Topics for Your Podcast Shows [Podcast #006]

Podcasting offers many opportunities for the savvy entrepreneur who decides to offer audio insights to the masses, but one of my subscribers is concerned about the topics she would discuss on her show, and I want to address this issue today.

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If you use a blog to lead others, I assume your blog offers discussions surrounding the topic of your chosen niche – whether it is about Internet marketing, gardening, or self-confidence. If so, go through the comments and make a list of the topics that received the most engagement.

Additionally, take notes about the articles that had more than one comment left by the same person. Did you ask a question that prompted them to return or did the person commenting ask a question about your content and return on their own when you replied?

Hint: I have a habit of asking questions, based on the comment shared by a visitor. I do this purposely to get a person to return to the blog to reengage with me, and it works beautifully!

You might ask, “Why is it important to take notes about previously shared comments?”

Because, it reveals what your readers are interested in and likely to comment on in the future. This means a podcast based around the same topic, that was popular on your blog, would make a great show and attract listeners.

Tap Into Your Readers

Once you have exhausted the research on past blog posts and comments, it would be a good idea to survey your readers, lurkers and subscribers.

Once your show is underway, you’ll won’t find it necessary to poll your audience because you can rely on the feedback you receive after each show.

If there is something on the show that people like or dislike because they will share their feelings about it. Pay attention to what they say and use it as a way to produce better shows.

As you learn about the needs of your audience, you can customize your podcasts to cover the struggles they face, and deliver valuable solutions.

Listen to Other Podcasts

Topics for Your PodcastsThere are thousands of other podcasts available, and you can bet your bottom dollar that your listeners are taking the time to listen in on them, and this is why you should eavesdrop!

I certainly don’t expect you to listen to thousands of shows, but you should tune in to stay on the cutting edge; learn what others are doing in the industry.

Furthermore, this research is not you spying on the competition because I believe if you take the time to make your show unique, there is no such thing as competition!

I don’t want your podcast to resemble another podcast; you want your show to stand out, and you won’t know how to make that happen unless you understand what others are producing so you can podcast differently!

Appeal to a Smaller Audience

Many podcasters cover global events, but you may find it a bit easier to stand out from them if you narrowed your focus and only covered the local news.

Just because you talk about setting up a trades how booth in Detroit, Michigan does not mean that somebody in Massachusetts is unable to garner sound advice about trades how marketing from your show.

There is no set rule that stipulates you must follow the crowd. Dare to be different in carving out a niche, which will help you appeal to a smaller audience.

While some podcasters are covering the wide range of Internet marketing, you may find it easier to build a brand that caters strictly to Clickbank or Amazon marketers.

Finding topics to discuss on a podcast is not as limiting as you may think. It’s a matter of personal taste, perspective and your enthusiasm to have a conversation with listeners.

The truth is:

  • If you can talk and share an opinion, you can podcast!
  • If you can write an article, you can podcast!
  • If you can blog, you can podcast!

If you are blogging, you already have tons of material to turn into podcasts. So, the real question I should be asking you right now is, “why have you waited so long to get started?”

Quit making excuses and do it!

If you would like easy instructions on how to produce your very own popular podcast, I’m currently creating the “how to” guide and podcast training course. The subscribers on my mailing list get first crack at my help, so .

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If you would prefer not being on a mailing list, and you will receive news about the training as soon as I announce it there.

Have you gained any ideas for podcasting topics? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for reading,
– Bonnie

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  1. I agree with Jen. All those tips can be used to writing posts as well! It is wonderful how each of us can choose the way we want to communicate and can cross info from one format to another. :)
    Paula – Buenos Aires recently posted…New creative project: the processMy Profile

    • True, but it shouldn’t be “our choice” on how we converse with our audience because we should be delivering our messages in a format that is desired by our core audience.

      If they prefer learning through audio or video and all we do is write blog posts – eventually they’ll find a new place to get their fill of information. Is that what you want? :)

  2. Hi Bonnie

    Although I do tend to read blogs mainly, i suppose it’s just habit! Having a podcast is a good option that would let me multi-task with a podcast in the background.

    I especially like your suggestion of starting with the posts that have the most comments – indicating the interest generated.

    Another point is that sometimes when I read comments people have made, it becomes obvious that they’ve not understood quite the point I intended to make. READING the post would mean I could put the emphasis in exactly the way I intended it to be read.

    You have me convinced – all it needs is some other problems resolved so that I clear a bit of time in the diary :-(

    Joy Healey recently posted…Best Way to Handle the Windows Key and R ScamMy Profile

  3. Bonnie,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your podcast series. For someone who never really thought of doing a podcast, I’m really feeling it. I’ve learned so much and it’s information that can be applied and used by anyone seeking to get into podcasting. Thanks for providing such great resources.
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted…Internet Marketing on a Budget Productivity SoftwareMy Profile

  4. Podcasting is a great way to produce great content – we have recently moved from a podcast format to a webinar format because one thing we found was that although we got an audience of 1000+ people every week we didn’t know who they were – they didn’t engage very much. If you do a podcast have some way of capturing your listener’s information so you can engage with them directly.

    In terms of content for your podcast, try to get some guests in your field to interview. Guest interviews make for great content because they are a conversation and most entrepreneurs are happy to talk to you about what they do. Plus it is good for both parties because you are promoting the podcast to both lists – its a great way to reach a new audience.
    Meredith Eisenberg recently posted…Make Sure You are on the Map (Local SEO)My Profile

    • Great idea, Meredith! Guest interviews work wonderfully well with podcasting, and the good news is that you can prerecord the interview and add it to your show when you’re ready!

