapersMy Profile

  23. Hi,
    I am new to SEO, and I just installed commentluv, but after installing – i just saw an article that commentluv is loosing popularity because of the recent changes google as made to its algo – what can you say about this?

    tracy recently posted…Avida Towers AstenMy Profile

  24. Bonnie, I have just recently started using CommentLuv on one my sites. I am a bit nervous about it because I know that Google is now punishing comment spam. Do you have any feel for if Google considers this spam (due to the very visible link to the commenter’s last post).
    I am hoping that as long as the comment is thoughtful and relative to the original post, it should be fine, but that is just a feeling!
    I’d like to know your opinion on this. Thanks!
    Anita Breeze recently posted…I Like to Work in My PajamasMy Profile

  25. That is correct. I agree with you. Basically, it should be a balance in everything. And of course, do not include an option to automatically post. Of course, for every blogger is a lot of work but we all got used. Have a nice day.
    Angela C. Frost recently posted…Google prefers Responsive Web DesignMy Profile

    • One of the easiest ways to build rapport with your followers is to respond to every comment left on your blog. I realize, as your blog grows, this will take more time each day to complete, but it’s an essential part to building relationships.

      For this reason, I don’t allow comments to automatically post. I want to know who is leaving a comment so I can make certain I respond to each one. That’s just not possible if I allowed comments to post automatically. :)

      More importantly, it doesn’t allow spam to get onto the blog.

      I love the idea of seeing, meeting and communication with new people who land on my pages (you’re a good example of this rapport in action) so while you can use plugins like CommentLuv to spread goodwill, it shouldn’t the the only method used to “stand out” in the crowded marketplace.

      What is your favorite method of getting known within your niche, Angela?
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…Summer Biz-Builder Challenge Review – Niche Ideas – Stage 1, Lessons 1-3My Profile

  26. Many bloggers are well aware about the fact that outbound do-follow links steal their rankings. Recently it has been noticed that no-follow links are also considered by Google, so bloggers are dropping CommentLuv from their blogs.

    If you manage to find some CommentLuv enabled blogs, still keep this fact in your mind that these blogs are using CommentLuv for just driving some commentators and they will quit using CommentLuv sooner or later. When they will quit using the plugin, you will loss all the links which you had built there.
    Angela C. Frost recently posted…Google prefers Responsive Web DesignMy Profile

    • I don’t rely on Google for “popularity votes” to build my business and neither should you. When you allow third party websites to dictate your success rate, you don’t come out as the winner.

      The idea of leaving comments (just like guest blogging) is to get your name spread far and wide, to build relationships and to build authority. None of these reasons should make a person fall in line to Google’s rules.

      It doesn’t matter if CommentLuv is installed on a blog or not – your job as a marketer is to COMMUNICATE and build relationships with others, which you cannot do unless you’re willing to share an opinion.

      Wall flowers don’t get ahead as an Internet marketer; always keep that in mind. :)

      You may lose the links built on a blog that removes CommentLuv, but you don’t lose the “goodwill” you’ve built and that’s what counts most.
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…Summer Biz-Builder Challenge Review – Part 2, Inside the WorkshopMy Profile

  27. thanks for sharing this post. i also enabled comment luv after reading this post
    Deepak Pathania recently posted…How to Use Guest Posts for Backlinks and PromotionMy Profile

  28. Thanks for another great review and a link showing how to install it. I must do it on my tiny blog. Only got two posts but working on it.
    I love the way that you moderate and then comment on each individual post. Everyone likes to get a personal reply.
    Definitely gonna copy you!! :)

    Best wishes,
    Ann recently posted…How to do your own make over – Style By Jury style part oneMy Profile

    • Thanks Ann, I try to make sure everybody gets a personal comment! Nobody gets left out unless I am senile one day and accidentally overlook something. :)

      It’s one of the reasons I moderate the comments. This way I ensure that nobody gets missed!

  29. Thank you! I am officially a fan of yours! If you don’t mind, I will browse through your articles and insert comments on them. I can learn a lot from your blog and I really need a fast track way to do it.

    Of course I will do all these during my lunch time at work :-)
    Ramyphotography recently posted…Day ThreeMy Profile

  30. Hello! Thank you for the review on commentluv. I have been looking for a way to make my ‘comments’ dofollow and it seems that it is one of the most prominent plugin around.

    I have one question – at the bottom of this comment field are two radio button. The second came back “Sorry, no posts were in the feed that was returned when I asked for them.” I typed in that url that it was tell me but saw a lot of posts in it.

