7 Ways for a Blogger to Turn Missed Opportunities into Profitable Sales

7 Ways for a Blogger to Turn Missed Opportunities into Profitable Sales

How long have you been writing for your blog? What type of writing have you done in the last two years? Are you blogging about the same topic such as marketing, website design or saving money? Do you want to gain extra exposure from your blog posts?

Even though many bloggers write about the same topic on a regular basis, they’re still missing out on a chance to make money from blogging. However, by using blog posts as marketing tools, a writer can turn missed opportunities into profitable sales.

Here are a few ideas to help you turn blog posts into marketing tools that continue to work for you throughout the year:

1. Syndicated Columns

Get your hands on a syndication script and offer your blog posts, as a monthly column, directly from your website. Alternatively, if you feel you don’t possess a practical understanding of CGI scripts, offer your posts to other syndication networks already established on the net. By using syndication, you gain extra mileage from blog posts long after the original publishing date.

2. Create Free Books

Compile your written posts into a freestanding book and offer the book to your audience as a gift. By collecting the material you’ve written and converting the pieces into PDF files, your blog posts continue to work long after you wrote them.

Provide readers with permission to pass your books to their friends for added exposure. In fact, why not hand the free books to your affiliates? Allow them to add their affiliate links to your books so they can make commissions while you gain additional sales.

3. Offer a Course

If blog posts make great books, they also make great course material as well. You can create email tutorials that help educate your audience and provide the foundation to position yourself as an authority on the same topic. You can offer the courses for free or for a fee. The choice is yours.

4. Press Kits

By chance, did one of your blog posts make it into print? If so, create a copy and insert it into your press kit to help establish your authority to help attract future recognition from editors.

5. Print Newsletters

While you wrote articles for your blog, you can also use them to educate offline readers. If you sell tangible products through the postal service, add a printed newsletter along with the mail orders.

For example, if you sell homemade furniture, a written newsletter can teach buyers the proper care for wood furniture, how to hide dents, or even cover up scratches resulting from everyday use.

6. Create Reports

You might want to expand on your existing blog posts and turn them into a 5-page report and sell it as an individual product. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have sold published products and made a great deal of money doing it.

Allen Says of the old Warrior Forum used to compile some of his best forum posts and sell them as Volume 1, 2 and 3. If you offer a forum where you’re helping people with problems, you can do the same thing too!

7. Video Training

Thanks to YouTube and other similar services, offering video from your website has become easy and quite popular over the last few years. You can easily turn printed material into a video training series, regardless of the topic.

Products such as Camtasia for the PC or Mac can help you devise video demos or tutorials that your audience can enjoy. However, the software isn’t free and will require a layout of cash, but you’ll be able to turn a profit to recoup the initial cost.

While you may be writing to gain online exposure, as the owner of the written material, you have the ability to revise it as often as you like to gain increased exposure and profits. Even if your blog posts missed an opportunity to create an online sale, a second time around the track could yield better results.

As you’re writing new blog posts, make a mental note on how many areas of your business, be it online or off, where you can put this information to better use. By using blog posts as marketing tools, you can turn missed opportunities into profitable sales.

How many video tutorials, reports, or books can you create from your blog posts? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,

– Bonnie

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  1. How did I miss this post when you first published, Bonnie? Great ideas and tips. I’m currently working on a challenge that will resurface later in 2016 as an e-book and possibly a course. That’s going out over email rather than my blog, but same idea :)

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season and amazing New Year!
    Jan Kearney recently posted…31 Inspiring Business Blog Ideas For The New YearMy Profile

    • Hi Jan,

      So nice to hear from you again. You must be super busy!

      Why haven’t I heard about this challenge before now? Care to share some hints on what it’s about and what we can expect to see in 2016?

      – Bonnie
      Bonnie Gean recently posted…How to Prompt New Sales, Leads and Customer EngagementMy Profile

      • Ah, Bonnie, you know me… I prefer being in the background. It started innocently enough! My blog needs a kick up the backside, a refresh, more posts, posts updating and less neglect. .
        So I grabbed ProBlogger’s 31 days to a better blog book while it was on sale a couple of weeks ago.

        As you know, to do things for me and my business I need a bit (a big) nudge :D So I asked for buddies in the BizMums networking group I am part of. Before you know it, I have a small group of people from all over the place interested in fixing up their blog.

        Instead of backing out and hiding, I’m publishing a task every other day from the book and adding my own insights and experience by email because obviously I can’t publish ProBlogger’s.

        Task 3 went out yesterday, task 4 is going out tomorrow. I could have waited till New Year – but I know me, I would have backed out! So a totally unplanned challenge right at a time when I am snowed under – when better to do it?!

        You’re more than welcome to join in – several people are saving up tasks to work on weekly and a few are starting in the New Year. You don’t need the book as tasks are posted in the facebook group (without all the insight’s and examples).

        The group is called Build A Better Business Blog and the challenge is also linked in my sidebar.

        By the end of the challenge, I’ll have about 15,000+ words written as emails. I can then collate, edit and rejig a bit and put out as an ebook. If I am sensible I can also repurpose and do videos for a course.
        Jan Kearney recently posted…31 Inspiring Business Blog Ideas For The New YearMy Profile

  2. I’ve turned blog posts into reports, ebooks, videos and even had a book published, too. I saw somewhere that this is called a ‘blook’ but I’m not sure if they made that up, lol! I’m a big fan of repurposing content and you have some great tips here. Another one I like is to turn a post into a presentation and upload it to Slideshare.

    I’m a big fan of Camtasia too.
    Helen Lindop recently posted…Why I started a PLR store (and what is a ‘private label rights’ store anyway?!)My Profile

  3. This is excellent, Bonnie! In 2016, I really need to get my act together and work on implementing the great advice you and some other successful bloggers have so generously offered!
    K. Lee Banks recently posted…Worry vs. Faith – December 8 DevotionsMy Profile

  4. Lots of good tips here! I have never heard about a syndicated column, sounds interesting. And a free e-book is something I am thinking about !
    Salma recently posted…6 Homemade Ornaments to Make With Your KidsMy Profile

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