      Did you make sales from the 1,000+ listeners of your podcast? You say they didn’t engage much – do you mean comment on a blog or call in to your show? This brings up a new question – did you get sales after a podcast episode was released? Did you use coupons on the show to entice sales, etc? I’d love to know.

      How is the webinar working out now? (And, if I may ask – what are the webinars about?)


  5. Great advice not only for podcasting but for knowing your blog’s audience better in general and engaging more with your readers. Thanks for sharing!
    Jen recently posted…Romantic Dinner at Home – Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed PortobellosMy Profile

  6. I also prefer reading blog posts but I do appreciate the effort you took to write this article. It is always great to find new ways to get the word out about your business, thanks.

    I haven’t got around to making a podcast yet. In fact, I get quite nervous sharing anything with my voice to the public. It took me awhile to get comfortable enough to create that little video tutorial guide for WordPress I did awhile ago…

    Anyways, I will try to get around to creating a podcast someday.

    Thanks for the info!
    TimothyTorrents recently posted…Make Quick Money Online #1: Re-Sell Services for a ProfitMy Profile

    • Thank you for your kind words, Timothy! It’s always a pleasure hearing from you, too.

      Podcasting may not be for everyone; just like video blogging, but that doesn’t make it any less effective for the people who give it a try!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate hearing them!

  7. You know, until I read this post, the thought of a podcast never even crossed my mind. I guess it really is another viable option of getting your message across. I have tried video blogging though and have enjoyed that.
    Salma recently posted…Being GreenerMy Profile

    • Yes, for those who don’t mind talking, podcasting is an effective way to connect with an audience while you build your brand.

      The best part is that it’s not as expensive or hard to accomplish as you one may believe.

  8. There is definitely a market for all types of info, and I can see the benefits of podcasts for people on the move.

    My problem with information is in differentiating what to blog/youtube/podcast about vs what to sell ……… :(
    Tamsin recently posted…Mission HappinessMy Profile

    • The best thing to remember, Tamsin, is that a podcast can help you explain the “what” side of a situation, and then you could sell the “how to” product.

      You explain to your audience what they need to do to reach a certain goal, but sell the product that shows them step-by-step how to get the results they want.

  9. Bonnie, Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I love podcast and learn so much from them. I listen to podcast while running. It is a great to be learning from experts while I am running. I feel that I am making good use of my time.

  10. I have a podcast, but let it go in favor of YouTube, blog, and social media. There are only so many hours in a day.
    Lynda Lippin recently posted…Allowing The Universe To HelpMy Profile

    • Yes, time is of the essence when you’re an online marketer. I certainly understand your choice to let your podcast go in favor of YouTube and social media.

      If I may ask, what was your podcast about, Lynda?

      • Fitness and pilates, same as my YouTube channel.
        Lynda Lippin recently posted…Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Due To ReikiMy Profile

        • Duh me… I should have known. :)

          Food for thought:
          I realize that there are only so many minutes of the day, but what if you created a pilates video (with audio instructions) and instead of sitting down and preparing a separate podcast, why not just export the audio from the video and use THAT audio as your podcast episode? This way, you can use your show notes to direct people to the video if they want to follow it AND you get to address the auditory learners too!

          Might be something worth considering!

  11. sorry but I really hate podcasts. For a start, you are promoting HOW to podcast via a conventional post. I don’t listen to podcasts, they just drive me nuts at work because I can’t put the sound up up. And I guess you realise that because you haven’t used a podcast for your own post?
    fiona maclean recently posted…Sams Brasserie and Bar 5:2 Diet Menu and Celery with Split Pea Soup RecipeMy Profile

    • There’s nothing wrong with promoting how to podcast through a conventional post, Fiona. It’s done all the time; same thing for video blogs. The savvy bloggers will post a video on their post AND include text. They do this to cater to the visual learners while they cater to the individuals that like to read.

      Offering a podcast show as a conventional blog post IS how it’s done in the marketing arena. And, while you do offer a podcast through a blog post, you include text too. They’re called “show notes” sweetie. :)

      Not sure what you mean when you say I haven’t used a podcast for my post. I did include one. LOL

      • you are still pushing water uphill with me. I don’t want to listen – I read blogs because I like reading. I write a blog because I like writing. I accept others may prefer something different.

        And I am guessing your integral podcast is where the microphone is? can I just let you know that as a reader, I didn’t even thing to try and find a link there.
        fiona maclean recently posted…Sams Brasserie and Bar 5:2 Diet Menu and Celery with Split Pea Soup RecipeMy Profile

        • We all learn in different ways, Fiona. You may not like podcasts because you prefer reading and others prefer listening so they don’t choose to read the text.

          That’s the great thing about the Internet and the many different formats to deliver content; there’s a choice for everyone. In the process, everyone is satisfied because they get to consume content in a way that suits them.

          As a blogger who understands my audience, I don’t expect everyone to like listening to audio; hence, why there was text included in the post. :)

          Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  12. That’s true. Sometimes people that talk more than write should do a podcast. As long as they’re engaging and knowledgeable of the topic, i’d listen to that podcast. I also like when some do a live question/answer session and find things to talk about that way, through twitter or facebook, etc.
    Sara recently posted…Goals for the year and current projects.My Profile

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