    Thank you again!

    • I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question. :(

      • Hello again! And thank you for approving my comment. Whenever someone leaves a comment on your articles, they would have to – 1. Confirm that they are not spammers by check a box below and 2 – check another box – that with no description on it but does something when you do check that box.

        My question was – what is the second box for?

        • The second box should be the CommentLuv box that allows you to pick up to 10 of your latest blog posts.

          Though, you first need 5 approved comments on this blog for your latest blog post to show here.

  31. I missed this post. That was back during all the testing…
    I have the free version. I can’t afford the $97.00 and I have more than one site. @Patti, I think mine lets you go back to ten posts but you have to set it up that way. I looked at mine this morning. Great post.
    Ruth Clark recently posted…Fantastic Blogs Newsletter-5th EditionMy Profile

  32. I keep installing it and deactivating/de-installling it. Never have been comfortable with it for some reason. I don’t know why.
    Patricia Santhuff recently posted…Confessions of an Accidental Webmaster (Me)My Profile

  33. I just recently purchased CommentLuv. I tried the free version quite a while ago. As an application programmer myself, I can see a great deal of quality went into the development and implementation of this product. I recommend it highly.
    Jeff Darling recently posted…Microsoft Interactive Guide – Helping make the transition to the newer versionsMy Profile

  34. CommentLuv definitely can help bring traffic to your articles and blog. I think you nailed it on the head when you mention that you moderate all the comments. Keeping a watchful eye on people posting something that may not be related to the article written or just trying to get keyword links that are not relevant to your post are comments that i think would likely not be used.

    • I think it’s necessary to moderate comments, but that’s just me. Others obviously don’t share my enthusiasm, but it’s not my blog so I’ll accept whatever works for others, too.

  35. Thanks for the review. Judging from the comments i see on you blog i think it’s a worth every penny. Will get it setup asap.

  36. Hi Bonnie,
    Excellent review of commentLuv. It’s the most favorite plugin I have on my blog right now. Andy got real success in this.

    Thanks for the review
    Enstine Muki recently posted…How CommentLuv Plugin is Damaging Your SEO!My Profile

  37. Hi Bonnie
    Luv luv luv the comment luv
    Thanks for sharing the pro features which I didn’t know about


  38. I am getting dozens of spam comments a day that looks like a bunch of code or a child playing on keyboard with links back to drug sites that do not even match my blog. These spam comments I just mark as spam and delete from my blog database, now I am using commentluv and love it so far. Thanks for sharing this review, and I have linked back to your blog through my short article on commentluv.
    Jannette recently posted…CommentLuv Highly Recommended PluginMy Profile

  39. I believe CommentLuv is worth while it gives something back to the readers. A little link luv can go a long way.
    Virtual Private Servers recently posted…Superb.netMy Profile

  40. Love the review on comment luv. I just got the free version but seriously considering the paid version soon. Keep up the great work. I really like the way you have your site set up and the quality info you provide.
    Jerry Handy recently posted…60 Day Challenge-Day 4My Profile

    • Thanks Jerry!

      I love having people stop by and I believe this is your first time here; though, I hope it’s not your last. :)

      How do you like the free version of CommentLuv so far?

      • I love it Bonnie. I bit the bullet and got the paid version. Just so many good features. I heard some people complaining about rankings being affected with it, have you had any of those issues?
        Jerry Handy recently posted…60 Day Challenge-Day 5My Profile

        • I haven’t had any “bad” issues as a result of using the premium version. In fact, totally the opposite. My traffic has been steadily increased over the last 3 months (since installing CommentLuv) and posting daily.

          I just checked the stats for March. I’ve already beaten the totals I got in February and the month isn’t over yet! :)

          • Awesome. I’m so looking forward to the flood of traffic as well. When you get a chance, hop on over and pay me a little visit as well. Don’t forget to leave a little comment luv. Appreciate it.
            Jerry Handy recently posted…60 Day Challenge-Day 5My Profile

            • Traffic will climb steadily as you continue to post daily and share your BEST insights. You should see a difference as you gain more comments. Traffic should follow once people start bragging about your content. :)

              • Thanks Bonnie for stopping by my blog. I will figure out how to remove myself from the top commenters list too. I just installed yesterday so I will go through all of the perks of how to maximize it for all involved.
                Jerry Handy recently posted…The Marketer in Me…My Profile

                • You’re welcome! Looks like you’re doing a challenge over there. I’m also doing one here. I have to blog and build my list for 30 days. Every week, I give my subscribers a free gift I don’t share anywhere else. It has boosted subscribers, which is always nice. :)

                  If you’re using the CommentLuv premium widget for Top Commentators, you can easily remove yourself by finding the line that says: “Names or emails To Exclude: (separated by comma)”. By placing the email or name you have listed inside your user account within this box, it should exclude you, but it’s not a requirement just because I do it.

                  It’s your blog sweetie – do what you want over there and keep pleasing your fans!

            • Oops, forgot to mention – I already visited your site and left a LUV comment. :)

  41. Bonnie, I do all sorts of things, some of them are behind the scenes. But the most exciting thing I’m doing lately is a brand new Featured Blogger series on the ComLuv blog.
    Hopefully you’ll have a chance to check out the first installment. I’ll link to it in CommentLuv.
    Ileane recently posted…Mitz Pantic: Build a Website, Get Traffic and Make Money Online [Featured Blogger]My Profile

  42. Nice review, Bonnie. Very informative, and I’ll link it over on my facebook page. ;-)

    I’ve had the free version for some time now and for w while had a terrible time with spam (all blocked and listed as such by Akismet). Then I added two plugins, Better WP Security and Stop Spammer Registration, and have no–NO–spam since. My moderation settings are set to allow previously approved guests commenting without moderation, but I trust my tiny, but loyal, following not to flame out or post p*nis enlargement ads while I’m away. ;-)

    I’d love to buy the premium version, but, WOWZER, 97 bucks seems like a big whack. Even 67 bucks is a lot.
    sarah corbett morgan recently posted…I Don’t Fly Well, Or Rather, I Don’t Land WellMy Profile

    • Thanks Sarah! I dislike spam and glad to hear you aren’t suffering from it!

      I don’t let comments go live because I like to respond to each and every comment that comes in. Moderating helps me keep track on which comment I still need to address. :)

      I hear you about the p*nis enlargements. LOL

      Yes, if you’re not at a place where you can dole out the $67 for a single license, save your money. Too bad Andy doesn’t have a contest to WIN a copy. :)

  43. Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks for the super awesome review of CommentLuv.

    I’m the Official Ambassador for CommentLuv and I just shared this post on the Facebook page and pinned your blog on Pinterest.

    Have a wonderful day and look forward to chatting with you again soon.
    Ileane recently posted…Mitz Pantic: Build a Website, Get Traffic and Make Money Online [Featured Blogger]My Profile

  44. Andy Bailey

    Wonderful post Bonnie!

    As for support, I do that all by myself. Even with MS, it’s easy because I can answer support tickets with every device I have (and I have a lot!) so I’m always near one and almost all problems can be fixed quickly because it is very rare that an actual bug is the cause, in just about all cases it is a theme or configuration issue.

    I have had a look around your site and I have to say I’m impressed by your giving attitude when it comes to getting what you want by giving people what they want.

    Well done, I’m very happy that commentluv attracts people like you. You’re what makes the community so strong and attractive to new bloggers.

    Worthy of the new featured commentluv blogger on comluv.com maybe? ;)
    Andy Bailey recently posted…CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

    • I received a wonderful surprise; logging in to check for comments that need a response to find your name among my comments. You’ve made this old gal’s day, Andy!

      I have to hand it to you – continuing to do your own support warms the heart. So many entrepreneurs hand over their support desk to outsourcing or it’s missing completely. I love staying in touch with my fans and I’m glad you do, too.

      What can I say? I’m a giver. Mom always used to say, the road with the least resistance was paved with honey. :)

      Thank you for the wonderful plugin and compliment! I enjoy helping others and glad it’s well-received.

      Regarding of my worthiness for a ComLuv feature – how much pull do you have? ROFL

      Seriously, thanks for visiting and blessing my blog. Have a great one, Andy!

      • well I could have a little influence on it :-)

        there are a few others that are queued up but I’m sure you’ll appear soon.

        the current featured blogger is Mitz, you can see the post on comluv.com home page to get an idea of how it’ll look
        Andrew Bailey recently posted…CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

        • LOL – nice! Not only do you honor me with a visit to the blog, but two in the same weekend. I’m flattered. :)

          Thank you so much, Andy. I sure went over to ComLuv.com to take a peek. How could I not? I’m thrilled!

          I might have to start sending in guest posts (or a tutorial) for your readers!

          Thanks again… You have no idea what this means to me!

  45. Hi Bonnie, thanks again for another excellent article. I really appreciate your explanation and I understand it more. I just recently added it to my website have an issue that is being rectified at this moment. I contacted Andy and within mins he got back to me! Great support.
    Debra Moser recently posted…Do You Believe The Harder You Work The Luckier You Get?My Profile

  46. I have the free version and I love it. One day I’ll upgrade to the paid version, but that may be awhile. At least I think mine is free. I can allow commenters the right to pick from their last 10 blog posts. Maybe I should look a little deeper into that if that’s a paid feature?

    Thanks for sharing this review. It does have some nice advantages, and nothing is going to stop spammers from trying to get in. It is best to keep an eye on that and moderate all comments. I will probably start that now that my blog is getting more traffic and comments. ;)
    Patti Stafford recently posted…Give Your Writing & Your Blog Some PersonalityMy Profile

  47. Hi Bonnie

    I’ve been using premium CommentLuv for quite a time now, and very pleased with it.

    Have experienced an increase in good comments (as opposed to drivel).

    There’s so many great features I’m still learning more about it.

    Joy Healey recently posted…Malware and GremlinsMy Profile

  48. Hi Bonnie

    I love the plugin and I’m glad I got it! Thank you :) I’ll have to revisit the setup as I have a separate plugin for my social media buttons …. the fewer plugins I have, the better. I do get confused with the options they give and what it really means so tend to leave it as it is setup :(
    Tamsin recently posted…Are You Ready for a Paradigm Shift?My Profile

  49. Well my very first comment after installing CL was a quasi spammer. BUT! I approved it to prime the pump. So far so good and I recommend it as a must for a blogger looking to garner some traffic.
    Kate recently posted…Fight High Exit and Page Bounce Rates with CommentLuvMy Profile

  50. I’ve toyed a few times with going premium on comment luv, thanks for a balanced review – I do luv the plugin, but as yet I can’t see myself taking advantage of the premium features.

    I have had spam comment issues, but nothing that makes me think it’s comment luv causing it – lots of searches for “leave a comment” and usual bot hits.

    I moderate the first post by a commenter then after that everything goes through unless there are links posted. That works quite well for me.
    Jan Kearney recently posted…New Google Plus Cover Photo and Profile ChangesMy Profile

    • I don’t think the plugin itself causes the spam since it has bot defense and anti-spam built into it. I think it’s more of people searching for CommentLuv enabled websites that bring the spam issues in tow.

      Still, I don’t suffer from it but felt it was necessary to list it as a con because others believe it does inflict spam on their blogs.

  51. I use the premium CommentLuv because of all it does. Still getting to grips with ‘nofollow’ and ‘dofollow’ – thanks for making it a bit clearer, Bonnie Gean. Other than that, no problems.
    I really like the community feel to it.
    Shan recently posted…Affirmations for Saying “No”My Profile

  52. Thank you for this. I am going to try out the free one on my blogger.
    AMummysLife recently posted…Family visitMy Profile

  53. I have had a good increase in commenting since I started using commentluv. So far I am not getting much spam either, I also moderate my comments so that does help.

    For me the positives outweigh the negatives! :)
    Erika recently posted…Clean Your Way To Your Own Home Business!My Profile

  54. Great post about comment luv I absolutely love the plugin and I recommend it all the time.
    Beth recently posted…App Tuesday-CannonMy Profile

    • Yes, I’m glad I got the premium plugin before Andy changes the updates/pricing plan to paid subscription. Existing customers get grandfathered in. Not so with the people who buy it after he changes the updates to paid instead of free.

  55. I am not understanding the follow and no follow…and why do people want this (or not)?

    It still confuses me.

    Mary Kathan
    Mary Kathan recently posted…Vlog Update – Twitter Tip and DragonMy Profile

    • Essentially it’s search engine talk for “no link juice” Mary.

      WordPress, by default, adds the [rel=”nofollow” tag] to links listed in the comment section. It was a way for search engines to squash the spam on backlinks.

  56. I have the free version and I like it. I haven’t had any problems with it so far.

    When people take the time to leave a comment, I like the idea of being able to gift people with a backlink.
    Victoria recently posted…Make Money With Amazon – Create Your Own WebsitesMy Profile

    • I like the fact that the CommentLuv heart icon reveals more about the person leaving the comment. You never know – that heart could be the reason somebody new follows you to your blog. :)

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